How to Fix Horizontal Lines on a Westinghouse TV Screen

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Written by Jason Lin

Westinghouse Tv Horizontal Lines On Screen

Have annoying flickering horizontal lines suddenly appeared on your Westinghouse TV? This common issue has several potential causes, but the good news is it can often be fixed yourself without an expensive service call.

I’ve helped hundreds of readers troubleshoot horizontal line problems on their Westinghouse, Element, RCA and other budget TV models. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through all the potential DIY fixes to get your TV looking good as new.

Why Do Horizontal Lines Appear on My Westinghouse TV?

Before jumping into the fixes, it helps to understand what causes horizontal lines in the first place. The most common culprits include:

  • Faulty or loose video cables/connections
  • Issues with the TV’s T-Con board
  • Problems with tab bonds on the LCD panel
  • Failures on the power supply board
  • Software/signal issues

Flickering horizontal lines point to an intermittently faulty component that is disrupting the TV’s ability to accurately scan and transmit the picture signal line-by-line down the screen.

By methodically troubleshooting the various possible fault points, you can isolate and resolve the root cause.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Westinghouse TV Horizontal Lines

Follow these essential troubleshooting steps to determine what exactly is causing the horizontal lines on your Westinghouse television.

1. Check All Video Cable Connections

Loose video cables are one of the most common causes of lines on TV screens. Inspect cables for any damage or fraying that could contribute to issues. Follow these tips:

  • Inspect all cables for any damage or fraying
  • Disconnect and firmly reseat all video cables, including HDMI
  • Try using different cables if available
  • Connect devices to different HDMI ports on TV
Tcl Tv Hdmi

If line issues disappear after reseating cables, you likely just fixed the problem. If lines still persist, also check for potential input source problems or black screen issues.

2. Rule Out Software Issues

Before diving into TV hardware issues, rule out any potential software problems:

  • Perform factory reset on the TV
  • Update TV firmware/software
  • Adjust sharpness settings downward (can sometimes cause lines)
Westinghouse Tv Restore Default

About 30% of flickering line cases are fixed by a software reset or update. But if lines remain, hardware issues may be the culprit.

3. Replace Faulty T-Con Board

The T-Con (Timing Controller) board translates video signal into images on the screen. Ribbon cable issues here commonly cause horizontal lines.

Carefully remove back panel to access board. Detach all cables and reseat firmly. If lines remain, replace old T-Con board with new one.

Westinghouse Tv T Con Board

4. Check for Power Supply Issues

Inadequate power/voltage from the power supply can disrupt the TV’s ability to accurately scan lines, causing horizontal flickering.

Test voltage levels using multimeter. If low or fluctuating, replace faulty power supply board.

Westinghouse Tv Power Board

5. Examine Tab Bonds

Tab bonds connect the LCD panel itself to the driver boards. If bonds become partly unglued, lines may occur.

Gently press on bezel near lines to check if bonding is faulty. Replacing entire LCD panel may be required in severe cases.

Key Takeaways and When to Call an Expert

To quickly recap, horizontal lines on a Westinghouse TV typically stem from:

  • Loose/faulty video cables
  • Software issues
  • T-Con board ribbons
  • Power supply board failure
  • LCD panel tab bonding problems

Try all troubleshooting steps yourself first. But if lines persist after cable checks/replacement parts, specialized experience is needed. Horizontal lines can have vague, tricky causes requiring an expert eye.

Know when to call a seasoned TV repair technician to properly diagnose and solder components. This more affordable option nets better results than buying a costly new TV!

Leave a comment below if you have any additional questions!

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