How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Flickering Westinghouse TV

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Written by Jason Lin

Westinghouse Tv Flickering

Has your Westinghouse TV started flickering, flashing different colors, or showing distorted lines or bars across the screen? Don’t panic – there are several easy steps that most users can do at home to troubleshoot and fix a Westinghouse TV with screen issues.

With this comprehensive guide, learn what’s causing your Westinghouse TV to flicker or flash, and try out solutions ranging from basic resets to replacing faulty hardware, depending on your technical skill. Armed with the right information, you can diagnose and resolve many TV glitches and potentially save the high cost of replacing your TV.

What Causes Flickering and Flashing on a Westinghouse TV

There are several potential root causes of picture flickering or flashing on a Westinghouse TV:

  • Buggy firmware
  • Poor signal quality
  • Incorrect display settings
  • Damaged or loose internal cables
  • Failed components like backlights or power boards
  • Input/output connection issues

Flickering is most commonly caused by poor connections resulting in signal noise. This noise presents visually as jumps, flashes or flickering.

Hardware problems on one of the internal component boards can also generate a glitchy signal causing distorted colors and bars on screen.

Less often, incorrect picture settings or a software bug might result in screen flickering. Try resetting display settings and TV firmware before diving into complex hardware repairs.

Software Troubleshooting Steps For a Flickering Westinghouse TV

Before tackling hardware repairs, attempt some basic TV resets to rule out software issues:

1. Clear Cache and Power Cycle Your Westinghouse TV

Reset your TV by power cycling and clearing cached memory. This often resolves temporary glitches:

  • Unplug TV and press & hold power button for 15 seconds
  • Wait 2 minutes (allows internal components to fully discharge)
  • Plug back in and turn on
Unplug The TV

Does your Westinghouse TV refuse to switch on? Try these troubleshooting tips to power up the display.

2. Perform a Soft Factory Reset

Reset your TV to default factory settings without deleting personal data:

  • Go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset
  • Select “Reset TV to Factory Settings
Westinghouse Tv Factory Reset

3. Update Your TV Firmware

Install latest firmware which includes bug fixes:

  • Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now
Westinghouse Tv System Update

4. Adjust Picture Settings

Rule out display settings causing flickering:

  • Reduce Brightness
  • Change Picture Mode out of “Low Power”
  • Alter Dynamic Contrast, Backlight or Noise Reduction
Westinghouse Tv Picture Mode Low Power

5. Swap HDMI Cables and Ports

Flickering is often caused by poor HDMI cable contacts or connection issues. Swap cables and ports:

  • Blow compressed air into port to clean contacts
  • Wiggle cable at both ends to re-seat connection
  • Try different HDMI inputs on TV
Westinghouse Tv Hdmi Ports

Hardware Troubleshooting Steps For a Flickering Westinghouse TV

If software resets don’t resolve your flickering and flashing issues, it’s likely being caused by a hardware problem inside your Westinghouse TV.

Here are some steps to identify and access internal components that commonly fail and cause display problems.

Locate Internal Circuit Boards

The main boards that process and distribute the TV’s video signal are hidden behind the back panel. To access them:

  1. Unplug TV and press & hold power button for 30 seconds
  2. Lay TV face down on soft, clean surface
  3. Remove back panel screws and lift off back cover
  4. Locate Power Board, Main Board and T-Con Board

Clean Board Connections

Carefully disconnect any large ribbon cables or wire connectors attached to boards. Inspect pins for bent pieces, corrosion or debris. Clean gently with compressed air.

Faulty connections can cause signal noise and distortion. Reconnect firmly post-cleaning.

Confirm Input Signal

With TV upright and boards accessible, power on and tune display to a static screen. Observe if flickering persists on a blank signal.

If issue disappears, further isolate faulty input component like an HDMI device, cable etc. Replace as needed.

Struggling with your TV’s input sources? See detailed troubleshooting for source issues on Westinghouse TVs here.

If your Westinghouse display has suddenly turned black, this guide covers common fixes to get back picture again.

Replace Faulty Hardware

If flickering continues on static screen, methodically replace internal components like T-Con Board, Main Board etc. Components cost $20-$50 on eBay.

Alternatively, contact support to identify issue via troubleshooting and arrange discounted repair.

How to Reset Your Westinghouse TV

Before tackling complex repairs, try resetting your Westinghouse TV. There are two types of reset options:

Soft Reset

A simple power cycle akin to resetting your computer. Quickly clears temporary glitches and reboots system:

  • Unplug TV from power source
  • Press and hold power button for 15 seconds
  • Leave unplugged for 2 minutes minimum
  • Plug back in and turn on

Factory Reset

Resets your TV back to default out-of-the-box state without deleting personal data:

  1. Using remote, go to Home Screen
  2. Open Settings > System > Advanced System > Factory Reset
  3. Select factory reset option
  4. Enter passcode if prompted
  5. Confirm reset
Westinghouse Tv Factory Reset

A factory reset often resolves software issues causing display problems like flickering screens.

Learn various methods to reset your Westinghouse TV without a working remote.

How to Access and Clean Internal Westinghouse TV Components

The majority of Westinghouse TV hardware is housed behind protective panels that need removing before inspection and maintenance is possible. Here are simplified steps:

  1. Discharge electricity: Unplug powered-off TV and hold down power button for 30 seconds
  2. Remove back panel: Lay TV face down on a soft, clean surface. Unscrew back cover screws and detach panel.
  3. Locate boards: The main boards are now visible including Power Board, Main Board, T-Con Board etc. Handle carefully by the edges.
  4. Disconnect cables: Release ribbon connectors and port latch mechanisms to detach signal and power cables from boards.
  5. Inspect connections: Check cable pins and board ports for debris, damage or corrosion using magnification. Clean gently with compressed air if needed.
  6. Reconnect cables: Reattach all cables securely post-inspection to resume signal transmission.
  7. Replace components: Order any damaged parts like circuit boards or connectors via eBay using part numbers printed on hardware. Swap in new parts as required.
  8. Re-assemble TV in the reverse order once inspection and repairs are complete.

How to Locate and Replace Faulty Westinghouse TV Hardware

If visible damage isn’t apparent, use a process of elimination to identify components causing your flickering display:

1. Isolate Signal Source

Disconnect all devices and cables so only power cord is attached. Tune TV to static channel.

If flickering stops, it indicates faulty external input like a media device, HDMI cable etc. If it persists, issue is internal.

2. Replace T-Con Board

This small circuit board drives the TV’s graphics panel. Ribbon cables connect it to the main board. Issues here commonly cause display distortion and flickering.

Replace for around $30 if cleaning connections doesn’t help. Use part number printed on old T-Con to order identical model.

3. Replace Main Board

The main board processes video signal for display panel distribution. Faults can generate visual glitches.

First eliminate T-Con issues above before replacing main board, which manages multiple inputs.

4. Inspect Backlights

LED strips power the LCD display, arranged in rows. Check for burned out bulbs or disconnected connectors between strips, using a voltmeter.

Replace entire backlight strips or resolder connectors as needed. Accessing lights requires total teardown.

Observe horizontal lines across your Westinghouse display? Learn what’s causing this and solution steps.

5. Consider Professional Assistance

If fault persists after methodically replacing boards and cables, underlying issue may require specialist tools and knowledge.

Contact Westinghouse support for discounted pro repair rates to correctly diagnose and swap components.

Thoroughly work through software resets before exploring complex component-level troubleshooting. But with some patience, common Westinghouse TV display issues can often be resolved with simple home repairs.

Westinghouse TV Support and Warranty Information

Call Westinghouse support at 1-800-701-0680 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5:30pm PST) for troubleshooting assistance even if warranty has expired.

Under 12 month factory warranty? Westinghouse provides free repair/replacement of products with manufacturing faults. Contact customer service to arrange fixing flickering under warranty.

Out of warranty but need official repair service? Ask about discounted rates for technicians to correctly diagnose and replace responsible boards or components.

Westinghouse may also offer a discount on a replacement TV if yours cannot be cost-effectively fixed. Doesn’t hurt asking!

FAQs: Common Westinghouse TV Flickering Questions

Why does my Westinghouse TV flicker lines?

Vertical flickering lines on your Westinghouse TV are typically caused by poor contacts between internal component boards and the LCD panel. Clean the ribbon cable pins connecting all boards using compressed air. Wiggle cables firmly post cleaning to properly reseat all connections.

What causes color flashing on Westinghouse TV?

Flashing or flickering colors on your Westinghouse TV are most often the result of signal noise being introduced within the TV’s graphics pipeline. This converts the input video feed into instructions for millions of individual LCD sub-pixels. If data flow is interrupted, visual glitches like flashing colors can occur. Reset your TV and replace any damaged cables or boards as required.

How do I stop my Westinghouse TV from flickering randomly?

Random Westinghouse TV flickering or flashing has multiple possible root causes. Start software troubleshooting by power cycling your TV and performing a factory reset. Also check picture settings are not incorrectly configured. If issues continue, methodically swap damaged internal hardware like T-Con boards, backlight LED strips etc which commonly contribute to a distorted signal.

Why does my Westinghouse TV screen go black and flicker?

A black flickering Westinghouse TV display indicates backlight issues where some LED rows are functioning and others are intermittently turning off. LED strips work in series – failure of just a few bulbs can darken entire rows. Inspect backlight strips for damage and replace faulty sections so uniform light is provided across the display panel for flicker-free video.

How do I fix a flickering Westinghouse Roku TV?

A flickering Westinghouse Roku TV can often be fixed using software resets before exploring hardware faults. Cycle power on the TV and clear cached memory, perform a system restore to factory defaults, then update TV firmware in case glitches relate to bugs. Also alter display settings like Brightness mode. If flickering persists post resets, dig deeper – rearrange and replace any loose or damaged cables, boards or backlight strips as detailed above.

I hope this guide on troubleshooting a flickering Westinghouse TV has provided you with useful information to diagnose and resolve common display issues. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional suggestions to improve the content quality and structure further.

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