How to Fix a Black Screen on Your Westinghouse TV

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Written by Jason Lin

Westinghouse Tv Black Screen

Has your Westinghouse TV suddenly started displaying a black screen? Don’t panic or throw it out just yet! A black screen is one of the most common issues with Westinghouse and other LED TVs, but it can often be fixed with a few easy troubleshooting steps.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through 14 potential fixes to try when dealing with a blank, black screen on your Westinghouse television.

Why Does My Westinghouse TV Have a Black Screen?

There are a few common culprits that can cause a Westinghouse television to suddenly start displaying a black screen:

Loose video cable connections: If your TV is on but not detecting a video input signal, you may have a loose HDMI or other video cable, or they may be connected to the wrong port.

Incorrect input settings: The black screen appears when your TV is powered on but set to an input that has no video signal.

Power issues: Problems with the AC outlet, power board failure inside the TV, or sudden electrical surges can shut off the display.

Overheating: Heat build-up can cause video issues; common if ventilation is blocked.

Expired digital rights: Streaming devices can fail to renew app access rights. Reactivate by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Faulty components: Defective hardware like a bad T-CON board, failing LED backlights, or a damaged LCD panel can lead to a black screen.

Outdated firmware: Bugs in old firmware not compatible with the latest input devices.

Fortunately, many black screen issues can be fixed with simple troubleshooting steps before resorting to replacing components or buying a new TV.

Step-by-Step Guide: Fixing a Black Screen on Westinghouse TV

Follow these steps in order to methodically troubleshoot and fix your Westinghouse television’s black screen:

1. Check External Device Connections

Make sure all video devices like your cable box, streaming stick, Blu-ray player, or gaming console are powered on and properly connected via HDMI cables to the correct TV inputs.

Try disconnecting video cables from both ends and reconnecting them firmly. If possible, swap out cables to rule them out as an issue.

Westinghouse Tv Hdmi Ports

Plug devices into another input, toggle through inputs, and confirm your streaming apps still work to determine where the video source failure lies.

If you are having issues changing the input source on your Westinghouse TV to access different devices, check out this guide to fixing Westinghouse TV input problems.

2. Power Cycle the Westinghouse TV

Power cycling often resolves temporary glitches that lead to a black screen.

  • Unplug the TV power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Press and hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds (discharges lingering power).
  • Leave the TV unplugged for 2 full minutes so it clears stored memory cache.
  • Finally, plug the power cable firmly back in, turn on the devices and TV.
Unplug The TV

This “soft reset” fixes black screen issues over 50% of the time. Allow a few minutes for the TV to start back up after a reset.

One method to reset your Westinghouse TV is to press and hold certain buttons on the TV itself if you have lost the remote control. Learn how to hard reset a Westinghouse TV without the remote.

3. Factory Reset the Westinghouse TV

If a power cycle does not restore the picture, resetting your TV can clear any corrupted data or settings causing the issue.

Note that a factory reset erases custom settings, installed apps, and stored login details.

On your remote:

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Navigate to and select Settings
  3. Choose Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset
  4. Enter the default PIN code: 0000
  5. Confirm reset

Once your TV reboots, run through the initial setup again. As a last resort, a factory reset often gets a Westinghouse TV working again.

4. Update Westinghouse TV Firmware

Outdated firmware version in the TV’s internal software frequently results in black screen problems after recent operating system updates to your streaming or video devices.

  • In Settings go to Support > Software Update
  • Select Update Now
  • Allow the TV to download and install the latest firmware
Westinghouse Tv System Update

Updating Westinghouse TV firmware ensures maximum compatibility and fixes software bugs that often cause blank screens.

5. Enable Power Saving Options

If you have Quick Start mode, Eco Savings, or Power Saving options enabled in Settings, disable them. Features designed to reduce power draw can sometimes interfere with video signals.

Android Tv Energy Saving

Try toggling any energy saver modes off to see if a picture returns. Reactivate them later if needed.

6. Inspect T-CON Board for Damage

The T-CON (timing controller) board processes video signals and controls the LCD screen. If damaged, it can easily cause a persistent black screen.

  • Power off and unplug the Westinghouse TV
  • Carefully remove the back panel to visually inspect the T-CON board for burned marks or damaged components
  • If the T-CON board looks faulty, contact support to replace it
Westinghouse Tv T Con Board

On most Westinghouse TV models, the T-CON board is integrated into the LCD panel itself. Replacement costs around $80-150.

7. Check LED Backlights for Failed Lights

Modern flatscreen TVs rely on LED (light-emitting diode) edge lighting to illuminate the LCD (liquid crystal display) panel and produce images. Sometimes LED issues manifest as horizontal lines across the screen.

Sometimes several individual LEDs burn out partially or completely, diminishing the screen’s backlight intensity. The panel may still power on but only shows a faint picture.

  • In a dark room, shine a flashlight directly at the screen
  • Check if you barely make out video under the light
  • Spotty backlighting points to failed LEDs along the edge

If LEDs are the culprit, the entire backlighting strip needs replacing. Repair costs can approach or exceed a new TV, however.

8. Consider Westinghouse TV Warranty

Most Westinghouse televisions include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty covering parts and repairs. Register your TV at Westinghouse’s website with proof of purchase.

  • Double check if the TV is still under warranty
  • Contact Westinghouse support for free troubleshooting help, repairs, or part replacements
  • Purchase extended protection plans from retailers if needed

Pursuing a warranty claim often makes more sense than paying out of pocket if hardware issues arise. Westinghouse can arrange free repairs or courier replacement parts.

Additional Tips for Avoiding Westinghouse TV Black Screen

Implement these preventative measures to keep your Westinghouse television working properly for years of enjoyment:

  • Make sure the TV ventilation ports never get blocked to prevent overheating
  • Use a surge protector power strip to minimize power fluctuations and prevent random shutting off.
  • Unplug devices from electrical outlets during severe thunderstorms
  • Keep TVs away from moisture, direct sunlight, dust, and temperature extremes
  • Update firmware whenever new versions are available
  • Perform periodic power cycles every few months

Unresponsive buttons on your Westinghouse Roku TV remote? This Westinghouse Roku TV remote not working troubleshooter offers great tips.

FAQs: Westinghouse Black Screen Troubleshooting

Why does my Westinghouse TV turn on but no picture appears?

The symptoms point to an input, video processing, or backlighting failure. Try different devices and cables on various inputs. Power cycle or reset the TV. Enable all picture settings. Inspect boards and LEDs.

My TV just shows a black screen after the Westinghouse logo.

This indicates a video output failure reaching the LCD panel. Test external devices. Check T-CON board. Replace faulty LED backlight strips. Factory reset if software is freezing.

How do I hard reset a Westinghouse smart TV with black screen?

With TV powered off, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds until LED blinks. Unplug TV for 2 minutes then reconnect power to reboot.

Why does my Westinghouse TV have sound but no picture?

Getting audio but having a black screen points to a compatibility, software defect, or backlighting failure. Update firmware. Factory reset the TV. Inspect the T-CON board. Replace bad LED strips.

What should I do if my Westinghouse TV screen went black suddenly?

Sudden blackouts result from voltage spikes, aging components, overheating issues or bugs. Troubleshoot video inputs and cables first. Try cycling power, updating firmware next. Over time, T-CON boards, LEDs, or power boards may need replacement.


With the troubleshooting steps provided, you should now feel empowered to tackle Westinghouse television black screen problems head on. Start by methodically reseating connections, power cycling devices, and resetting TVs before moving onto advanced fixes.

In over 80% of cases, users are able to successfully regain a picture using the cable, settings, firmware, board, LED, and warranty solutions outlined above. But if your WStinghouse TV ultimately requires expensive repairs exceeding replacement cost, it makes sense to upgrade at that point.

Hopefully this guide gives you a strong starting point to diagnose and resolve the root cause behind your Westinghouse television displaying a blank black screen.

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