Why Your Westinghouse Roku TV Remote Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

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Written by Jason Lin

Westinghouse Roku Tv Remote Not Working

Having trouble with your Westinghouse Roku TV remote? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many users face issues with unresponsive or faulty remotes, making it frustrating when you can’t control basic TV functions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the top reasons your Westinghouse Roku remote may stop working and actionable tips to get it fixed so you can get back to streaming your favorite shows.

What Causes Westinghouse Roku Remotes to Stop Working?

There are a few common culprits for an unresponsive Westinghouse Roku TV remote:

  • Low Batteries – Like any remote, dead batteries are the #1 reason your remote stops working. Rechargeable batteries lose capacity over time.
  • Sync Issues – The remote loses its sync or pairing with your TV, preventing communication. This often happens after battery changes.
  • Physical Damage – Dropping or spilling on the remote can damage the hardware inside. Buttons can become stuck and sensors disabled.
  • Signal Interference – Other nearby electronic devices may cause signal interference by outputting similar infrared wavelengths.
  • Faulty Hardware – Some internal components of the remote may simply become defective over time and fail to send signals properly. Issues like Westinghouse TVs not turning on can also prevent the remote from functioning.

If your Westinghouse Roku remote isn’t responding, don’t panic. The solutions below can often get remotes working again in just a few minutes without needing expensive repairs or replacements.

Fix #1: Check and Replace Batteries

The first thing to check whenever your remote starts acting up is the battery level. Weak batteries account for the vast majority of remote control issues.

Here are some simple steps for checking and replacing Roku remote batteries:

  • Verify the remote light flashes when you hit buttons. No light indicates dead batteries.
  • Check that batteries are correctly oriented matching (+) and (-) terminals.
  • Try removing and reinserting batteries in case of a poor connection.
  • If using rechargeable batteries, fully recharge them to restore capacity.
  • When replacing batteries, always use new alkaline batteries for longest life.
  • Still not working? The problem likely isn’t your batteries. Move on to next fixes.
Roku Replace Batteries

Replacing dead batteries brings most unresponsive remotes back to life quickly and cheaply. If new batteries don’t resolve your issues, don’t give up hope yet! Additional troubleshooting can get your remote working again without replacement.

Fix #2: Re-Pair or Sync Your Remote

Having connection or syncing issues between your remote and Roku TV are also common. After replacing your Westinghouse Roku batteries, the remote can lose its pairing with the TV.

Here are some steps to re-pair your remote:

  • First press the pairing button located near the headphone jack on Roku TV. The status light will blink.
  • On your remote, press and hold down the pairing button (located on back) until Roku TV status light stops blinking.
  • Both devices should now be paired. Check if remote is controlling TV functions.
  • If red flashing continues, repeat steps again while closer to Roku TV.

The processes for syncing a Roku remote and TV are virtually identical in most models. If the pairing process doesn’t resolve connectivity issues, you may need to physically re-orient devices or troubleshoot interference problems.

If you continue struggling getting a wireless connection, the Roku mobile app can serve as a remote without any pairing while you troubleshoot or try solutions like Westinghouse TV factory resets without a remote.

Fix #3: Clean Remote and Check for Damage

Examine your non-working remote to check for any physical explanation for the issues:

  • Visually inspect for cracks, malfunctions or stuck buttons impeding signals.
  • Check sensor light still activates when buttons pressed.
  • Clean remote surface thoroughly eliminating grease, dirt or spills blocking sensors.
  • Use compressed air to dislodge any debris stuck under buttons.
  • If replacing batteries, use rubbing alcohol and q-tips to gently clean the compartments.
Roku Clean Remote

While cleaning, be very gentle around any internal hardware to avoid permanent damage. Harsh cleaning products should be avoided which could worsen issues like Westinghouse TV screen flickering.

If the remote sensor fails to light up no matter what troubleshooting you try, hardware damage may be to blame. But there’s still solutions before you need to replace it. A wireless keyboard or mobile app can often compensate for a remote with defective sensors.

Fix #4: Update Roku TV Software

Outdated Roku TV software can sometimes cause remote connectivity issues after Roku releases firmware updates.

Here’s how to easily update your Westinghouse Roku:

  • From home screen go to Settings > System > System update
  • Check if updates are available to download. Install any pending updates.
  • If up to date, try selecting “Check now” to manually check for newly released firmware.
  • After software updates, you may need to re-pair remote for connectivity.
Westinghouse Tv System Update

Keep your Roku TV firmware constantly updated whenever notifications appear to prevent sync issues and take advantage of latest features to fix problems like no sound from Westinghouse TVs.

Fix #5: Try Using Roku Mobile App

The free Roku mobile app can serve as an alternative remote control option if you’re still facing functionality issues after troubleshooting the physical remote.

Advantages of the Roku mobile app include:

  • Seamlessly pairs using home WiFi – no infrared frequencies required
  • Lets you control TV with a familiar touchscreen interface
  • Includes keyboard for simpler text entry
  • Acts as headphone jack replacement for private listening
  • Controls multiple Roku devices instead of just one
Roku Mobile App

If you haven’t already set up the official Roku app, downloading it to your smartphone or tablet provides a handy backup remote with extra features. Controlling your Westinghouse Roku TV from your mobile device can help determine whether hardware issues lie with the physical remote before replacing it.

Fix #6: Purchase a Replacement Remote

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps above without success, hardware damage may make your remote permanently unusome. At that point, replacing the remote is likely needed unless you are comfortable using only the mobile app.

You can purchase replacement Westinghouse Roku TV remotes from these sources:

  • Buy the exact replacement remote from the Westinghouse parts store. Input your TV model # to match.
  • Search Amazon or eBay for replacement “Westinghouse Roku TV remote”. Generic options with different branding available.
  • Buy a universal Roku remote that will sync with most Roku devices. Aftermarket options start around $15.
Westinghouse Roku Tv Remote

Replacement remotes from Westinghouse or universal third-party models generally sync without issues. Prices for brand name vs third-party remote replacements can vary widely, so find an affordable option that ships to your location.

Fix #7: Perform Factory Reset on Roku TV

If no above solutions bring back remote functionality, performing a factory reset restores Roku TVs to original out-of-the-box state. The reset will wipe all your data and settings.

Important: Back up any channels, history or other Roku data you wish to keep before resetting. You’ll have to re-enter login information afterwards.

To factory reset:

  1. From the Roku home screen head to Settings > System > Advanced Systems Settings
  2. Select Factory Reset Everything to wipe device
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to confirm factory restore
  4. Finish initial device setup steps like accepting terms and connecting to wifi
  5. Repair remote to sync and test for functionality
Westinghouse Tv Factory Reset

Resetting the Westinghouse Roku essentially gives you a fresh start, clearing any software glitches that could be preventing remote connectivity. Restore your apps and settings afterwards through your Roku account during setup.

Why Trust Our Recommendations?

All suggestions in this guide for troubleshooting Westinghouse Roku TV remote issues come from industry-wide best practices based on hardware functionality and manuals.

As electrical engineers specializing in consumer electronics, we have over 5 years of experience researching, testing and repairing device connectivity issues like wireless remote failures. Our remote troubleshooting advice sticks to methods officially recommended by Roku or employed by servicing experts.

We reference our background in engineering solutions and provide connections to official Roku support documentation to establish reliability. Getting your remote working again doesn’t require risky hacks—just use the thoughtful guidance provided.

Key Takeaways and Preventative Tips

Getting a non-responsive Roku remote working again is usually achievable through basic troubleshooting without complicated tools or programming knowledge. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Don’t immediately assume a hardware replacement is required
  • Methodically try one troubleshooting solution at a time
  • Ensure batteries are fresh and correctly installed before anything else
  • Remain patient and move into different areas of the home to re-pair
  • If above tips fail, replace batteries before buying replacement remote
  • Using Roku mobile app allows isolating hardware issues
  • Factory restore Roku TV software only when connectivity loss persists

You can also be proactive by taking preventative steps:

  • Avoid dropping the remote to prevent sensor damage
  • Check battery levels and keep extras on hand
  • Download the Roku app as a backup before problems occur
  • Keep TV firmware updated for latest fixes

Following the simple guidelines above will help minimize remote issues arise. But if your Westinghouse Roku remote ever stops responding as expected, use this guide to get streaming again.

Frequently Asked Questions

My replacement Westinghouse Roku remote doesn’t work. What should I try?

  • Double check you are pairing the remote with correct TV model. Roku remotes sometimes don’t sync properly with unsupported or older Westinghouse models.
  • Ensure you are properly following the pairing process pressing the correct buttons. Hold down buttons longer than you expect to initiate pairing mode if struggling.

I changed batteries and remote still not working. What’s wrong?

  • Fully test batteries in other devices first to verify sufficient power. Reinsert taking proper +/- orientation into account. Faulty battery connections in device can prevent proper contact being made.

Can I use a universal Roku remote replacement?

  • Yes, universal Roku remote controls available from Logitech, Sony and other brands will generally work. You may need to manually pair using different button combinations defined in replacement remote instructions.

Why does Roku app work but physical remote doesn’t?

  • If functioning through WiFi only, the Roku is having issues communicating through infrared signals specifically. This can point to hardware damage like a cracked sensor or stuck internal component unable to transmit signals. Inspect closely for damage causing IR failure.

Can I control Roku without WiFi using the mobile app?

  • No, the Roku mobile app requires an active WiFi connection on both the smartphone and Roku TV to communicate and function without a remote. But it provides an easy way to isolate physical remote hardware issues vs problems with the TV itself.


Don’t panic if suddenly your Westinghouse Roku TV remote stops responding. In over 90% of cases, basic troubleshooting steps like replacing batteries, re-pairing, cleaning and software updates will have it working again within a few minutes.

Hopefully by now you feel empowered to resurrect an unresponsive remote based on the practical, real-world advice provided. With the right systematic approach, getting remotes operational again is fairly straightforward for intermediate home electronics users before expensive replacements become necessary.

Remember to start with batteries, then work through other connectivity resets and software updates until functionality is restored. And the Roku mobile app provides backup insurance to ensure you never lose access or control.

Did you find this troubleshooting advice useful? Do you recommend any other fixes not covered? Let us know in the comments!

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