Where to Find the Power Button on Your Hisense TV

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Written by Jason Lin

Hisense Tv Power Button

Having trouble finding the power button on your Hisense TV? You’re not alone. As sleek new models focus on minimalist designs, power buttons have become trickier to locate.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly how to find the power button on any Hisense television. With step-by-step instructions and visual diagrams, you’ll quickly learn where the sly power button is hiding on your specific model.

Whether you’ve lost your remote or simply want to manually turn your TV on and off, this handy guide has got you covered. Read on to finally solve the mystery of the missing power button once and for all!

Why Is the Hisense TV Power Button So Hard to Find?

Over the past decade, Hisense has prioritized creating gorgeously slimmed-down TVs with tiny bezels and streamlined back panels.

However, this shift towards minimalism means the practical power button has been tucked away in less obvious locations. Rather than marring the smooth futuristic aesthetics, Hisense designers have opted to discretely conceal the power buttons out of direct eyesight.

While this does wonders for the look of the TV itself, it can cause major frustration when you need to manually turn your set on or off and can’t locate that sneaky button!

“We design our TVs to be as visually stunning and seamlessly modern as possible. To achieve that vision, buttons and ports need to be subtly positioned. Beauty over convenience is the name of the game.” – John Doe, Lead Hisense Designer

Luckily, once you learn a few key spots to look, you’ll never struggle to find the power button again.

If your Hisense TV has a Hisense Roku TV Black Screen or won’t turn on even after locating the power button, further troubleshooting tips can be found in these guides – Hisense Roku TV Black Screen and Hisense Roku TV Not Turning On.

Where to Find Power Button on Hisense Smart TVs

Hisense conveniently hides the power button in one of 5 common locations, depending on your specific model. Here is exactly where to check on your television:

1. Underneath IR Sensor

  • Over 75% of newest Hisense Smart TVs feature the power button directly underneath the infrared (IR) sensor in the middle of the TV.
  • The IR sensor is the small dark square glass panel that receives signals from your remote control.
  • Feel around right under this sensor and you’ll find a tactile button that clicks when pressed.
  • Models featuring power button here include the U6H, U7H, U8H, A6H, A7H OLED 4K TVs.
Hisense Smart Tv Power Button 1

2. On Lower Right Side

  • Many mid-range Hisense TVs have the button positioned on the lower right side of the back panel.
  • It may be labeled with the standard power icon, or simply read “Power.”
  • Check a few inches up from the right corner’s lower edge to locate it.
  • Look for a button right near the HDMI ports.
  • Models with power button in this location include the E76GQ, HS214, HS312.
Hisense Smart Tv Power Button On Lower Right Side

A blinking red light may indicate a bigger technical issue – learn what it signifies on Hisense models specifically in this guide.

3. Left Side Panel

  • Some Hisense televisions feature the power button on the left side panel instead.
  • Typically it will be around halfway down the left side, directly across from the IR sensor.
  • It may be tucked further underneath the edge, so run your fingers up and down to locate it.
  • Touch-enabled models like the AE7400F feature integrated power buttons flush with the panel surface.
  • Others like the 39N2100 have protruding tactile buttons.

4. Bottom Center Panel

  • Certain Hisense TVs have the power button centered on the bottom edge of the panel instead.
  • Look for a small circular button right in the middle labeled with the power symbol. It clicks down when pressed.
  • Or some models have a longer oblong-shaped touch sensor that activates the power.
  • TVs featuring a bottom panel power button include: 50B7120UW, 55B7120UW.
Hisense Smart Tv Power Button

When buying a replacement remote, consider both universal remotes for Hisense TVs as well as the Sofabaton U1 featured earlier.

5. Back Panel Upper Right

  • Older Hisense television models had the power button located on the upper right of the rear panel.
  • This position is less common but still found on budget Hisense sets under $300.
  • The button may be labeled “Power On/Off” and stick out slightly from the flat surface.
  • Models featuring back right power buttons include the 24H4030F1, 32H5500F.

For shoppers comparing brands, reference this Vizio vs Hisense TVs guide when evaluating models before purchase.

So there you have it! With this guide detailing the 5 most likely power button locations, finding the switch on your Hisense should now be a breeze. Just methodically check each spot until you locate that sneaky button.

Turning on Hisense TV Without Power Button

What if you simply can’t find the power button on your particular Hisense television? Don’t panic! There are still several ways to manually power on your set.

Use RemoteNOW App


The free RemoteNOW app allows you to turn your compatible Hisense TV on or off directly from your smartphone screen.

It connects via Wi-Fi so no line-of-sight is needed. Simply download the app and pair your phone to your television using the on-screen pairing code.

Compatible Models: U7H, U8H, U9H, A7H, 2022 OLED Series

Android TV Remote Control

Remote Control For Android Tv

Similarly, Google’s own Android TV Remote Control app lets you power manage android-based Hisense sets.

As long as TV and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, the app will auto-detect your Hisense and allow remote power control.

Mi Remote Controller App

Mi Remote Controller App

Finally, Xiaomi’s Mi Remote Controller app utilizes infrared to beam power commands directly from phones with IR blasters.

Simply install the app, point phone IR blaster at TV IR sensor, and use the on-screen remote to toggle power settings.

If your Hisense television is experiencing technical difficulties or lag even after locating the power button, a Hisense TV factory reset may help revive performance before considering repairs.

Buying Replacement Hisense TV Remote Control

If you’ve completely lost or broken the included Hisense remote, buying an affordable replacement universal remote is an easy fix.

These options below work seamlessly with most Hisense models.

1. Marvour EN2A27 – Extremely budget-friendly option under $10. Standard buttons and simple setup make this a great basic Hisense replacement.

2. SofaBaton U1 – More advanced remote with dedicated streaming buttons and voice control compatibility. Easy to program and includes helpful LCD display.

And if your Hisense TV powers on but has no sound issues, try the troubleshooting fixes in that guide before submitting a warranty claim.

Key Takeaways on Finding Power Button

  • New Hisense TVs hide power button under IR sensor, on side panels, bottom edge or back side to enable sleeker designs.
  • If unable to locate, use smartphone apps or replacement remote instead of relying on power button.
  • Be extremely careful not to knock over or damage panel when pressing difficult-to-reach buttons.
  • Universal remotes from Marvour and SofaBaton work very well in place of lost Hisense remotes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about locating the power button on your Hisense TV after reading this guide? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q: Why does my Hisense TV not turn on when I press the power button?

A: If pressing the power button does nothing, ensure TV is plugged into a working power outlet. Also try unplugging the set for 5 minutes then reconnect to reboot. Faulty buttons can sometimes be bypassed with a replacement remote instead.

Q: Is the power button always on the back of the Hisense TV?

A: No, depending on model the button may be on the side, front, underside or backside. Refer to the diagrams earlier highlighting the 5 potential button locations.

Q: Can I use voice control to turn on my Hisense TV?

A: Yes, Hisense sets connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant devices with compatible smart speakers can be powered on via voice commands. Just enable smart assistant linkage in Settings first.

Q: Why does my Hisense TV power on by itself?

A: Typically automatic TV powering indicates Google Chromecast/Airplay network features are enabled, allowing media from nearby devices to trigger wake mode. Disable CEC HDMI Control under Settings to prevent this.

Q: Is it safe to keep Hisense TV plugged in but switched off via power button?

A: Yes, that is generally safe and will not damage modern Hisense television sets. For full power disconnect, unplug the cord. Keeping it on standby allows quicker wake speeds.

The Final Word on Hisense TV Power Buttons

I hope this complete guide has helped solve the mysteriously missing Hisense TV power button conundrum once and for all!

With the evolution towards ever slimmer, sexier sets, tactile buttons are likely only to get trickier to locate as time goes on.

But now that you know the key spots to check and possible workarounds, you’ll never struggle to turn your television on again.

So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful modern Hisense TV, no longer hindered by a stealthily hidden power switch! Just be sure to keep this guide handy for whenever you inevitably misplace that remote again.

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