Why Does My Hisense TV Turn On By Itself? How to Finally Fix it

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Written by Jason Lin

Hisense Tv Turns On By Itself

You sit down on the couch, ready to enjoy a quiet evening. Suddenly, your Hisense TV springs to life, unprompted and displaying static. You grab the remote to turn it off again, but five minutes later the TV turns itself on yet again!

This frustrating issue has numerous possible causes, from settings glitches to hardware failures. Read on as we diagnose the reasons your Hisense TV keeps powering up automatically, and walk through fixes to get your evenings back.

Common Causes of Hisense TV Self Turning On

Before jumping into solutions, let’s break down root causes of a Hisense television powering up by itself without prompting:

HDMI-CEC Enabled

Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC) allows connected devices to communicate and share limited control. For example, starting a Blu-Ray player could automatically turn the TV on or change inputs. If your devices have CEC enabled, disabling it on the TV may solve self powering on.

Outdated Firmware

Bugs or flaws in outdated firmware versions can manifest randomly, like turning the TV on without input. Performing a firmware update typically resolves issues.

Remote Control Defects

If buttons become stuck on the remote or batteries are overheating, they could send errant on/off signals. Resetting or replacing remote batteries often fixes this.

Power Surges

Electrical power inconsistencies like surges or sags can reset TVs. Surge protectors help prevent this cause.

Sleep Timer Enabled

Modern Hisense TVs include sleep timers to automatically power down after preset durations. Turning the timer off stops unattended auto shut off.

Hardware Failures

Defective capacitors, backlight failures, and overheating components can lead TVs to randomly reset or turn on. Replacing damaged hardware resolves these issues.

Now let’s walk through practical fixes to stop your Hisense turning itself on, starting with the simplest approach.

Fix 1: Disable HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC is the most common culprit causing Hisense TVs to power on automatically. Disabling CEC typically stops the television from turning itself on:

  1. Using your Hisense remote, go to Settings
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Choose HDMI & CEC
  4. Turn CEC Control to Off
  5. Disable Device Auto Power On
Hisense Tv Disable Hdmi Cec

With CEC disabled, devices can no longer directly control or send power commands to the TV.

Re-enabling CEC returns integrated functionality like using one remote to control your system. But if the self-powering on continues, CEC miscommunication likely isn’t the cause.

Fix 2: Check and Disable Timer Settings

Like most modern televisions, Hisense TVs feature a variety of timer functions to automatically power on or off after set durations. If you have a timer enabled accidentally, disabling it stops the unattended power on/off cycle:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose System
  3. Select Time
  4. Find options like On Timer, Off Timer, or Sleep Timer
  5. Turn timers to Off and disable auto power behaviors
Hisense Tv Timer Settings

With timers disabled, the TV will remain powered off unless directly prompted to turn on via the remote or manual power button.

Fix 3: Power Cycle the Hisense TV

“Have your tried turning it off and on again?” Sometimes this basic IT troubleshooting step does the trick:

  1. Unplug the Hisense television from wall power
  2. Keep TV unplugged for 1 full minute
  3. Plug powered-off TV back into wall outlet
  4. Manually power up TV using power button (not remote)
Unplug The TV

Power cycling forces key components to fully discharge, clearing any potential glitches causing TV to turn itself on.

If your Hisense TV has a black screen issue, power cycling can help reset any glitches.

Fix 4: Update Hisense TV Firmware

Buggy, outdated firmware manifesting issues like randomly powering television on can usually be resolved by updating to the latest firmware:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose System > About > System Update
  3. Turn on Automatic Updates if disabled
  4. Or manually check for updates available for your model
Tcl Android Tv System Update

Updating firmware also improves general performance and stability of smart TV functionality.

Fix 5: Reset Hisense TV Remote Control

As highlighted earlier, stuck buttons or faulty components within remote controls themselves can cause televisions to turn off and on repeatedly.

Before replacing batteries or the entire remote, attempt power cycling the remote control through following steps:

  1. Remove batteries from Hisense remote
  2. Press and hold power button for 30+ seconds
  3. Replace batteries in remote
  4. Test if issue persists
Hisense Tv Replace Batteries In Remote

If TV continues turning itself on, you may need to program a universal remote if the included Hisense remote is damaged.

Stuck buttons on a faulty remote can cause Hisense TVs to keep turning on and off.

Fix 6: Factory Reset the Hisense TV

Resetting your Hisense smart television to factory default settings can act as a “clean slate” troubleshooting step for persistent issues like repeated automatic powering on.

Note: Resetting deletes all personalized data like streaming service logins or custom settings.

Factory reset using either of these methods:

  1. Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Factory Reset
  2. Or press tiny pinhole “Reset” button on TV casing
Android Tv Factory Reset

Allow device to reboot to setup mode, re-configure initial preferences, and test if problem continues.

A factory reset reverts your TV back to original out-of-box settings.

Fix 7: Replace Faulty Cables or Power Sources

Before tearing into advanced hardware repairs, check that connected devices like surge protectors, power strips, HDMI converters, or the power cable itself aren’t introducing problems causing TV to reset.

Swap out any potential faulty hardware with known-good replacement parts, or eliminate sources like cable boxes from the setup temporarily to isolate root cause.

A blinking red light on startup often indicates power supply issues.

Fix 8: Replace Internal Components

For persistent power-up problems localized to the TV itself, overheating parts or shorted capacitors likely need replacement by a repair technician.

Common culprits include:

  • Faulty capacitors letting through excess current
  • Timing controller board glitches
  • Overheating video processor or power regulation chips

Shop warranty coverage below before paying for extensive mainboard replacements. Component-level fixes cost $50-100.

Getting Hisense Support Under Warranty

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting steps and the Hisense television continues turning itself on automatically, exercise warranty coverage:

  • Hisense Warranties: 1 year coverage for repair/replacement
  • Phone Support: 1-888-935-8880 (Hours: 9AM – 9PM EST)

Technicians can verify if mainboards or components need replacement due to manufacturing deficiency. On-site repair or shipping TV to service depot may be covered fully under warranty.

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Conclusion: Summary of Fixes

In review, you can stop your Hisense TV from powering on by itself through:

  1. Disabling HDMI-CEC in settings
  2. Turning off timer features
  3. Power cycling the TV
  4. Updating firmware
  5. Replacing remote batteries
  6. Factory resetting the television
  7. Swapping damaged cables/power strips
  8. Replacing faulty internal hardware

Still having issues with your Hisense randomly powering up? First call Hisense support while under 1 year factory warranty. For older models, consider replacing defective capacitors causing auto power on.

I hope this guide gives you peace of mind and evenings free from unexpected TV disruption! Let me know in the comments if you have troubleshooting tips to add.

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