Kodi vs Stremio: Which Streaming Software is Better in 2024?

January 22, 2024

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With cable TV packages becoming increasingly expensive, free and low-cost streaming software like Kodi and Stremio offer tempting alternatives for accessing media content. But which one should you choose? This in-depth guide compares Kodi and Stremio across ease of use, features, content libraries and more to help you decide.

As online privacy and security experts, we encourage using only properly licensed sources. Please research your country’s copyright laws before streaming content.

Key Differences Between Kodi and Stremio

  • Kodi has a vast content library but requires more technical skill to set up and use add-ons properly. Stremio prioritizes simplicity and convenience with its built-in content suggestions.
  • Stremio streams content directly with no local storage, while Kodi downloads add-ons, builds and libraries. This makes Stremio faster but Kodi gives more control.
  • Kodi works on almost any device but its add-ons are unstable with frequent shutdowns. Stremio’s built-in add-ons face less disruption.
  • Stremio makes discovering new movies and shows easy with its recommendation system. Kodi requires manually browsing add-ons and repositories.

Ease of Use and Setup

Winner: Stremio

Stremio shines when it comes to convenience. After picking a few favorite genres during setup, the app’s discovery feed starts suggesting movies and shows you may enjoy from its built-in add-ons. You can immediately start streaming without any complicated configuration.


Kodi offers unmatched personalization and control with thousands of community-built add-ons. But this requires manually browsing repositories, installing add-ons, and occasionally troubleshooting. The extensive options can overwhelm novice users.

Kodi Movies

Check out this comparison of Kodi to Jellyfin for another open-source media server option.

Key Takeaways

  • Stremio automatically recommends movies/shows after picking genres
  • Kodi has a steep learning curve for finding/installing add-ons
  • Stremio starts streaming instantly, Kodi needs add-on setup

Content Libraries and Add-Ons

Winner: Kodi

The biggest advantage of using Kodi is simple — more add-ons means more content. With thousands of add-ons offering movies, shows, live TV, music and more, Kodi’s content library is unparalleled. You can even access specialty add-ons for things like retro gaming and fitness videos.

Kodi Add Ons

Stremio only has around 6 official add-ons, with a few dozen community offerings. But the default add-ons already cover most major streaming channels like Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and more. For casual users not needing niche content, Stremio checks all the boxes.

Stremio Add Ons

If you still want alternatives, here is a guide to the top Kodi alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Kodi has exponentially larger add-on libraries
  • Stremio add-ons focus on major streaming channels
  • Kodi add-ons frequently get shut down by authorities

Streaming Reliability and Quality

Winner: Stremio

A common frustration with Kodi is unstable streams and add-ons going down without notice. Since third-party developers create the add-ons, they can shut down at any time despite their popularity. Fixes for issues like Kodi not working on Firestick can be found in this troubleshooting guide.

In contrast, Stremio add-ons stream content directly from their respective platforms. This reduces buffering problems and keeps streams consistently smooth. The official add-ons are also maintained by the platforms themselves, minimizing disruptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Stremio add-ons directly stream content vs Kodi downloading
  • Kodi add-ons and repositories frequently become unavailable
  • Stremio has less buffering and higher streaming reliability

Interface and Device Support

Winner: Kodi

Given its open-source nature, Kodi works on practically any device you own – mobile, tablet, computer, TV, projector and more. It also supports extensive theming through skins that completely change Kodi’s look and feel.


See how to install Kodi on Roku TVs, check out Apple TV setup tips or get it running on LG TVs and Samsung TVs.

Stremio has apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. There is limited theming and you’ll need to cast it from a phone or use Airplay/Chromecast to view on a TV. Hardware like Raspberry Pi isn’t officially supported either.

Stremio Device Support

Key Takeaways

  • Kodi is compatible with thousands of devices natively
  • Stremio works on phones, tablets, computer but not most TVs
  • Kodi offers full interface theming; Stremio has basic options

Which Should You Choose?

Determining Kodi vs Stremio winner depends largely on your priorities as a streaming user.

For easy media discovery with top streaming platforms, we recommend Stremio. Convenience is king here – just pick your interests when setting up and immediately start watching suggestions.

If you want unlimited content libraries for free movies, shows plus specialty add-ons, try Kodi. But be prepared for lots of experimentation finding the right add-ons and occasional troubleshooting when they break.

The best option is using both! Install Stremio for reliable streaming from major platforms day-to-day. Then use Kodi as your source for more obscure niche content that serious media enthusiasts may enjoy.


Is Stremio safe to use?

Stremio itself is secure software from a legitimate company that makes recommendations, not hosting actual content. However, some community add-ons may link to pirated sources. Use good judgement when clicking unknown links.

Does Stremio work on Firestick and Fire TV?

Yes! You can easily sideload Stremio by enabling developer options and unknown sources.

What devices support Kodi?

Thanks to being open-source software, Kodi works on thousands of devices natively including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick and more. People even run it on things like Raspberry Pi.

Is Kodi legal?

Kodi is just a media player. But many third-party add-ons provide links to pirated content. Downloading or streaming pirated media is illegal. Restrict usage only to properly licensed movies, shows and streams.

Can I use a VPN with streaming apps?

Yes, a VPN provides extra privacy and security when streaming by encrypting traffic. It prevents spying from internet providers observing what you watch. We recommend ExpressVPN for fast speeds plus apps across all devices.