Why Mobdro Stopped Working and 10 Best Alternatives in 2024

April 1, 2024

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Mobdro was one of the most popular free live TV streaming apps, offering access to thousands of channels across sports, movies, news, and more. However, in February 2021 Mobdro suddenly stopped working, with users receiving a “server not available” error.

Why Did Mobdro Stop Working?

In February 2021, users started reporting issues with Mobdro not loading any streams with error messages like “failed to retrieve data” and “server unavailable.”

After investigation, it was discovered European authorities had taken legal action, resulting in the arrest of the Mobdro developers in March 2021. The app relied on illegally streaming copyrighted content, leading broadcasters to file complaints.

With the developers arrested and official domains seized, Mobdro has been permanently shut down with no plans by the team to bring it back. The risks of using illegal streaming apps got real for the millions that relied on Mobdro.

However, plenty of free live TV alternatives exist for cordcutters. While no app perfectly replicates Mobdro’s offerings, combining a few options provides an excellent replacement.

10 Best Apps Like Mobdro for Free Live TV Streaming

Here are our top recommendations if Mobdro has stopped working in your area:

  1. Pluto TV – Completely legal live TV service from Viacom offering 100+ channels.
  2. Plex – Media server recently added 80+ free live channels with DVR capability.
  3. Sling TV – Popular streaming provider with affordable plans ($20-50/month).
  4. Philo – Low-cost live TV with 60+ channels for only $25 a month.
  5. Locast – Free streaming of local broadcast stations in 36 US markets.
  6. Tubi – 100% legal on-demand streaming completely free, no subscription needed.
  7. Xumo – Provides 190+ free live channels alongside large on-demand library.
  8. Stirr – Local news and 100+ free channels streamed by Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  9. Plexamp – Plex’s dedicated music streaming app with 60 million tracks free.
  10. Streamflix – Aggregates free movies/TV spread across multiple apps into one interface.

This lineup offers a variety of both live and on-demand free streaming options so you can ditch cable without spending much. Most options can be used worldwide.

We’ll now go over how to install these replacement apps on the most popular platforms.

How to Get Mobdro Alternatives on Android

The apps above are all available free on the Google Play store for Android 4.4 and higher, except for Streamflix which requires sideloading:

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android security settings
  2. Download Streamflix APK from Aptoide store
  3. Install and open app
  4. Select login with Gmail

The ability to install apps outside the Play store does increase malware risk. We recommend sticking to reputable sites like Aptoide with user reviews.

That covers getting Mobdro alternative apps up and running on any Android phone, tablet, Android TV device like the Nvidia Shield, and even Amazon Fire tablets.

Next we’ll go over Fire TV installation.

How to Install Replacement Apps on Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

The Fire TV platform makes it easy to find apps through the Amazon store, but some services like Streamflix require sideloading:

  1. Enable ADB Debugging under Developer Options
  2. Download Downloader app from Amazon store
  3. Open Downloader and enter URL from TROYPOINT
  4. Install TROYPOINT App Installer
  5. Open TPAI and search for Streamflix to install

That will get Streamflix up and running. All other apps can be found free right within the Amazon appstore.

Getting Mobdro Replacements on iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately most Mobdro alternative apps are only available on Android. iPhone and iPad users can access:

  • Pluto TV
  • Plex
  • Sling TV
  • Philo
  • Locast
  • IMDb TV
  • Tubi
  • Stirr

Install these directly from the Apple App Store on iOS 12 and higher.

How to Watch Free Live TV on Roku

Roku devices have quick access to most Mobdro replacements like:

  • Pluto TV
  • Plex
  • Sling TV
  • Philo
  • Locast
  • IMDb TV
  • Xumo
  • Stirr

Open the Roku Channel Store and download for free.

That covers the most popular streaming platforms – while Mobdro is gone for good, combining 2-3 apps from our best Mobdro alternatives list will replicate much of the experience.

Are Free Live TV Apps Legal? Safety Tips When Streaming

With Mobdro relying on illegally distributed copyrighted content, its shutdown raises questions around the legitimacy of replacements. Here’s what you need to know:

Verified Apps: Pluto TV, Sling TV, Plex and other major brand apps are 100% legal with the proper broadcasting rights. They offer a combination of free content and paid subscriptions.

Unverified Apps: Smaller apps like Streamflix, Livetvnet, Cat Mouse rely on aggregating streams “scraped” from the internet. Quality is unreliable and while malware risks are low, some piracy is enabled.

Unverified apps offer content for free from questionable sources. Using a VPN helps maintain privacy and security when sideloading or streaming free content.

Safe Streaming with VPNs

Here are benefits of using a VPN while streaming:

  • Encrypts traffic so ISP can’t see activity
  • Changes IP address to access region-locked content
  • Avoids tracking and monitoring by ISP and government
  • Protects from malware by routing traffic through secure tunnel

We recommend Surfshark VPN available from just $2.30/month covering unlimited devices. It offers fast speeds for HD streaming and dedicated apps for Firestick, Android, iOS, and most platforms.

A quality VPN is vital whether streaming free content or accessing paid services – it ensures privacy, security, and access to restricted libraries abroad on any device.

Key Takeaways on Mobdro Not Working

  • Mobdro stopped working permanently when European authorities arrested the developers
  • Pluto TV, Plex, Philo and Sling TV are great free/cheap alternatives
  • Additional apps like Xumo and Locast complement with more niche content
  • Smart DNS proxy or VPN helps safely access region-restricted streams
  • Risks of malware low but some unauthorized piracy enabled
  • Combining 2-3 apps best replicates Mobdro’s offerings

So while Mobdro itself is gone, alternative apps provide plenty for cordcutters seeking free live TV streaming. Using reputable options minimizes risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions when dealing with Mobdro not working:

Why is Mobdro not working?

Mobdro stopped working after the team got arrested in early 2021 for enabling illegal distribution of copyrighted streaming content. Servers got seized and the app has been permanently shut down.

Is Mobdro going to come back?

No, Mobdro relied to some extent on illegally streaming content and is gone for good. Developers got arrested and authorities will prevent the platform from returning.

What app is similar to Mobdro?

The best Mobdro alternatives are Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, Xumo and Philo – combining 2-3 of these apps replicates much of Mobdro’s movie/TV/sports offerings through a mix of free content and paid subscriptions.

Is it safe to use Mobdro replacement apps?

Major brand apps like Plex are 100% legal while smaller aggregator platforms do enable some unauthorized streaming. Using a VPN when accessing sketchy free content helps maintain privacy and security.

Can I get Mobdro on Firestick now?

No, Mobdro no longer exists after being shut down so isn’t accessible. Our guide above details the best alternative apps to sideload or install easily on Fire TV devices.

Why should I use a VPN for streaming?

VPNs encrypt traffic so internet providers can’t see streaming activity. They allow access to region-locked content by changing IP address. And they prevent tracking while guarding against malware.

Is there an app like Mobdro for iPhone?

Unfortunately Mobdro iPhone app never existed and likely won’t in the future after developers got arrested. For iPhone, we recommend legal options like Pluto TV, Plex and Sling TV available on iOS App Store.

That wraps up our complete guide on understanding Mobdro not working and finding alternative free streaming apps in 2024! Let us know any other questions in the comments.