Tubi vs Netflix: An In-Depth Comparison on Content, Features and Value

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Written by Jason Lin

Tubi Tv Vs Netflix

Tubi and Netflix have emerged as two of the most popular streaming platforms, but they operate very differently. This comprehensive guide examines how Tubi and Netflix compare across key categories like content, features, technology, and value to help you decide which service best fits your needs.

A Quick Overview

Tubi is an ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service featuring over 25,000 movies and TV shows. Viewers watch short ads before and during the content in exchange for free access. Tubi has apps across all major devices but maxes out at 1080p HD quality.

Tubi Logo

Netflix operates on a paid subscription model without ads. It features high-quality original programming plus an evolving catalog of licensed movies/TV. Netflix offers up to 4K HDR but costs $6.99 to $19.99 per month.

Netflix Logo

Below we’ll compare Tubi and Netflix’s strengths and weaknesses to determine where each excels.

Content Libraries: Depth vs Originality

The biggest difference between Tubi and Netflix comes down to their content.

Library Size

  • Tubi offers over 25,000 movies and TV shows making it comparable to paid services. New licensed movies and shows are added weekly.
  • Netflix has over 3,000 movies but declines as licensing deals expire. Its TV catalog is more robust at over 2,000 shows. However, content is removed monthly too.
  • For sheer volume, Tubi’s movie selection beats Netflix by nearly 10x. Its TV catalog edges out Netflix slightly. Tubi adds content more actively.

Clearly Tubi offers significantly more movies and its TV catalog remains robust even as licensed content churns.

Content Type

  • Tubi focuses primarily on licensed movies/TV though it creates some original programming
  • Netflix dedicates over $17 billion a year to develop high-quality original movies, documentaries and TV series.
Tubi Tv Content Library

In terms of content spending, Netflix dwarfs Tubi. But does this translate into superior programming?

Content Quality

  • Tubi’s library consists of older licensed movies and TV shows available for free, or as part of movie studio licensing deals. Picture quality varies.
  • Netflix produces award-winning originals in 4K like Stranger Things, The Crown, Ozark etc. It also creates critically-acclaimed films and documentaries.
  • By focusing investment on originals, Netflix offers far higher production values and quality control.
Netflix Originals
Netflix Originals

So while Tubi comes out ahead in terms of library volume, Netflix clearly beats it in terms of prestige viewing. Tubi remains a solid option for casually watching older licensed movies and TV shows on the cheap.

Streaming Features and Technology

Beyond just content, Tubi and Netflix offer different feature sets and technology capabilities worth comparing:

Stream Quality

  • Netflix allows streaming high-dynamic range (HDR) video in sharp 4K resolution, including titles like The Witcher.
  • Tubi maxes out at 1080p full HD quality. Most titles are 720p or SD quality.
Netflix 4k

Offline Viewing

  • Netflix permits downloading select movies/shows to smartphones/tablets for offline viewing, great for planes or road trips.
  • Tubi limits viewing to internet-connected devices with no offline options.
Netflix Offline Viewing

Multiple User Profiles

  • Netflix allows managing up to five user profiles under one account so the whole household can track their own shows.
  • Tubi just offers a single watchlist and profile per account.
Netflix Multiple User Profiles

Parental Controls

  • Netflix lets you restrict content ratings on a per-profile basis plus block specific titles for kids’ safety. Tubi simply has a general “Hide Adult Content” toggle.
Netflix Parental Controls

In terms of extra features and technology capability, Netflix clearly outpaces Tubi. But Tubi remains reasonably functional at zero subscription cost.

Value Comparison: Free vs Paid Plans

The final major difference between Tubi TV and Netflix comes down to monetary value:

ServicePriceVideo QualityScreens You Can Watch OnMobile DownloadsAds
TubiFreeUp to 1080pUnlimitedNoYes
Netflix Basic$6.99/monthUp to 720p1YesNo
Netflix Standard$12.99/monthUp to 1080p2YesNo
Netflix Premium$15.99/monthUp to 4K+HDR4YesNo


As an ad-supported platform, Tubi offers entirely free access to its movies and TV shows with commercial breaks. For budget-conscious consumers unwilling to pay for streaming, Tubi provides reasonable value across devices.


Netflix requires an ongoing subscription for access. Pricing starts at $6.99/month up to $19.99/month depending on video quality, device connections and streaming privileges. Offers the best value for viewers wanting top-tier originals or premium features like 4K.

Ultimately Tubi presents better value for casual viewers simply seeking free movies and TV with ads. It lacks many bells and whistles but costs nothing to use. Netflix offers a robust set of viewing features and premium original programming for those more invested in higher-quality streaming.

Pros and Cons: Which Should You Choose?

ProsEntirely free to useHigh production value originals, downloads for offline viewing, 4K HDR streaming available
ConsMaxes out at 1080p, limited features, ads not for everyoneMonthly fee makes it expensive long term

So weighing the pros and cons, which streaming platform makes more sense for you?

Choose Tubi For:

  • Watching free movies and shows from decades past
  • Skipping subscriptions due to money constraints
  • Accessing content casually across devices
  • An evolving library of cult hits and obscure titles

Choose Netflix For:

  • Premium original series and films
  • Latest technology like 4K HDR across devices
  • Enhanced features like parental controls and offline viewing
  • Convenience and consistency from established brand

Ultimately both Tubi and Netflix earn their place among streaming heavyweights. Tubi stands distinctly as a free alternative for cost-conscious viewers. Netflix leads the market across technology and beloved original programming. Evaluate your personal preferences and budget to decide which option best speaks to your streaming priorities.

FAQ on Using Tubi and Netflix

For deeper insight on using Tubi TV and Netflix, check out answers to these frequently asked questions:

Q: Does Tubi have ads?

A: Yes. Tubi inserts short ad breaks into content instead of charging a subscription fee. Ad frequency is fairly reasonable especially compared to regular cable TV. See this guide on does Tubi have ads.

Q: Can I really watch Tubi free?

A: Absolutely! Tubi is a legitimate free streaming service supported entirely by video ads. Simply create a free account and enjoy movies and TV at no cost.

Q: What devices support Tubi and Netflix?

A: Tubi and Netflix support virtually every streaming device including iOS/Android mobile apps, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, smart TV systems and game consoles. For help with Tubi not working on a smart TV or Roku TV, check our troubleshooting advice. Download their apps to start watching.

Q: How often is content removed from Tubi/Netflix?

A: Netflix removes both licensed movies/TV shows as agreements expire. Tubi also loses licensed content regularly as rights change. Both services add new programming weekly too.

Q: Can I watch Tubi and Netflix offline?

A: Netflix permits offline downloads for planes, road trips etc. Tubi limits viewing to internet-connected devices only with no offline options currently.

Q: Which service has more 4K HDR content?

A: Only Netflix supports native 4K HDR streaming on select platforms. Tubi maxes out at 1080p quality with no high dynamic range or Dolby Vision.

For more on how Tubi compares to other free streaming platforms, see our side-by-side look at Tubi vs YouTube TV. You can also check out our in-depth Tubi review and guide for watching Tubi on LG TVs.

Key Takeaways

  • Tubi provides 25,000+ movies and TV shows free with ads
  • Netflix offers award-winning originals and downloads for offline access
  • Tubi works across all major devices but maxes out at 1080p HD quality
  • Netflix streams high-end 4K HDR video but requires monthly subscriptions
  • Consider Tubi for free streaming or Netflix for premium features and content

Choose the streaming provider aligned with your budget, preferences and viewing priorities. Evaluate this full guide on how Tubi stacks up to category-leader Netflix across content, features, technology and value.

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