Why Tubi TV Isn’t Working on Your Smart TV and How to Fix It

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Written by Jason Lin

Tubi Not Working On Smart Tv

Has Tubi TV stopped working on your Samsung, LG, Sony, or other smart TV? Don’t worry – with this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, you’ll get Tubi back up and streaming your favorite movies and shows in no time.

Common Reasons Tubi TV Stops Working on Smart TVs

Before jumping into solutions, it helps to understand what typically causes Tubi to have issues on smart TV platforms:

  • Connectivity Problems: From WiFi connection issues to problems with specific devices like Firesticks, connectivity problems are one of the most common reasons Tubi TV stops working.
  • Software Bugs: Bugs or glitches in the Tubi app, your smart TV firmware, or mobile OS updates can all cause Tubi functionality problems.
  • App Caching Issues: Too much cached data in the Tubi app builds up over time, leading to crashes, freezes, or playback failures.
  • Account Problems: Incorrect login credentials or problems on Tubi’s user authentication servers can prevent you accessing your account.
  • Regional Restrictions: Licensing limitations may block Tubi TV content if you are traveling or using a VPN located in a restricted area.

That covers why your Tubi TV app may have stopped working. Next, let’s go through the top troubleshooting fixes.

10 Ways to Get Tubi Working Again on Your Smart TV

If you encounter problems streaming Tubi on your smart TV, try these troubleshooting solutions in order:

1. Check Tubi TV Server Status

Before troubleshooting anything on your end, confirm Tubi TV’s servers are actually up and running properly by checking their official status page. This lets you rule out any widespread outages.

2. Restart the Tubi App

Like with most apps, try closing and reopening the Tubi TV app on your smart TV. This clears any temporary glitches. Head to your home screen, locate Tubi, then select Close. Reopen it after 20-30 seconds – this simple restart resolves many intermittent issues.

3. Restart Your Smart TV

If restarting Tubi didn’t help, do a full reboot of your smart TV. Turn off your TV, unplug it from power for 60 seconds, then plug back in and turn on your TV. Rebooting flushes any software quirks, connects network devices, and reloads the Tubi app properly on startup.

Unplug The TV

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Tubi requires a minimum 3-5 Mbps internet speed for smooth streaming. Using your smart TV browser or a speed testing app, confirm your download speeds meet or exceed this. If not, connect your TV via Ethernet or troubleshoot your WiFi issues – Tubi problems inevitably occur on slow internet connections.

Connect Sony Tv To Ethernet

5. Update Tubi TV and Smart TV Firmware

Outdated apps and firmware often lose compatibility with services like Tubi over time. On your smart TV, find the Updates section and install the latest firmware. Also go into Apps and check for Tubi TV app updates. Installing new updates fixes software bugs preventing Tubi from working properly.

Lg Tv Software Update

6. Reinstall the Tubi TV App

Corrupted app installs can stop Tubi working, even after app restarts. On your smart TV, go to Settings > Apps > Tubi TV and choose Uninstall. Wait 1 minute, then search “Tubi” in the app store and reinstall Tubi TV on your smart TV. This forces a clean app install fixing quirks making Tubi crash or freeze.

Uninstall Tubi Tv

7. Power Cycle Networking Equipment

Issues with routers, modems, or WiFi connections often manifest as problems in streaming apps. Power cycle your networking equipment by unplugging them for 20 seconds then plugging them back in. Once your WiFi network is back up, try loading Tubi. This clears up network conflicts so Tubi can reconnect.

Restart The Router

8. Check Firewall and Port Block Settings

Some corporate, hotel, school, and custom home networks block streaming media ports by default. Use your smart TV to connect with your router admin interface and check any blocked services lists or firewall settings. If ports 5223 or 443 are blocked, Tubi cannot function properly – you’ll need to request they are opened.

9. Reset Tubi and Smart TV to Defaults

Failing the other troubleshooting steps for getting Tubi working again, reset your devices. For smart TVs, reset your device to factory default settings in the Advanced Options menus. Also delete and reinstall Tubi to fully refresh your configuration. Resetting devices forces Tubi to run a clean setup reducing conflicts.

Fire Tv Reset To Factory Defaults

10. Contact Tubi TV Support

If Tubi continues failing even after trying all troubleshooting, email help@tubi.tv explaining your smart TV model, OS version, and the issues experienced. Provide any error messages received. Tubi support can then investigate issues specifically affecting your device and provide specialized troubleshooting advice or escalate serious system issues.

Resolving Tubi Problems on Specific Smart TV Platforms

Beyond general troubleshooting steps, here are some Tubi fixes tailored to particular smart TV operating systems:

Fixing Tubi on Samsung Smart TVs

  • On Samsung TVs, use Smart Hub to confirm Tubi app certification is still active (expired certificates can block playback).
  • Enable Game Mode to potentially resolve streaming problems caused by post-processing effects.
  • Clear persistent Tubi data in Samsung’s Device Care > Storage settings.

Fixing Tubi on LG Smart TVs

  • Check LG Content Store for any available Tubi app updates to install.
  • Try switching audio output from Optical to HDMI or TV Speaker, as optical can lose signal.
  • Perform a full Factory Reset under LG General > Reset Options to start fresh.
Lg Tv Reset To Initial Settings

Fixing Tubi on Sony/Android TVs

  • Under Sony TV settings, disable Auto Picture Mode which optimizes streams incorrectly.

Perform a Factory Data Reset under Sony Settings > Storage & System > Factory Data Reset.

Tcl Android Tv Factory Data Reset
  • Open TV network ports or enable UPnP/DLNA functionality for app connectivity.

Fixing Tubi on VIZIO SmartCast TVs

  • Launch My Verizon app and confirm correct device registration for streaming authorization.
  • Cast Tubi from phone to confirm problems limited to smart TV app, not overall connectivity.
  • Factory Reset under VIZIO System > Factory Reset everything which can fix B-grade apps like Tubi.
Vizio Tv Reset Tv To Factory Defaults

So in summary – restarting devices, installing updates, reinstalling Tubi, checking restrictions, and factory resetting as a last resort should get your Tubi TV service functioning again on most smart TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tubi Issues on Smart TVs

Here are answers to some common questions about fixing Tubi problems on smart televisions:

Q: Why does Tubi keep buffering on my Samsung/Vizio/Sony smart TV?

A: Constant buffering usually stems from a poor internet connections. Use a speed test app on your smart TV to confirm your network delivers the 5Mbps speeds needed for Tubi. Also try restarting your modem/router and connecting via Ethernet instead of WiFi if possible.

Q: How can I uninstall and reinstall Tubi on my LG/Android/Samsung smart TV?

A: You can uninstall any app by going into your smart TV settings, selecting Apps/Application Manager, choosing Tubi, then picking Uninstall. Wait 1 minute then search “Tubi” in the app store and reinstall it.

Q: Why does Tubi keep freezing and crashing on my smart TV?

A: App crashes or freezes can occur from outdated Tubi/TV firmware issues or connectivity problems. Updating all system and application software often resolves this. Also reboot devices and make sure your network hardware works correctly.

Q: How do I log out and back into Tubi on my smart TV?

A: Open Tubi and go to the left-side navigation menu > Settings > Log Out. Then choose Log In and re-enter your credentials when prompted to refresh your authentication.

Q: Does using a VPN to change regions stop Tubi working on smart TVs?

A: Yes, Tubi blocks access when detecting VPN connections or IP addresses from unsupported regions. Restrictions are due licensing limitations. You’ll need to turn off your VPN and connect from an approved area for Tubi functionality.

Q: How does Tubi compare to other streaming services like Netflix or YouTube TV?

A: Tubi offers a unique free, ad-supported streaming model compared to paid services like Netflix and YouTube TV. Read our full Tubi TV review for an in-depth feature comparison versus other top streaming platforms.

Q: Does Tubi play ads during streaming?

A: Yes, Tubi TV relies on video advertisements to offer free streaming access. Typically it serves 2-3 ads every 10-15 minutes. Understand how Tubi ads work versus paid services to manage expectations.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

Getting Tubi working again on your smart TV is crucial for enjoying free shows, movies, and live news. Now you’re equipped to troubleshoot Tubi TV on Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, and all other platforms.

  • Start with simple resets before factory methods.
  • Keep TVs and Tubi app updated.
  • Check network connectivity and speeds.
  • Clear app cache and reinstall if issues continue.
  • Contact Tubi support to escalate unresolved problems.

Bookmark this guide as reference to help avoid lengthy Tubi downtime. Share it with friends and family who run into Tubi smart TV issues so they can get streaming again faster. For Roku-specific troubleshooting, see our guide on fixing Tubi not working problems on Roku TVs.

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