The Ultimate Guide to the Best TV and Internet Bundles for Seniors

January 19, 2024

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Getting the right TV and internet bundle as a senior can be confusing. With so many options, packages, and providers available, it’s tough to know where to start.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the perfect TV and internet bundle for your needs and budget.


Bundling TV and internet together is popular for good reason – it saves money. Getting both services from one provider results in discounts of $10-20 per month. This adds up substantially over a year or two year contract.

Seniors in particular can benefit from bundling by simplifying bills and services into one package. And providers offer contracts as short as 12 months or completely commitment-free options.

When looking for TV and internet bundles, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Internet speed – Faster speeds support more devices and HD streaming. 25 Mbps is the minimum recommended speed.
  • Number of TV channels – Entry-level packages have 70+ channels. Premium bundles include 200+ channels.
  • Contract length – Shorter 6 or 12 month contracts allow more flexibility.
  • Extra services – Options like DVR or premium channels improve experience for an added monthly fee.

Below we compare the top five providers’ standout features to fit common senior needs and interests.

Top Providers for Seniors

1. Xfinity

Xfinity Logo

With advanced Xfinity xFi devices and the user-friendly Xfinity Stream app, Xfinity ranks as the easiest provider for seniors to set up and manage.

Xfinity’s key strengths:

  • Discounts up to $20/month for TV and internet bundles
  • Contract-free options available
  • Best app for controlling DVR and stream TV anywhere

2. AT&T


AT&T fiber-optic network delivers the fastest internet speeds available, starting at 300 Mbps. The provider also offers seniors extra perks:

  • Discounts up to $10/month extra for seniors 65+
  • Free premium channels like HBO Max for 3 months
  • Unlimited data on internet plans

3. Spectrum

Spectrum Logo

Spectrum makes our top list for bundle flexibility with no contracts required on any TV or internet plan.

Additional benefits include:

  • Free Spectrum TV app to stream anywhere
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Wide availability in 42 states

4. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios is one of the most reliable providers with award-winning customer satisfaction scores.

Standout features contain:

  • Fast 300 Mbps internet speeds
  • 125+ channel plans
  • Yearly TV & internet discounts for seniors

5. Cox


Cox internet and TV offers seniors the most customization for a personalized bundle.

Other Cox advantages:

  • Build your own Contour TV packages
  • Affordable Essential internet packages
  • 24/7 local customer support

Now that you know a bit about the top recommended companies, let’s go over the crucial factors to weigh when choosing your bundle.

Key Factors for Comparing Bundles

Internet Speeds

Faster internet speeds support more devices connected at once and better streaming capability. For perspective:

  • Light use (email, web browsing): 25 Mbps
  • HD streaming on 1-2 devices: 50 Mbps
  • HD streaming on 4+ devices: 150+ Mbps

Make sure to consider how many users will be online at peak times.

Number of TV Channels

TV channel count in bundles breaks down into:

  • Basic packages: 50 – 125 channels
  • Standard packages: 125 – 200 channels
  • Premium packages: 200+ channels

Compare channel lineups to ensure your must-have stations are included.

Contract Lengths

Longer contracts usually come with more savings, but shorter ones provide more flexibility:

  • 6 or 12 month contracts – Best for seniors unsure of staying long-term
  • 1 – 2 year contracts – Allow the most bundle savings

Just check fees for early termination if you choose a long contract.

Bundle Pricing & Discounts

You can expect to save the following on TV and internet bundles:

  • 6-12 month contracts: $10/month per service
  • 1+ year contracts: Up to $20/month per service

So a TV and internet bundle saves $20-40 per month depending on the contract length.


TV and internet bundles require both services being available in your area from a single provider. Enter your zip code on provider sites to check availability.

Satellite TV can also be bundled with local internet providers in most areas for access to discounts too.

Saving Money on Your Bill

Even after choosing a cost-effective bundle plan, you can take additional steps to maximize savings.

Compare Deals and Promos

It pays to gather quotes from multiple companies. Some ways to uncover discounts:

Ask about any limited time promotions or seasonal specials for new customers.

Check for senior and military discounts which often take an extra $5-20 off monthly rates.

And if you currently have a TV or internet plan, call the provider retention department about any win-back offers if you threaten to cancel.

Choose Contract Length Strategically

You can take one of two routes to save depending on preferences:

  • Start with a 6 or 12 month deal to leave flexibility later.
  • Or lock in more savings now with a 1-2 year contract.

Over multiple years, longer contracts come out cheaper as long as you’re satisfied with the provider’s service and see yourself staying.

Look Into Senior Discounts

Make sure to inquire about any special discounts or packages for seniors when signing up or switching providers. 10-20% off entire bundles adds up.

Ways to uncover senior deals:

  • Check the provider’s website
  • Chat with a sales representative
  • Search “[provider name] senior discounts”

Just be sure to have your account under the senior’s name and show ID proof when installing services.

Extra Services to Consider

TV and internet bundles cover the basics, but you can upgrade with add-ons:

Home Phone Service

Many seniors still value a landline for convenience and safety reasons compared to just relying on cell phones.

And home phone service now commonly gets added to bundles at discounted rates around just $10 per month.

Premium Channels

Premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz give you access to ad-free movies, shows, and original programming outside basic cable.

These get included free on some plans or can be added onto bundles for $5-15 per month.

DVR & Equipment Upgrades

A DVR allows recording shows to pause, rewind, and skip commercials easily.

And extra set top and streaming boxes extend your bundle’s value for secondary TVs across the home.

Alternative Options to Cable

If no single provider in your area offers both internet and TV bundles, alternatives exist:

Streaming Services

Many internet providers partner with live streaming services like YouTube TV and Sling. These replicate a cable TV experience delivered over an internet connection without contracts.

Plus streaming allows accessing shows anywhere conveniently. Packages run $35-$65 monthly.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV companies like DIRECTV and DISH offer their own bundled deals when paired with local internet companies.

Satellite pubishes high picture quality, works in rural areas, and brings access to niche sports and international channels. Just be sure your building has sight line access to mount a dish.

FAQs about TV and Internet Bundles

What are the cheapest bundle options?

The most affordable bundles pair basic internet speeds around 25-75 Mbps with smaller channel TV plans. Expect to pay $70-$100 per month. Packages from Xfinity and Spectrum tend to offer the lowest starting prices.

What extra fees should I expect?

Aside from government-related taxes, bundles incur equipment rental fees around $10-15 for a cable box and sometimes modem. Regional sports fees also get charged from $5-10 per month by most providers.

Can I bundle satellite TV and internet?

Yes, satellite providers offer their own bundles. DIRECTV and DISH partner with local internet companies in most areas. These bundles can offer similar savings, usually around $10 off per service monthly.

What happens after a contract promotion expires?

Once your 6 month, 12 month, or 2 year promo pricing ends, bundles go up to the standard retail rate. Make sure you know what this renewal price is. Then you can reassess switching providers or threatening to cancel to get offered a new deal.

Key Takeaways

  • Bundling TV and internet saves $10-20 per month off having services separately.
  • Look for senior discounts to take another 10-20% most bills.
  • Flexible contract options now exist alongside 1-2 year agreements.
  • Compare all provider deals in your area, including streaming services.
  • Upgrade bundles with extras like home phone, DVR, and premium channels. -Know what happens after promotional pricing ends to avoid surprises.

I hope this comprehensive bundling guide better prepares you to navigate the world of TV and internet packages. The goal is to match your connectivity needs, preferred channels, and budget.

With the right bundle and some negotiating, you can save substantially over standalone plans. Here’s to many evenings comfortably streaming your favorite shows!