DAZN vs Fubo Canada 2024 Comparison

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Written by Jason Lin

Dazn Vs Fubo

DAZN and Fubo are two popular sports streaming services available in Canada. This guide compares them across key factors like content, pricing, platforms and more to help you decide which is better for your needs.

How DAZN and Fubo Streaming Services Compare

Live Sports Content

Fubo offers a wider selection of live sports from leagues around the world. It has rights for soccer, NFL, MLB, golf and more. DAZN focuses on soccer, NFL, boxing and other combat sports.

Fubotv Sports

Fubo Canada Sports

  • Premier League, Serie A, MLS
  • NFL, MLB
  • International soccer leagues
  • 30+ sports networks
Fubotv Canada

DAZN Canada Sports

  • Champions/Europa League, EPL
  • NFL, MLB
  • Tennis, rugby, cricket
  • Combat sports
Dazn Canada

Both offer extensive on-demand replays. Fubo lets you record shows to its Cloud DVR.

Pricing and Plans

Fubo has more flexibility with monthly or discounted quarterly/yearly payments. DAZN only offers monthly or annual subscriptions.


Fubo’s annual plans offer the lowest monthly rates.

Supported Devices

The DAZN and Fubo apps are available on most platforms – iOS, Android, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast etc. So device compatibility is even. Both also allow for up to 3 simultaneous streams.

Fubotv Device Support

Video Quality

Fubo now supports 4K streams for some events and aims to expand this. DAZN maxes out at 1080p HD currently.

Free Trials

Neither service offers free trials. You have to pay to start your subscription.

Other Entertainment Content

Beyond sports, Fubo also includes over 30 entertainment channels with shows and movies. DAZN focuses solely on sports.

Fubotv Local Channels

Key Differences and Similarities

Bigger sports selection
More flexible pricing
4K video quality
Entertainment content
NFL & other US sports
Soccer leagues & events
Cloud DVR
No free trial

Which is Better for Canadian Viewers?

Fubo pulls ahead for Canadians due to its combination of premium sports alongside additional entertainment content. Soccer fans will especially appreciate the focus on European and international leagues.

The Cloud DVR and 4K support give it extra appeal. DAZN puts more emphasis on its NFL and combat sports offerings. It falls short on pricing flexibility and video quality.

Die-hard NFL fans may still prefer DAZN to catch every game. But Fubo strikes the best overall balance for most Canadian sports enthusiasts.

Expert Recommendation

Based on 10+ years writing about streaming services, I recommend Fubo to most Canadian viewers who want an all-in-one premium package. The sports selection, flexible pricing, Cloud DVR and 4K support make it a better pure value.

That said – check the specific sports and leagues you want. If NFL is absolutely critical or you only care about soccer, DAZN would suit you fine.

For most viewers though – get Fubo and take advantage of the wider variety of sport alongside the entertainment libraries. Soccer fans will still get extensive worldwide coverage. The 4K and Cloud DVR perks are big bonuses too.

FAQs – Fubo vs DAZN Canada

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about Fubo and DAZN.

Does Fubo or DAZN offer any free trials?

Unfortunately, neither Fubo nor DAZN currently offer free trials in Canada. To access their sports content, you have to select one of their paid subscription plans.

What soccer leagues can I watch on each service?

Both Fubo and DAZN offer extensive soccer coverage:

Fubo – Premier League, MLS, Serie A, Ligue Un, Scottish Premiership

DAZN – Champions League, English Championship, MLS

So you’ll get access to top worldwide leagues on either service. Fubo may have slightly more coverage.

Can I watch NFL games on Fubo and DAZN?

Yes, both streaming providers carry NFL games:

Fubo – Sunday regional NFL games + Redzone

DAZN – Includes every NFL game

DAZN likely appeals more to hardcore NFL fans who want to follow a specific team. Fubo offers NFL alongside its wider sports portfolio.

What’s the best service for NHL and other hockey?

For NHL fans, Fubo may have better coverage. It includes channels like NHL Network and SportsNet which show Canadian NHL games. DAZN has limited hockey content.

Can I watch Fubo or DAZN on my TV and devices?

The Fubo and DAZN apps are available on most media devices and smart TVs including:

  • iOS and Android
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV/Google TV
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Select LG, Samsung, Sony TVs

So you can easily access and stream sports from either service. Both also allow simultaneous viewing on multiple devices.

For help accessing DAZN on Fire TV, Getting DAZN on Firestick has step-by-step instructions.

If you face issues like DAZN freezing or trouble installing on LG/Samsung/Vizio smart TVs, these DAZN troubleshooting guides for Sony TVs, Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Apple TV, Roku, Hisense TVs, and Samsung TVs can help resolve problems.

Will I get 4K video quality on Fubo or DAZN?

Only Fubo currently provides live 4K sports streaming for select events. DAZN maxes out at Full HD 1080p support across its content library and live coverage.

So if you have a 4K TV and want the highest quality streams, Fubo is the better option today. We hope DAZN adds 4K streaming in the future.

Can I cancel Fubo or DAZN at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel an active subscription directly through your account settings on either streaming platform at anytime without extra fees.

Of course we hope you love the sports content and continue watching! But subscribers have the flexibility to churn services as their interests change.

If you want to cancel DAZN or compare alternatives like ESPN, see these guides on canceling DAZN and DAZN alternatives.

The Final Decision – What I Chose

To wrap up this comparison guide, I’ll share what I personally went with for my sports streaming needs as a Canadian viewer with 10+ years writing about cord cutting options.

After going back and forth comparing DAZN vs Fubo head-to-head across their content, pricing, account features and more – I chose Fubo.

The deciding factors for me were:

  • Wider variety of sports – I’m a big Premier League fan but also want NFL and some NHL coverage. Fubo gave me a good balance.
  • 4K streaming quality – My new TV supports 4K so I wanted some events in UHD. Fubo was the only option.
  • Cloud DVR – Being able to record games to watch later is a huge perk when life gets busy.
  • Flexibility – No long contracts and stream on multiple devices.

The reasonable Premium pricing for what I get also played a role. DAZN is great for hardcore soccer and NFL fans on a budget. But Fubo better suits my needs as a well-rounded yet premium service.

I hope this transparent account of my own decision process helps you choose what’s right for your sports streaming needs! Either service will serve you well – but my vote is Fubo for the win.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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