fuboTV vs YouTube TV: Which Live TV Streaming Service is Better in 2024?

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Fubotv Vs Youtube Tv

Live TV streaming services like fuboTV and YouTube TV are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to traditional cable.

But with so many features to compare, from channel lineups and pricing to availability and cloud DVR, it can be tricky to decide which service best fits your needs.

As a streaming analyst with over 5 years of experience reviewing streaming services, I’ve closely evaluated both fuboTV and YouTube TV to help you determine the better option.

Let’s dive in!

Overview of fuboTV and YouTube TV

fuboTV started as a sports-focused live TV streaming service in 2015, but has since expanded to offer entertainment, news, and more.

Some key fuboTV highlights:

  • 180+ channels in base package
  • 500+ hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Plans starting from $74.99/month
  • 7-day free trial
Fubotv Interface

YouTube TV launched in 2017 as YouTube’s live TV streaming option and a cable alternative.

Some YouTube TV highlights at a glance:

  • 100+ popular channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR
  • $72.99/month after promotion price
  • Availability across many devices
  • 7-14 day free trial
Youtube Tv Home 1

Next, let’s take a deeper look at how fuboTV and YouTube TV compare across various streaming factors:

fuboTV vs YouTube TV Feature Comparison

Channel Lineups

fuboTV offers three main packages:

  • Pro ($79.99/month): 180+ channels
  • Elite ($89.99/month): 250+ channels with additional sports networks
  • Premier ($99.99/month): 260+ channels with premium movie networks
Fubotv Plan

Add-on bundles like News Plus and Sports Plus can provide more targeted extras. Regional sports networks are also available based on location.

YouTube TV offers only one base package for all subscribers:

  • 100+ popular national channels across sports, news, entertainment and more
  • Optional add-ons like Acorn TV, AMC Premiere, Showtime, and NBA League Pass

Winner: fuboTV

With base packages starting higher, fuboTV simply includes more channels to fit varying interests – especially for sports fans needing national sports networks and regional sports networks.

YouTube TV takes a simpler, more mainstream approach but its single package may leave some users wanting more. Add-ons help fill gaps, but can get costly.

Cloud DVR Storage

All fuboTV accounts include:

  • 1000 hours of cloud DVR storage
  • Indefinite storage for recordings
Fubotv Cloud Dvr

YouTube TV shines when it comes to DVR:

  • Unlimited cloud DVR with no storage space caps
  • Stores recordings for up to 9 months
Youtube Tv Recordings

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Winner: YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers unmatched, unlimited DVR at no extra cost. fuboTV still provides ample storage, but serious TV bingers or large families may find 1000 hours too limiting.

Simultaneous Streams

fuboTV allows:

  • Up to 10 devices streaming simultaneously

YouTube TV permits:

  • 3 simultaneous streams by default
  • Upgrade to unlimited streams for $19.99/month

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Winner: fuboTV

fuboTV massively outpaces YouTube TV for multi-streaming, making it the preferred service for larger households. Heavy streamers on a budget may still favor YouTube TV though.

Supported Devices

Both fuboTV and YouTube TV support an extensive range of platforms:

  • Smart TVs like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation
  • Mobile devices like phones and tablets
  • Web browsers
Fubotv Device Support
Youtube Tv Devices

Winner: Tie

The two streaming providers offer nearly universal device support. Both let you easily watch across TVs, phones, tablets and more – ideal convenience.

Unique Features

Aside from core factors, some exclusive functionalities give each service an edge:


  • Multiview on Apple TV (watch 4 channels simultaneously)
  • Proprietary Sports modes with game stats
  • TV Guide with listings 14 days out
Fubotv Channels

YouTube TV

  • Smoother performance with Google integation
  • Intuitive recommendations based on viewing history
  • Voice control through Google Assistant
  • 4K and offline viewing (for extra fee)
Youtube Tv Google Assistant

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Winner: Tie

The services emphasize different special features. fuboTV focuses innovations around sports enhancements, while YouTube TV leverages Google’s technology for smarter recommendations and streaming. Which perks appeal more comes down to personal preferences.


ServiceStarting Monthly PriceAdd-OnsPromotions
fuboTV$79.99Yes7-day free trial
YouTube TV$72.99Yes7-14 day free trial

Winner: YouTube TV

At just $7/month cheaper, YouTube TV barely squeaks by. But opting for fuboTV’s higher channel tiers quickly closes gaps. Occasional YouTube TV promos offering 1-2 months free or gift cards also sweeten its value.

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Key Reasons To Choose fuboTV or YouTube TV

With their distinct strengths and weaknesses, should you ultimately go with fuboTV or YouTube?

Here are the most compelling reasons to subscribe to each:

Choose fuboTV If You…

  • Want tons of sports: fuboTV started as a sports streaming service and still offers an unparalleled selection including niche sports networks.
  • Need multiple streams: Households with different viewing preferences will appreciate fuboTV allowing up to 10 simultaneous streams.
  • Prefer channel surfing: fuboTV makes channel flipping easy with their preview feature showing what’s on while browsing the guide.

Choose YouTube TV If You…

  • Crave unlimited DVR: Bottomless cloud storage for recordings, plus long 9 month storage, keeps YouTube TV unmatched for cord cutters building personal libraries.
  • Want smarter recommendations: YouTube TV leverages Google algorithms to surface shows you’ll actually want to watch.
  • Need savings: At $2 cheaper than fuboTV’s starter package, YouTube TV wins on pure cost for budget-focused subscribers.

Final Recommendation: Choose YouTube TV

While it lacks some of the niche sports content of fuboTV, YouTube TV pulls ahead where it matters most – with unlimited DVR, a smoother viewing experience and intelligent recommendations.

The cheaper base price doesn’t hurt either.

However, fuboTV can be worth the monthly premium if you require extensive sports coverage and more simultaneous streams. Casual subscribers are still better served by YouTube TV’s simplicity and smart features.

Whichever you decide, I recommend taking full advantage of fuboTV and YouTube TV’s 7-14 day trials to experience channels, streaming quality and interfaces first-hand.

Just be sure to set calendar reminders so you can cancel before getting billed if going another direction.

Hope this detailed fuboTV vs YouTube TV breakdown helps you feel confident choosing the best live TV streaming home for your needs. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!