How to Change Location on YouTube TV Effortlessly?

December 24, 2023

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If you were looking for a successful YouTube TV location hack, here’s a must-read for you.

The content of this article explains the most effective methods to change the actual location of your YouTube TV.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers you the option of accessing different channels. These channels might include news, entertainment, news, and so on.

However, you may already know that every YT TV works based on a specific home area. In some cases, you may not be able to change that designated home area. This can surely lead to various restrictions.

That said, if you intend to perform a YouTube TV change location, here’s what you should learn. By changing the location, you are able to access added services.

If you intend to change location on YouTube TV, the remaining paragraphs are just for you. So, go ahead and learn everything about it.

Part 1: Modify YouTube TV Location by Updating Home Area

Before knowing how to change the location of your YouTube TV, here’s something else you should learn. You should know that YouTube offers limited options to change the location of your TV.

In fact, YouTube lets you change the location only two times annually. So, in this paragraph, we explain how to change your YouTube TV location manually. We explain how to apply this method on both Android and iOS.

Changing Your Current Home Area on iOS Devices

  • Log into the YouTube TV profile you use. After that, go to the icon that represents your profile. Then, select “Settings.” After that, go to “Area.”
  • Once you have done that, go to the option called “Home Area.” Then, select the option called “Update.”

Changing Your Current Home Area on an Android Device or a Computer  

  • First, sign in to your YouTube TV using a web browser or your Android device. Then, you should tap on the icon dedicated to the profile.
  • Now, you should select “Settings” and go to “Area.” After that, you should select “Home Area.”
  • Tap the option called “Update.” You can find it next to “Home Area.”
Changing Your Current Home Area on an Android Device or a Computer  

Besides, is your YouTube TV not working on a Samsung TV? The content of this article is focused on the methods to try when YouTube is not working on smart TV.

Part 2: Use a VPN

YouTube TV location hack can be done easily using a VPN service as well. Users may encounter some restrictions on YouTube because of the changes in their home area.

So, use one of the VPNs below and bypass the restrictions associated with YouTube TV.  

01. NordVPN

Without a doubt, NordVPN is one of the best tools you can use to bypass location restrictions. This specific service offers excellent security against malware.

On top of that, with NordVPN, you can change your device’s location (mobile device or PC) successfully. In fact, you can select any country as your device’s location.

So, for a successful YouTube TV change location, NordVPN is a very impressive tool.


02. Surfshark

If you are looking for a proper way to encrypt browsing activities on any device, Surfshark can be ideal. This VPN service ensures that you browse in a secure manner, and your browsing details will be well hidden.

In addition to that, this specific tool allows you to change the current location on your device. Needless to say, this method will assure better security as well.

In addition to that, you can use this method to access YouTube TV content from any location. For instance, if you want to access YouTube TV content on a US server, Surfshark lets you do it.


03. ExpressVPN

With the help of ExpressVPN, you can change the server location with a couple of clicks. This can be done regardless of your current location.

Thanks to the smart functionality of this VPN, it can access servers located in more than 94 countries.

On top of everything, this VPN service allows you to browse the internet without compromising the speed.


04. CyberGhost

Do you want to add more security to your internet-related activities? If so, CyberGhost is an ideal option to consider.

This app works as a very impressive location changer as well. You can connect to any server in the world within a couple of seconds using this application.

It also offers you a well-secured IP address as well. Then, you will be able to visit any of the online sites securely, thanks to the encrypted VPN technology.

Contract length 2 years2 years1 year39 months
Compatible with torrenting? YesYesYesYes
Price (monthly)$11.99 USD$12.95 USD$12.95 USD$12.99 USD
IPs are provided from5000+ servers3200+ servers3000+ servers8000+ servers
Compatible OSmacOS, iOS, Windows, and AndroidmacOS, iOS, Windows, and AndroidmacOS, iOS, Windows, and AndroidmacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android
Compatible Streaming servicesDisney+, Amazon Prime, NetflixHotstar, HBO Max, NetflixApple TV+, Netflix, HuluHBO Max, Netflix, Disney+

Part 3: Change YouTube TV Location with a Professional Tool

You might wonder if there is a one-stop, professional tool to do a professional YouTube TV location hack.

There are several different tools in the market for this purpose, but the ones mentioned below are the best.  

01. Dr.Fone – Virtual Location

Dr.Fone – Virtural Location has the ability to change your device’s location to match your requirement. The locations applied by this tool are precise.

In addition to that, it allows you to change the YT TV location using only one click. So, if you want to change your location with uncompromised speed, Virtual Location from Dr.Fone is the ideal tool.

YouTube TV Location Hack Using Dr.Fone

● Download Dr.Fone

The obvious first step is to download Dr.Fone on a computer and get it installed. After that, you should open the app and see the main page.

From there, you can select the option called “Virtual Location.” After that, connect the mobile device to the same PC using a USB cable.

● Show the Existing Location

Now, you can see a new window that displays a map with your current location. But if you don’t see it, just click “Center On.”

Show the Existing Location
● Turn the Teleport Mode On

You can turn on the Teleport mode now. To do that, tap the second icon that is found on top of the screen.

After that, in the given field, enter the area to which you should go. After that, hit “Go.”

Turn the Teleport Mode On
● Confirm the Newly Selected Location

You can confirm it simply by selecting “Move Here.” Then, the device will be virtually taken to the respective location.

Confirm the Newly Selected Location

02. iToolab AnyGo

AnyGo is a professional application introduced by iToolab for your convenience. This tool can change your iOS device’s location with ease. It works perfectly with Teleport mode.

With this, you can change the existing location to any country or region you wish. In addition to that, you can use this tool to unlock a given YouTube TV channel list. Simply put, setting fake locations is a walk in the park if you use AnyGo.

Features of iToolab AnyGo

  • It can bypass location restrictions for YouTube TV.
  • Change your existing GPS location with no requirement to walk.  
  • Different modes can spoof GPS location.
  • Take your device to fake locations.

Here’s How to Use iToolab AnyGo.

  • First, download iToolab AnyGo on your PC and install it. Then, you should connect your iOS device to the same PC. Then, open the app and click on “Start.”
iToolab AnyGo
  • You can see a map that displays the existing location. You can correct the location using “Center-On.”
displays the existing location
  • Then, click “Teleport Mode.” You can see this button on the top part of your screen. Then, use the search bar and which allows you to go to a certain location. Otherwise, you can even search for a desired location using GPS Coordinates.
search for a desired location
  • Now, the pointer will be moved to the predefined location. Click on “Go.”
move to the predefined location

Once the GPS location is changed, you should open YouTube TV. After that, you can see the channel list.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Always ensure you are using a secure and reputable VPN service when changing your location on YouTube TV to protect your privacy and data.
  • Keep in mind that changing your location on YouTube TV may not always guarantee access to region-restricted content. Content availability is subject to licensing agreements and other factors.
  • Be aware of any legal implications or violations related to changing your location on YouTube TV. Make sure you comply with the terms of service and applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

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Q1. Is it legal to change my location on YouTube TV using a VPN?

Using a VPN to change your location on YouTube TV may violate the platform’s terms of service. It’s essential to review YouTube TV’s policies and any applicable laws in your jurisdiction to ensure compliance.

Q2. Will changing my location on YouTube TV affect my billing or account status?

Changing your location on YouTube TV should not affect your billing or account status. However, certain content or channels may no longer be available depending on your new location.

Q3. Can I use a free VPN to change my location on YouTube TV?

While some free VPN services are available, they may come with limitations, such as data caps or slower connection speeds. It’s recommended to use a reputable paid VPN service for a reliable and secure experience.

Q4. Are there any risks associated with changing my location on YouTube TV?

Changing your location on YouTube TV using methods like VPNs may have privacy and security risks. Ensure you use trusted VPN providers and follow best practices to protect your personal information.

Q5. Can I change my location on YouTube TV on multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can change your location on YouTube TV on multiple devices simultaneously by applying the chosen method on each device individually.


So, those are the options you can consider if you want to change location on YouTube TV. The above solutions will help you access to content all over the globe, no matter what your location is.

In fact, the location spoofing apps we have mentioned above are the most impressive methods to consider. In addition to that, you may even use VPN services to change the actual location of the device.

Do you have more doubts about this matter? Please keep us posted so we will address your situation.