How to Disable “Are You Still Watching” Prompts on YouTube TV

March 5, 2024

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Watching shows and movies on YouTube TV can be a great way to relax and unwind. However, the “Are you still watching?” prompts that interrupt your streaming after a few hours can ruin the binge watching experience.

Fortunately, with a few simple tweaks, you can disable this annoying feature and enjoy uninterrupted streaming on your smart TV. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various methods to turn off “Are you still watching?” prompts on YouTube TV.

What Triggers the “Are You Still Watching?” Prompt on YouTube TV

Youtube Tv Are You Still Watching

Before jumping into solutions, let’s first understand what causes YouTube TV to show this prompt.

The platform has designed this feature to prevent unnecessary streaming when no one is actively watching. By pausing playback after detecting inactivity for an extended time, YouTube TV aims to:

  • Conserve internet data usage
  • Save energy by avoiding battery drain or power consumption
  • Stop automated streaming of unwatched content

So the prompt acts as a mechanism to confirm if anyone is still engaged and interested in continuing streaming.

4 Methods to Turn Off “Are You Still Watching” on YouTube TV

The good news is you can easily disable this interruption on your smart TV’s YouTube TV app. Here are the most effective solutions:

1. Adjust Settings in the YouTube TV App

The easiest approach is to simply toggle off the “Are you still watching?” option within the YouTube TV app itself:

  • Launch the YouTube TV app on your smart TV
  • Go to Settings (gear icon) > Playback
  • Disable the “Are you still watching?” toggle switch
  • Confirm settings change and relaunch app

2. Update to the Latest Version of the YouTube TV App

If the toggle is unavailable, updating to the latest version of the app may give you access to disable the feature:

  • Check if any app updates are pending
  • Download the most recent YouTube TV app version
  • Restart app and recheck settings for the disable option
Update App

3. Clear Cache and Data of the App

As a workaround, you can try clearing all app data and cache to reset prompts and settings:

  • Go to smart TV system settings > Applications > YouTube TV
  • Select “Clear data” and “Clear cache” options
  • Confirm clearing data and relaunch YouTube TV
Youtube Tv Clear Cache And Data

4. Use a Streaming Device Instead of the Smart TV App

If none of the above help, use a streaming device like Roku or Apple TV as they may provide more control over disabling the “Are you still watching?” prompt. Some users have also resolved issues by troubleshooting solutions for YouTube TV not working on Firestick.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about managing or turning off the “Are you still watching?” feature on YouTube TV? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Does Disabling This Feature Increase Data Usage?

Yes, stopping the auto-pause prompts can lead to increased internet data consumption as streaming will continue even when you step away. Monitor your data usage to avoid overages.

Can I Disable It on My Phone Too?

The methods outlined currently only apply to smart TV and streaming devices. There is no direct way to turn this feature off on the YouTube TV mobile app. However, if you face issues with YouTube TV frequently not working on Samsung smart TVs or other devices, troubleshooting connectivity can help.

What Triggers the “Are You Still Watching” Prompts?

Inactivity or no remote/controller input for an extended stretch of time (usually 4-5 hours) triggers the interruptive prompt on YouTube TV.

Will This Affect My TV’s Sleep Timer?

No, disabling this auto-pause prompt won’t impact your TV’s sleep timer settings. Those will continue working independently.

Can I Add Exceptions For Kids’ Profiles?

Unfortunately YouTube TV does not allow customization of this feature for select user profiles. The change applies across the board.

Why Doesn’t YouTube Let Users Disable This?

YouTube wants to promote responsible streaming so adding exceptions would counter their initiatives around sustainability. But with the fixes above you can bypass the limitation.

Why YouTube TV Shows the Annoying Prompt

YouTube designed this feature with good intentions aimed at saving internet data and electricity. But the constant interruption can ruin binge watching sessions.

By understanding what triggers it and applying the fixes shared above, you can enjoy more seamless streaming on YouTube TV moving forward. One other factor that can impact streaming is if your YouTube TV location is incorrectly set, so be sure to double check that as well.