The Complete Guide to Clearing Cache on Samsung Smart TVs

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Written by Jason Lin

Clear Cache On Samsung Tv

Clearing the cache on your Samsung Smart TV is an easy way to speed up performance, fix bugs, and free up storage space. This comprehensive guide will teach you multiple methods to clear cache on Samsung TVs of all models.

Why You Should Regularly Clear Cache on Your Samsung TV

Benefits include:

  • Faster load times for apps and web browsing
  • Fix app crashes, freezes, and other bugs
  • Free up storage space for more apps
  • Improve overall system performance
  • Protect privacy by deleting browsing history

Experts recommend clearing cache about once a month. Doing so keeps your Samsung TV running smooth and optimizes the user experience.

When Should You Clear Cache on Samsung TVs?

Consider clearing cache if you notice:

  • Apps freezing or crashing
  • Laggy interface and load times
  • Out of storage warnings
  • Build up of temporary files
  • Websites not loading properly

Clearing the cache typically resolves these common issues. The process only takes a few minutes and doesn’t delete personal data.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TVs

Here are 8 proven methods to clear cache on all models of Samsung smart TVs:

1. Clear Cache Using Device Care (2020 Models+)

Samsung TVs released 2020+ have a built-in “Device Care” feature that optimizes performance.

To use it:

1. Select Settings > Support > Device Care

Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2020 1

2. Choose Start Device Care – this clears cache for all apps

Smasung Tv Start Device Care

3. Tap Manage Storage to view or clear cache for individual apps

Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2020 2

Device Care provides the easiest way to clear cache on late model TVs.

2. Clear Cache with TV Device Manager (2019 Models)

To clear cache on 2019 Samsung TVs:

1. Go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > TV Device Manager

Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2019 1
Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2019 2

2. Select Clean Now under “Memory Boost” to clear cached memory

Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2019 3

3. Choose Show App List to view and clear cache for specific apps

Samsung Tv Clear Cache Using Device Care 2019 4

This method also boosts overall performance.

3. Use Broadcasting Settings (2016-2018 Models)

For Samsung TVs made 2016 through 2018:

1. Go to Settings > Broadcasting > Expert Settings

Clear Cache On Samsung Tv 2016 2018 1

2. Navigate to HbbTV Settings > Delete Browsing Data

Clear Cache On Samsung Tv 2016 2018 2
Clear Cache On Samsung Tv 2016 2018 3

This clears cache for web browsing and apps.

4. Factory Reset Your Samsung TV

Factory resetting your TV erases all data and restores original settings.

To reset:

1. Select Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset

Factory Reset Your Samsung Tv 1

2. Enter PIN if prompted (default is 0000)

Factory Reset Your Samsung Tv 2

3. Confirm reset on next screen.

Factory Reset Your Samsung Tv 3

Resetting your TV completely clears all cache and temporary data. Backup settings first if desired.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Problem Apps

To troubleshoot issues with a specific app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps
  2. Select the problem app > Uninstall
  3. Reinstall app once uninstalled

This can resolve crashing, freezing, or other software issues.

If you are having issues with apps like YouTube TV crashing, check out troubleshooting tips in this guide on YouTube TV not working on Samsung TVs.

6. Clear Cache from Within Apps

Some apps like Netflix allow clearing cache from inside the app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Locate Clear Cache option in app settings or menu
Samsung Tv Clear Cache From Within Apps

Check for cache clearing capability within problematic apps first.

7. Restart Your Samsung TV

Restarting the TV essentially performs a soft reset, clearing some cache.

To restart:

  1. Turn off TV
  2. Unplug power cable for 30 seconds 3.Plug back in and turn on
Unplug The TV

Simple restart clears temporary files and frees up RAM.

8. Change DNS Settings

Switching DNS servers can resolve internet connectivity issues:

  1. Select Settings > General > Network > Network Status
  2. Change DNS settings from Auto to Manual
  3. Enter alternate DNS server IPs
Samsung Tv Dns Settings

Try public DNS from Google (, or Cloudflare (,

Clearing the Cache on Other Samsung Devices

The process to clear cache is similar across Samsung devices:

On Samsung Galaxy phones/tablets:

  • Go to Settings > Storage > Clear Cache
  • Or boot into recovery mode then clear cache from there

On Samsung laptops:

  • Type %temp% in File Explorer
  • Delete all files shown
  • Clear browser cache in Settings

On Samsung refrigerators:

  • Press and hold the Fridge and Power Cool buttons for 10+ seconds
  • Choose option 1, Clear User Data

FAQs About Clearing Cache on Samsung TVs

What is the cache on a smart TV?

The cache is temporary storage space that holds common files, images, and data to speed up load times for apps, websites, and menus.

How often should I clear the Samsung TV cache?

Aim to clear cache about once a month for optimal performance. Clearing it more often is fine too.

Will I lose all data if I factory reset?

Yes, a factory reset erases all personal data, downloads, and settings. It restores TV to original manufactured settings.

Can I backup my Samsung TV before factory reset?

Yes you can backup settings, WiFi passwords, and some app data to external storage or USB drive before resetting.

Will clearing the cache delete everything?

No, clearing cache only deletes temporary internet, app, and system files. It will not erase personal data, downloads, or settings.

If you need help connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi or you experience random power cycling, check out these guides on Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi and Samsung TV turns on by itself for troubleshooting steps.

Key Takeaways on Clearing Samsung TV Cache

  • Regularly clearing TV cache improves speed, fixes bugs, and frees up storage
  • Use Device Care or TV Device Manager on newer models
  • Access Broadcasting Settings on older models
  • Factory reset erases all data if needed
  • Specific apps may allow internal cache clearing
  • Simple restart can act as soft reset

Keeping cache cleared improves performance across all models of Samsung smart TVs. Refer to the step-by-step instructions in this guide whenever you need to delete those temporary files.

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