[FIXED] Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi

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Samsung Tv Not Connecting To Wifi

If Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi, that could be a truly frustrating experience for you. You don’t have to be frustrated anymore as we will tell you how to fix it. We explain several practical methods to get it done without wasting your time on random methods.

As you may already know, Samsung is a world-renowned multinational company based in South Korea. Samsung is known for its top-of-the-line electronic products. They manufacture various products ranging from cutting-edge Microwave ovens to high-end smartphones.

When it comes to Samsung Smart TVs are exceptionally popular among the crowd due to their high-quality screens. Also, it is generally accepted that Samsung Smart TVs easily connect with other devices such as routers. Modern-day Samsung devices can be connected to WiFi networks allowing you to enjoy plenty of features.

Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi

Despite their smooth connectivity, Samsung Smart TV users have experienced a couple of issues lately.

For instance, some users say that their Samsung TV has no WiFi connection due to some reason. If you have experienced the same issue, this article will provide several practical solutions to get rid of it.

What Causes the Samsung TV Not Connecting to the WiFi Issue?

We’ve done a good amount of research on the subject of the Samsung TV won’t Connect to WiFi issue. As per the information, the cause of the respective issue isn’t specific.

That means this issue can trigger due to various reasons. We list down the most significant reasons behind this issue.

● Due to Outdated Firmware

You may already know that your Samsung TV has firmware to make it function. This firmware is supposed to work perfectly. However, at times, it can malfunction and make your TV experience some issues once in a while.

And Samsung TV not connecting to WiFi can be one of those issues. So, you should ensure that you update the firmware to start using the TV once again. Once the TV’s firmware is updated to the latest version, it will identify the hardware components.

● Due to a General Bug

Many users say that they have experienced some general bugs with Samsung Smart TV’s software program. The respective software will not be able to calibrate the required aspects to work with network settings.

As a result, the TV will not be able to connect to the network. So, the respective software must be reset to get it rectified.

● Blocked MAC Address

Whenever a device gets connected to a WiFi router, a specific address is utilized for each device. It is required to prevent potential network conflicts. In some instances, the respective MAC address could be blocked from connecting to the router.

It can be blocked either by the network administrator or the ISP. If you are experiencing that sort of problem, you should unblock the MAC address to regain access.

● Wrong DNS Settings

Sometimes, the Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi issue can trigger due to wrong DNS settings. If the DNS settings on your device are not configured properly, network conflicts can occur.

It happens when the router and TV are trying to communicate with each other. So, in that case, please manually change the DNS settings and regain the connection.

Now that the basic understanding of the issue is provided, we can move forward. That means we can go ahead and check for the solutions.

We have mentioned all the solutions below, and it is recommended to follow them in the same order. Otherwise, some conflicts may occur.

How to Fix Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi With Ease

Method 1: Restart the Samsung TV

In certain cases, a minor bug can be the reason behind the Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi error. If that is the case with your Samsung TV, you should try a simple restart on the device.

After a simple restart, the potential bugs associated with the device can get fixed. It happens if the TV is turned off using the remote for over 15 minutes. So, it is always worth trying a restart on the TV.

To get it done, you should do the following.

  • First, you should turn on the TV just like you do under normal conditions. Then, let it be like that for about 5 minutes at the least.
  • Now, don’t turn it on using the remote. Instead, just plug the cable directly from its wall outlet.
Restart the TV to fix "Samsung TV Not Connecting to WiFi" error
  • Now, wait for at least about 20 minutes.
  • Restart your Samsung TV now and enter the WiFi password when prompted on the screen.

This should solve the issue for many users.

Method 2: Restart Your Router

Sometimes, your device might not be able to connect to WiFi just because of a malfunction in the router. For instance, if the DNS settings on the router are blocking your TV, the issue can trigger.

So, you should try restarting the router and see if it works. Anyway, restarting your router is not hard at all. So, you should try it now.

Mentioned below are the steps to use to power-cycle your internet router.

  • First, you should turn off your router.
  • After that, you should wait for some time (for about 10 minutes) and turn it on.
  • Wait and see so the router gets loaded with the settings. Once internet access is allowed, you should try to connect your Samsung TV to the router.
  • Check if the issue persists.
The Wireless Router

Method 3: Connect the TV to a Different Network

If your WiFi router blocks your Samsung TV’s MAC address, obviously, it cannot connect to the internet. So, we should figure out if that is the real issue.

With this method, you can check if your router is blocking your TV’s MAC address or not.

Mentioned below is how to get it done.

  • First, you should turn your Samsung TV on and go to its WiFi settings.
  • Then, you should grab the mobile device and switch on its Mobile Hotspot.
Connect the TV to a different network
  • After that, you will have to remember the mobile hotspot offered by the device. Then, you should connect your Samsung TV to the hotspot.
  • If you can connect it to the hotspot, the issue is related to the MAC address. That means the MAC address could be blocked by the router, so you should fix it.

Method 4: Update the Firmware

As we have mentioned before, the firmware of your TV requires an update in a timely manner.

If not, the firmware will start to malfunction, and then it will end up causing various connectivity issues. So, if your Samsung TV is Not Connecting to WiFi, you should ensure that the firmware is updated.

To get it done, you should download the firmware and install it on your Samsung TV. However, since your Samsung TV won’t connect to WiFi, the firmware should first be downloaded to a different device.

To get it done, you should do the following.

Update the firmware
  • Now, you should click on the option called “Download” and wait for it to be completed.
  • After that, you should extract the respective file to a USB storage device. Make sure that the USB device doesn’t have any data on it before that.
  • Now, you should get rid of the extra symbols and numbers that are added.
  • After that, you should connect the USB to the faulty TV and then press “Menu” on the remote.
  • Now, choose the option called “Support” through the menu and then go to “Software Upgrade.”
  • After that, you should choose the option called “By USB,” which is located in methods.
  • Now, you should click on “OK” if the TV prompts about a new update. As a result, the respective update will be installed. Just wait for the process to be completed.
  • Now, try using the Samsung TV and check if it works.

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Method 5: Refresh Your DNS settings

It is absolutely possible that your TV experiences an issue due to errors in the DNS settings. If that is the case, your TV might be experiencing some conflicts with the network.

So, in this step, we will explain how to overcome that issue by reinitializing the settings.

Mentioned below are the steps you should follow to refresh the DNS settings.

  • First, you should go to the “Menu” button on the remote and then to “Settings.”
  • Now, you should go to the “Network” option and choose “Network Settings.”
  • You should click on the option “Start” and go to “IP Settings.”
  • After that, go to “DNS Mode” and then ensure that you have checked the “Manual” mode. Then, you should hit “OK.”
Refresh your DNS settings
  • After that, you should navigate to the option “Enter Manually.” Then, you should hit OK.
  • Now, provide the code “8888” and hit “OK.”
  • After that, you can get internet access to the TV if the problem is resolved.

Method 6: Hard Reboot Your TV

Sometimes, you will be able to resolve the issue with a hard reboot on your device. Mentioned below is how you should hard reboot your TV.

  • First, grab your Samsung TV remote. Press and hold its Power button.
  • Just keep pressing the power button so the TV will reboot. Then, when you see the Samsung Logo, you should release the button.
  • Once it is rebooted, just check if the issue persists.

Method 7: Contact Samsung Support

If none of the troubleshooting steps mentioned above work, it’s recommended to reach out to Samsung’s customer support for further assistance. They can provide specialized guidance based on your specific TV model and help diagnose and resolve any underlying issues.

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1. Why is my Samsung TV not finding my WiFi network?

There could be several reasons why your Samsung TV is not finding your WiFi network. Start by checking the WiFi signal strength, verifying the network settings on your TV, and ensuring that your router is broadcasting the network. If the issue persists, try the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article.

2. How do I check the WiFi signal strength on my Samsung TV?

To check the WiFi signal strength on your Samsung TV, navigate to the network settings menu and follow the on-screen instructions. Most Samsung TVs provide a signal strength indicator or a signal bar that displays the current WiFi signal strength.

3. Can outdated firmware cause WiFi connection issues on a Samsung TV?

Yes, outdated firmware on your Samsung TV can cause WiFi connection issues. It’s important to regularly update the firmware and software on your TV to ensure compatibility with your WiFi network and to benefit from bug fixes and performance improvements.

4. What should I do if my Samsung TV still won’t connect to WiFi after troubleshooting?

If your Samsung TV still won’t connect to WiFi after following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, it’s recommended to contact Samsung’s customer support for further assistance. They have the expertise to help you diagnose and resolve any underlying issues with your TV’s WiFi connectivity.

5. Is there any alternative method to connect my Samsung TV to the internet without WiFi?

Yes, if your Samsung TV has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to your router using an Ethernet cable for a wired internet connection. This can provide a more stable and reliable connection compared to WiFi. Refer to your TV’s user manual for specific instructions on setting up a wired connection.


Experiencing difficulties with your Samsung TV connecting to WiFi can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can often resolve the problem on your own. By checking the WiFi signal strength, verifying network settings, updating firmware and software, reducing network interference, and restarting devices, you increase the chances of restoring a stable and reliable WiFi connection for your Samsung TV.