[Fixed] YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

December 2, 2023

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Is your YouTube TV not working on a smart TV? You must be really frustrated right now and looking for a solution. The content of this article is focused on the methods to try when YouTube is not working on smart TV.


It is true that Samsung offers an excellent range of TV products. They also offer wall panels that come with higher resolution levels (as much as 8K).

There are many features included in those innovative units, and hence they are called smart. They also come with excellent connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Samsung includes several preloads as well to enhance the functionality of their TV units. For instance, they have Netflix and YouTube preloaded on their TVs.

Nevertheless, some individuals say that their YouTube is not working on Samsung TV for some reason.

If you are one of those users and wonder how to overcome this error, you can read these solutions.

What Can Prevent YouTube from Opening on Your Samsung TV?

The issue was investigated after we received several reports from many different customers. We did come up with several fixes. They were implemented and caused the problem to disappear for most of those who experienced it.

In addition, we investigated the factors that contribute to the occurrence of this problem. Moreover, we have listed those solutions below so you can overcome them.

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● Youtube TV App’s Cache

If you notice YouTube TV not working on a smart TV, it could be due to accumulated cache. In fact, the cache is there to store the respective configurations related to that app.

It will prevent your app from searching for the same configurations whenever the app is opened. In other words, the cache is there to speed up the performance of an app.

However, when the cache is built up over time, you can experience many errors with the app, including crashes. In fact, this is true with any app installed on your device.

So, we recommend cleaning the cache of your apps at least once in a while. If your YouTube is not working on Samsung TV, go ahead and clean its cache.

● Due to a Common Bug

There are many cases in which users complain that YouTube TV is not working on smart TV due to bugs. If this is the case, you should load the app once again to see if it works. If you are lucky enough, a simple relaunch of the app will do the trick.

Also, some Samsung Smart TVs are not compatible with the YouTube app. So, you should be sure of that before concluding. If you are using an incompatible device model, you should expect such errors.

So, the above paragraphs will give you a basic understanding of the nature of this error. Having a good understanding of the error will help you solve it easier and faster. So, you can go through the solutions below and choose one that matches your purpose.

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Solutions to Fix YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

Method 1: Relaunch YouTube App

There is an issue in the Samsung TV that causes it to fail to load an application occasionally correctly. We’ll force the TV to refresh the app when it starts on its grey screen at this stage.

So, you can do the following if YouTube TV is not working on Samsung TV.

  • Use your television remote to activate the YouTube application.
  • In the case of a “Grey Screen,” just press & hold its “back” arrow button for several seconds. As a result, Samsung’s Smart HUB will be shown on the screen.
Relaunch Youtube TV App
  • The remote control has a back button. Hit it to proceed.
  • Select the YouTube application once again so you can relaunch it.
  • Check the device so you can see if you still experience the error. 

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Method 2: Power Cycle if Youtube Not Working on Smart TV

It’s conceivable that some “cached” data interfered with essential system processes and prevented the YouTube app from opening.

So, in this specific step, we’ll power cycle the TV. That will reinitialize the cache and make the app run successfully.

Power Cycle if Youtube Not Working on Smart TV
  • Turn on the television and unhook it from the power outlet immediately.
  • For about “30” seconds at the least, press & hold the “Power” button on the television’s remote control.
  • Reconnect the power. After that, you can see whether the problem still exists. In most cases, you will get this issue resolved with power cycling.

Method 3: Reset Your TV to Its Default Configurations

In many cases, your TV can experience some errors once you have changed the default settings. In that case, the best approach is to reset the same into its default configurations.

Let’s go ahead and do that. Mentioned below are the steps.

  • To access the menu, please press the “Menu” button on your remote.
  • Select “Support” from the drop-down menu under “Settings.”
  • Select the option called “Self-Diagnosis” from the drop-down menu. After that, you should highlight it and click on the “Reset” button to start over.
Reset Your TV to Its Default Configurations
  • Following the Reset selection, you can see a prompt to enter a pin. The default pin likely is “0000” unless you have explicitly altered it.
  • When prompted, enter your pin to complete the operation. Then, just follow the onscreen instructions to reset your television correctly.
  • After the process of resetting has been completed, check if the problem has been resolved.

Method 4: Reinstall the YouTube App

In certain circumstances, reinstalling YouTube from the beginning may be necessary to resolve the problem.

As a result, in this stage, we would first delete Youtube from your television and then reinstall it to resolve the problem. As a result of this:

Reinstall the YouTube App
  • Select the “Settings” option from the option called “Apps.” It is located on your TV screen’s top right corner.
  • Choosing “Settings” from the drop-down menu in the upper right
  • Select “YouTube” from the drop-down menu and then select “Reinstall.”

Wait a while so your app will be reinstalled on the TV unit. Once you have done that, check if YouTube is not working on smart TV sets.

Method 5: Correct the Time

There’re rare instances where the time may not have been correctly set, resulting in the occurrence of this error. Because of this, it is advised that you adjust your television time. Then, you can test to see whether this resolves the problem.

If you experience YouTube TV not working on a smart TV, follow these steps and adjust the time.

  • Go to “Settings.” Afterward, go to “System,” Once you have done that, click on “Apply.”
  • Select “Time.” After that, you should select “Clock” from the drop-down menu.
Correct the Time
  • Check to see whether your clock is set correctly.
  • Check whether the problem remains after the period for correction has passed.

Keep in mind that if this issue is still not resolved, you may try updating the firmware on the device and see if it resolves the respective issue. You could also try to erase the history.

Also, clean the search results from your YouTube account to see if it helps to resolve the issue as well. After the process, disconnect the ethernet connection. After that, you should give it a try to connect to the Wi-Fi network once more.

Issues Other Than ‘YouTube TV Not Working on Samsung TV’

Below are some issues other than YouTube TV not working on Samsung TV. Knowing how to solve these errors might be helpful.

● YouTube Won’t Update on Your Samsung Device

If your Smart TV won’t download or update YouTube, your network may need to be rebooted. To accomplish this specific task, disconnect your modem/router from its power source for 60 seconds. Reconnect the device and let it reset.

After the modem/router has rebooted, you may try downloading YouTube again. What if you can download YouTube but can’t update the app on the Smart TV?

Then, it’s possible that no update is available. What if you hover over the app labeled YouTube in your apps and don’t see an update option? Well, the program is updated already. 

● YouTube Doesn’t Cast to Your Smart TV As Expected

Smart TVs may also cast video content via other devices. Assume there’s YouTube app installed on the phone, PC, or tablet. So, many smart TVs allow you to cast video content directly from one device to another. What can you do if casting or streaming isn’t working?

Is the YouTube app not casting properly or streaming to the respective Samsung smart TV? If so, make sure both devices are connected to that network. To see the specific network you’re connected to on both devices, go to settings and WIFI.

Once you’ve checked those devices online, make sure you’re ready to cast and broadcast. You’ll need to turn on your Smart TV and the YouTube mobile app on your phone.

After selecting the ‘Cast’ icon on your smartphone, pick the TV you wish to cast. You should do so while waiting for the particular connection to finish.

● No Audio on Samsung Smart TV

Do you have a Samsung smart TV that supports YouTube? If so, this section is just for you. When surfing YouTube, you not only clearly want to view the material, but you also want to hear it. This section helps you if you are using a Samsung smart TV but experiencing some sound-related errors.

If your Smart TV isn’t playing YouTube videos, check to see if it’s accidentally muted. If you cast from a smartphone, make sure the video is not muted within your YouTube app.

Do you already know that the TV and the video have been muted? If so, try clearing the YouTube app’s cache. Depending on your TV, the processes will vary.

However, once the cache is cleaned, quit the app. After that, switch off and then on your TV, and check if the sound is back on YouTube.

● No fullscreen

If you experience this issue, just try the basics. Tap the icon for full-screen mode (it is located at the bottom of the player. Use the remote controller of the smart TV to click on it. Then, the video will be played on full screen.

However, if you cast YouTube through a smart device, go to that device first. Then, tap on the YouTube app’s full-screen icon.

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1. Why is YouTube TV not working on my Samsung Smart TV?

YouTube TV may not work on your Samsung Smart TV due to network connectivity issues, an outdated app version, cache and data problems, outdated firmware, or account sync problems.

2. How can I fix YouTube TV not working on my Samsung Smart TV?

You can try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Check your network connection.
  • Update the YouTube TV app.
  • Clear cache and data of the YouTube TV app.
  • Update the TV firmware.
  • Sync your YouTube TV account.

3. Should I contact YouTube TV support if the issue persists?

Yes, if the issue persists after following the troubleshooting steps, it is advisable to contact YouTube TV support for further assistance.

4. Can an outdated TV firmware cause YouTube TV to stop working?

Yes, an outdated firmware on your Samsung Smart TV can cause compatibility issues with certain apps, including YouTube TV. Updating the firmware can often resolve such issues.

5. How can I ensure a stable network connection for YouTube TV?

To ensure a stable network connection, make sure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. Restart your router if necessary and check if other devices connected to the same network are working fine.


So, that’s about YouTube not working on smart TV. We hope that at least one of the above solutions will help you to overcome it.

If YouTube TV is not working on smart TV after all those solutions, it’s better to call the service center. They will assist you over the phone or ask you to bring the TV to them.