How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung Smart TVs

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Disney Plus Not Working On Samsung Tv

Experiencing issues streaming Disney Plus on your Samsung TV? This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will help you get Disney+ working again so you can enjoy your favorite shows.

Why Disney Plus Might Not Work on Samsung TVs

Before jumping into fixes, it’s helpful to understand what causes Disney+ issues on Samsung TVs in the first place:

Internet Connectivity Issues – Streaming problems like buffering, errors loading content, or apps not opening can stem from spotty Wi-Fi or internet connectivity issues. Check out our guide on how to fix AirPlay Unable to Connect issues which also contains Samsung TV troubleshooting tips.

Outdated Apps/Software – The Disney+ app itself or your Samsung TV’s software/firmware may be outdated, causing compatibility issues.

Server Outages – Though rare, there can be occasional Disney+ server outages that prevent access across all devices.

Account Logins – Difficulty logging into Disney+ on your Samsung TV points to account or authentication issues.

HDMI Problems – Any display or sound problems may result from loose HDMI connections between devices.

Device Conflicts – In rare cases, something on your Samsung TV may be interfering with the Disney+ app.

By pinpointing the specific problem, you can use the appropriate fix below to get Disney+ working properly again.

12 Fixes for Disney Plus Issues on Samsung TVs

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Since Disney+ is a streaming service, an unstable internet connection is the most common culprit behind playback failures, buffering, and apps not loading.

On your Samsung TV, run a general internet connectivity check under Settings > Network > Network Status. Reconnect to Wi-Fi if needed.

For a more robust test, perform a speed test on another device connected to the same network like a phone or laptop.

  • Strong Download Speed: 25+ Mbps
  • Decent Download Speed: At least 5-10 Mbps
  • Good Upload Speed: 3+ Mbps

If your internet speeds fall below these thresholds, contact your ISP to troubleshoot or upgrade your internet plan.

2. Restart Your Wireless Router

If general internet connectivity checks showed no issues, try restarting your wireless router and modem to refresh the connections:

  1. Locate your wireless router and modem.
  2. Unplug both devices from power for 30 seconds.
  3. Reconnect power to the modem first and wait 2 minutes.
  4. Finally reconnect power to the wireless router.

Give Disney+ a try once everything finishes rebooting to see if it resolves any buffering or connectivity problems.

3. Update Disney Plus App

Like any app, the Disney+ app receives periodic bug fixes and performance improvements through updates.

An outdated version can suffer compatibility setbacks with Samsung TVs or new Disney+ features.

On your Samsung TV:

  1. Select the Disney+ app icon.
  2. Press and hold the Enter button.
  3. Select Update (if available) in the menu overlay.

This installs the latest Disney+ app optimized for your TV. If you are having issues with other apps like Hulu, Netflix, or Mobdro not working on your Samsung TV, you may also want to check for and install any available updates.

4. Update Samsung TV Software

Similarly, keeping your Samsung TV’s firmware updated improves compatibility with streaming apps and fixes software bugs.

On your TV, head to:

Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the TV to download, install, and reboot. This prevents any software-related problems on the Samsung TV side.

5. Re-Install the Disney Plus App

If app updates aren’t resolving Disney+ issues on your Samsung TV, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app completely:

  1. From your Samsung TV’s app menu, select the Disney+ app.
  2. Press and hold the Enter button.
  3. Choose Delete or Uninstall.
  4. Confirm deleting the app.
  5. Reinstall Disney+ from the Samsung TV’s app store.

Reinstalling gives you a clean slate for signing in and trouble-free streaming.

6. Log Out and Back Into Disney Plus

Sometimes simply logging out and back into Disney+ fixes authentication errors or other account-specific issues:

  1. Open the Disney+ app on your Samsung TV.
  2. Using your remote, select your profile icon.
  3. Choose Sign Out of your Disney+ account.
  4. Sign back into Disney+ on the next screen.

Signing out and into Disney+ also refreshes your credentials and session data.

7. Check if Disney Plus Servers Are Down

Despite being rare, it’s possible for the Disney+ servers to experience outages. When this happens, Disney+ suffers universal access and streaming problems across all devices globally.

Check the @DisneyPlusHelp Twitter account or Downdetector Disney+ status page for real-time updates.

If servers show problems in your region, the only option is waiting until Disney engineers resolve the outage – usually within several hours. Server issues are outside of your control.

8. Reset Your Samsung TV to Factory Settings

Resetting your Samsung TV to factory defaults eliminates any chance of conflicts with installed apps, incorrect settings, or other issues interfering with Disney+.

Important: Back up settings and app data first if possible. A factory reset deletes all accounts/passwords, installed apps, preferences, etc. Check out our guide on how to factory reset an LG TV which also contains backup tips.

On most Samsung TVs:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset
  2. Select Reset Smart Hub to reset apps and accounts. For a stronger reset, choose Factory Data Reset.
  3. Enter your PIN to confirm factory reset. Default is 0000.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions until the TV restarts itself.
  5. Re-setup your Samsung TV from scratch.

Only attempt this fix as a last resort when all else fails or you’re preparing to sell your TV.

9. Restart Your Samsung TV and Router

Before factory resetting your Samsung TV, try the simple restart fix for a fresh slate:

  1. Unplug TV power for 1 minute.
  2. With TV unplugged, unplug/replug router power.
  3. Reconnect Samsung TV power.
  4. Turn TV back on and relaunch Disney+.

Together, these actions clear temporary app data and refresh network connections to potentially fix multiple issues.

10. Try Disney Plus on Different Device

To isolate whether problems lie with your Samsung TV setup or Disney+ itself, install the Disney+ app on another household device like a smartphone, tablet, streaming stick, or games console connected to the same Wi-Fi.

If Disney+ works fine on other devices under the same network, the issues likely involve your Samsung TV hardware, software misconfiguration, app conflicts etc. Follow the fix steps above.

But if Disney+ shows problems across ALL your devices, it points to account, internet connectivity, or Disney+ server problems outside your Samsung TV.

11. Update HDMI Cables and Ports

Damaged HDMI ports or cables can display a blank screen when opening Disney+ even if other TV functions work normally.

Update to the latest HDMI standard (HDMI 2.1) for higher resolutions and bandwidth supporting 4K/HDR Disney+ content.

Also, try swapping HDMI cables or using different TV HDMI input ports in case the issues stem from port/cable damage.

12. Contact Disney Plus Customer Service

After exhausting the above self-troubleshooting steps, reach out to Disney+ support for further customized help:

Clearly explain your Samsung TV model, the Disney+ issues experienced, troubleshooting steps attempted, and any error messages shown.

Support can confirm where problems may exist or escalate technical issues to advanced teams if needed.

Key Takeaways and Preventative Tips

To recap, follow this structured troubleshooting guide if Disney Plus stops working on your Samsung TV:

  1. Check internet connectivity and router function.
  2. Update Disney Plus app and Samsung TV software.
  3. Reinstall/relogin into Disney Plus app.
  4. Research any Disney+ server outages.
  5. Factory reset Samsung TV as last resort.

Here are some final tips to minimize Disney+ issues on your Samsung Smart TV going forward:

  • Maintain a fast, reliable home internet plan
  • Keep all streaming apps updated
  • Use ethernet cable over Wi-Fi if possible
  • Don’t overload power strips housing electronics
  • Dust electronics and tidy cabling monthly
  • Factory reset TV before major Disney releases

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Disney Plus keep buffering on my Samsung TV?

Buffering typically results from internet connectivity issues or an outdated Disney+ app. Run a speed test to check your network speeds. Under 25 Mbps often causes buffering. Update your internet plan or switch to ethernet if speeds are consistently low.

Also ensure you have the latest Disney+ app installed from your Samsung TV’s app store. Deleting and reinstalling the app can also resolve any performance issues leading to buffering.

Why does Disney Plus keep crashing on my Samsung TV?

Frequent Disney+ crashing or stopping on your Samsung TV has a few possible fixes:

  • Update your Samsung TV’s software – app conflicts can cause crashes.
  • Check for Disney+ server outages – universal access issues stop app functioning.
  • Reinstall Disney+ app – clears any corrupt data or cache causing crashes.

Why does Disney Plus say unable to connect on my Samsung TV?

The “unable to connect to Disney+” error normally indicates internet connectivity issues on your end preventing Disney+ access or content loading.

Troubleshoot by resetting your home router, checking Wi-Fi signals, analyzing internet speeds, and confirming Disney+ works on other household devices using the same network.

How do I fix Disney+ login failure on Samsung TV?

Failing to login into your Disney+ account on a Samsung TV usually stems from incorrect password credentials or needing to re-authenticate devices.

Select the profile icon when launching the app and choose “Sign Out”. Then manually sign back in with your email and password.

If it continually fails, you may need to reset your Disney+ password first via their website.

Further Reading and Resources

I hope this comprehensive troubleshooting guide helps resolve annoying Disney Plus issues on your Samsung TV. Let me know if you have any other questions!