How to Fix It When Netflix Won’t Work on Your TV

December 2, 2023

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Having issues getting Netflix to work on your television? You’re not alone. With over 220 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services. But that doesn’t mean technical problems never happen.

When Netflix suddenly stops working on your TV, it can be infuriating, especially if you were mid-binge on the latest must-see series. Thankfully, many Netflix problems have quick fixes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the top troubleshooting tips to get Netflix back up and running on your television.

Common Causes of Netflix Issues on TV

Before jumping into the troubleshooting steps, it helps to understand what typically causes Netflix connectivity problems on TVs in the first place:

  • Internet Connectivity Issues – An unstable internet connection is one of the most common reasons why Netflix won’t load content on your TV. Issues with your home WiFi network, ISP, router firmware can all impact connectivity.
  • App Glitches – Like any software app, the Netflix app on smart TVs and streaming devices can sometimes glitch out. Closing and reopening the app typically fixes minor software issues.
  • Overloaded Servers – During peak viewing hours, especially when a highly anticipated new show or movie is released, Netflix’s servers can struggle with increased demand, resulting in buffering or errors.
  • Device Compatibility Problems – Very occasionally, a Netflix app update may cause issues with certain older smart TV or streaming box models. Reinstalling the app or updating device software usually resolves device compatibility problems.

Now let’s explore the top fixes and troubleshooting steps to try when Netflix stops working on your television.

10 Fixes for Netflix Not Working on TV

1. Check If Netflix Is Down

Before you start pulling your hair out troubleshooting your TV, first check if the Netflix service itself is experiencing an outage. Downdetector provides real-time Netflix status updates from users around the world.

If Netflix is in fact down due to server overload or technical problems on Netflix’s end, the best option is to just wait it out until Netflix engineers resolve the outage. The service is typically back online within an hour or two at most.

2. Confirm Your Internet Connection

Issues with your home internet connectivity account for most cases where Netflix suddenly stops working on smart TVs.

To confirm whether the issue lies with your connection rather than Netflix itself, try loading other internet-based apps on your television like YouTube or a web browser. If they aren’t working either, then your TV likely isn’t connecting properly to the internet.

Similarly, you can test your internet speed on a phone or computer connected to the same home network. Slow speeds point to a wider connectivity problem unrelated to Netflix.

3. Restart Your Modem and Router

If you’ve confirmed internet connectivity issues on your end, not Netflix’s, try restarting your home modem and router:

  1. Unplug both devices and leave them off for 60 seconds.
  2. First, plug back in and turn on your modem. Give it 2 minutes to fully reboot.
  3. Next, plug back in your WiFi router wait until lights indicate it’s back online.
  4. Try loading Netflix on your TV – this often resolves temporary glitches.

Also, consider relocating your WiFi router closer to your TV if possible for a stronger wireless signal, or connect your smart TV directly to the router via ethernet cable.

4. Reinstall the Netflix App

Corrupted app data is another common source of Netflix technical problems on smart TVs and streaming devices alike.

Uninstalling and re-downloading freshens things up:

  1. On your TV, find the Netflix app icon and select the option to uninstall/remove.
  2. Open your TV’s app store, search for Netflix, and reinstall it.
  3. Log back into Netflix using your account credentials.

Reinstalling flushes out bad app data causing conflicts. This takes just a few minutes and often solves otherwise persistent Netflix issues.

5. Force Stop the Netflix App

Before resorting to a full reinstall, first try force stopping the Netflix mobile app on your Android TV, Fire TV, Roku or Apple TV:

  1. Highlight the Netflix app.
  2. Press and hold select/ok button on your remote for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Choose the option to force stop or close the app when the menu pops up.
  4. Then restart the Netflix app normally.

Force stopping closes background processes that can prevent the Netflix app from connecting properly.

6. Update Your TV and Apps

Outdated software whether it’s your television’s operating system itself or apps like Netflix is another source of technical issues.

  • For smart TVs, check Settings for System Updates to download the latest firmware.
  • Similarly, find Apps section in your TV’s settings to manually update Netflix.
  • Also update streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV if applicable.
  • Reboot TV after updates finish to ensure changes take effect.

Keeping your smart TV and streaming hardware updated minimizes app conflicts and connectivity problems over time.

7. Reset Your TV to Factory Settings

If you’ve tried the usual troubleshooting steps and Netflix still isn’t working on your TV, resetting it back to factory default settings often does the trick:

  1. Go into your TV settings menu.
  2. Find Reset option (may also be called Factory Restore).
  3. Choose Reset TV to Factory Settings when prompted.
  4. TV will reboot fresh automatically.
  5. Just redownload Netflix app and sign back in.

While resetting your smart TV requires reconfiguring custom settings afterwards, it essentially gives you a clean slate minimizing software issues.

8. Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Persistent Netflix problems limited to just your television and no other devices on your home network point to connectivity issues between your smart TV and router.

Contact your ISP for assistance troubleshooting – they can help resolve problems like:

  • Faulty router firmware needing an update.
  • DNS server configurations causing conflict.
  • Bluetooth, microwave interference on certain WiFi channels.
  • Outdated network standards like 802.11n WiFi.

Ideally, your ISP can optimize router settings for smooth 4K streaming on your television. WiFi extenders can also help ensure your TV gets a strong enough wireless signal.

9. Connect an External Streaming Device

If you’ve tried everything to get the Netflix app working properly on your smart TV with no success, buying an external streaming media player like Roku or Apple TV provides a quick workaround. They start as low as $30.

Dedicated streaming boxes connect to your TV via HDMI port, and have fewer software issues than built-in television apps. Using Ethernet over WiFi also provides faster, more reliable connectivity.

10. Upgrade Internet Speeds

While not always necessary, upgrading your home internet speeds is one final option if your ISP’s basic plan can’t provide fast enough throughput for 4K streaming:

  • 720p – Minimum 3-5 Mbps speeds needed
  • 1080p – 5-10 Mbps recommended
  • 4K/UHD – 25 Mbps ideal speeds

Again, connecting your TV directly to your router via ethernet cable can help maximize available bandwidth. Or consider upgrading to fiber optic broadband plans offering 1 Gbps speeds.

Why Does Netflix Stop Working on My Smart TV?

Understanding what causes Netflix technical problems in the first place makes the troubleshooting process smoother when issues inevitably crop up.

Internet Connectivity Issues

As touched on earlier, most instances of Netflix buffering constantly or displaying network errors come down to disruptions in your home internet connection preventing smooth streaming:

  • WiFi Signal Interference – Walls, appliances, neighbors’ networks can all interfere with WiFi signals resulting in choppy video. Ethernet cable or WiFi extenders can help.
  • ISP Outages – Temporary internet service provider outages due to network maintenance or technical issues can make Netflix unreachable.
  • Slow Internet Speeds – Peak evening hours can overload basic broadband plans unable to provide enough bandwidth for ultra HD streaming.
  • Router Firmware Problems – Faulty router firmware often requires an update from your ISP to resolve connectivity drops.

App and Device Compatibility Issues

Less commonly than network issues, but still an occasional headache, Netflix apps can suffer glitches or conflicts preventing them loading properly:

  • App Bug Issues – Like any software, Netflix apps receive frequent updates. Bugs inevitably occur causing crashing errors.
  • OS Upgrade Issues – New TV operating system firmware doesn’t always play nice with existing apps, resulting in tech problems after updating.
  • Hardware Compatibility Issues – Netflix ends support for the Netflix app on older smart TV and streaming box models as they phase out older technology.

Thankfully app issues are relatively quick fixes – just reinstall Netflix or perform factory reset as a last resort.

Fix Netflix Error Codes on Television

In addition to general loading and playback issues, your TV’s Netflix app may also display cryptic error codes like UI-800-3 or 11800.

While frustratingly vague, these codes at least provide a starting point to research solutions:

  • Error tvq-pm-100 (18.7.25) – Typically points to an app bug on LG TVs needing reinstallation. If persisting, factory reset.See also TVQ-Details-Menu-100 error on Netflix.
  • Error UI-800-3 – Usually a network connection problem – restart modem/router then TV. Or reinstall Netflix app.
  • Error 11800 – Indicates an issue with app authorization. Sign out then back into Netflix on TV to refresh.

Again, beyond troubleshooting yourself, contacting Netflix support provides a direct line to technical staff who can diagnose specific error codes for your TV model.

How to Contact Netflix Support

If you’ve tried extensively troubleshooting Netflix connectivity on your television to no avail, directly contacting Netflix Customer Support should be your next step:

By Phone

  • US & Canada: Call 1 (800) 852-6334. Wait for prompts to speak with live agent.

By Chat

By Email

Note that Netflix customer service agents can view your account status, internet speeds, TV model to diagnose problems. Information at your fingertips helps them suggest tailored troubleshooting or workarounds.

6 Quick Fixes When Netflix Won’t Connect on TV

Before going through intensive troubleshooting, first try these basic quick fixes to get Netflix back working on your television:

  • Force close and reopen Netflix app.
  • Check to confirm if wider Netflix outage.
  • Unplug then replug TV power cord, allowing 1 minute to reboot.
  • Load Netflix on another device (tablet, phone) to isolate issue.
  • Connect laptop directly to TV via HDMI cable – if Netflix plays fine, TV connection is likely the culprit.
  • Shut down modem, router and TV for 5 minutes before turning back on.

Taking just a few minutes to attempt these simple steps often miraculously gets Netflix streaming again with minimal frustration.

FAQs: Netflix Troubleshooting for TVs

To wrap things up, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about fixing Netflix technical problems on televisions:

Why does Netflix keep buffering on my Smart TV?

Constant buffering typically signals connectivity issues on your end preventing steady video data transfer. Restarting your router and TV or relocating WiFi extenders closer often minimizes buffering. Also double check your ISP plan provides at least 25mbps speeds.

Why does Netflix look blurry on my 4K TV?

If Netflix appears soft and pixilated despite owning a 4K television, ensure you subscribe to Netflix’s Premium plan enabling ultra HD streaming. Connect your TV to internet via ethernet if possible for maximum bandwidth.

Why does Netflix crash on my Samsung Smart TV?

App crashing usually indicates a software bug or compatibility issue after a TV software update. Try deleting and reinstalling Netflix app. Or perform factory reset as last resort if crashing persists across apps.

Why does Netflix play sound but no picture?

Rarely a Netflix app glitch causes missing video but retained audio. First close/reopen app. If issue continues, reinstall app or perform factory reset to flush out corrupt app data causing video failure.

How do I get Netflix back on my old TV?

Netflix ends support for older smart TV models eventually as they phase out outdated technology. Connecting an external streaming box like Roku that still supports Netflix provides a handy workaround to resume streaming.

Hopefully by now you have a thorough understanding of what typically causes Netflix issues on smart TVs, with a complete toolkit to get your shows and movies streaming again pronto. But don’t hesitate to contact technical support if you hit a dead end troubleshooting!