Why Netflix Isn’t Working on Your Sony Smart TV and How To Fix It

January 23, 2024

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Has Netflix stopped working on your Sony Smart TV? Don’t panic – you’re not alone. Many Sony TV owners face issues with Netflix at some point. The streaming app may suddenly get stuck buffering, display error codes, or simply crash unexpectedly.

But before you get frustrated, there are several quick fixes you can try to get Netflix working again on your Sony TV. In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, I’ll show you 17 proven methods to resolve various Netflix problems on Sony Smart TVs based on my extensive experience.

We’ll cover common problems like Netflix showing error 100 or 111, Netflix stuck on loading screen, Netflix not connecting no matter what you try, the app not opening at all, or just a black screen.

By following the fixes below you should be able to resolve Netflix problems like Netflix stuck on 25% loading, Netflix crashing unexpectedly or taking too long to launch, Netflix playback issues, most error codes like Netflix 109 or 118, app not opening at all or just getting a black screen.

Why Netflix Might Not Be Working on Your Sony Smart TV

Before jumping into solutions, let’s first understand why Netflix stops working in the first place. After analyzing and fixing Netflix issues on countless Sony (and other brand) Smart TVs over the years, these are the most common culprits:

  • Weak or unstable internet connection: For streaming to work properly, your TV needs sufficient and reliable bandwidth. Issues with your router or ISP supplied connection to the router can affect this.
  • Problems with ISP or Netflix servers: Server outages at Netflix or your ISP are usually temporary but can prevent access to Netflix during the downtime.
  • Power fluctuations: An unexpected restart or power loss during streaming or app use can sometimes corrupt the app’s cache, data or temporary playback files leading to errors.
  • Outdated Sony TV software/firmware: If the Android software framework that runs apps on your Sony smart TV is too outdated, incompatibility issues may occur with Netflix updates.
  • Outdated Netflix app: If you haven’t updated the app through the Google Play Store in a while, Netflix may stop working properly especially after major service updates at Netflix’s end.
  • Overburdened WiFi network: Too many devices connecting to the same router can cause bandwidth congestion issues which then interfere with streaming reliability. This gets worse if you have an old WiFi router model.
  • App data/cache errors: Corrupted temporary app data is a common source of Netflix crashing/freezing problems. Usually fixing this resolves many error codes.
  • Regional restrictions: Due to licensing agreements, Netflix libraries vary by region. Using VPN can help bypass geo-blocks.

Netflix Getting stuck on loading screen is a common issue on Sony TVs and other smart TV brands like Vizio, Philips and Hisense that can have various causes addressed in this guide.

I’ll expand on these common reasons and how to fix them in the solutions below:

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The most obvious and easy thing to check is whether your Sony TV has a stable internet connection right now.

On your TV remote, press the “Home” button and go to “Settings” then select “Network” and “Check connection”.

If you see something like “Couldn’t connect to network” or you’re stuck at Obtaining IP address, you likely have a network connectivity issue.

Here are a few things you can try to investigate and resolve internet/WiFi problems on your Sony Smart TV:

  • Restart your broadband modem/router – Switch off the power to your WiFi router/modem device, leave it off for 60 secs, then switch power back on.
  • Toggle WiFi Off and On – After router reboot didn’t fix it, toggle off WiFi from Sony TV Settings > Network menu, leave off for a minute, then turn WiFi back on and recheck.
  • Forget then re-add WiFi Network – From Network menu, select your listed WiFi network then choose “Forget”. Next retry adding and connecting to your WiFi details again from the beginning.
  • Check router placement – If using WiFi, place router in a central location away from interference from walls, appliances, cordless phones.
  • Router firmware – Log into your router admin console and check for latest firmware. If available, back up settings and install it before doing factory reset.
  • Smartphone hotspot – As a quick test, create a hotspot on your smartphone, connect Sony TV to it, then try Netflix to isolate router/ISP issues.

If your apps and internet work fine on a smartphone hotspot it’s likely a temporary network outage issue at your end or ISP end. Contact them if it persists.

Fix 2: Restart Your WiFi Router

Sometimes even if your Sony TV indicates a WiFi connection, there may be router-side bandwidth issues interfering with streaming reliability.

The simple fix is to reboot your router to flush out any corrupted memory or temporary issues:

  1. Locate your WiFi router device then switch it OFF via the rear power switch for 60 secs.
  2. Switch router back ON and wait 2-3 minutes for it to stabilize.
  3. On Sony TV recheck internet connection then launch Netflix app.
Reboot Your Router

This “power cycle” flushes out various router issues to give a fresh start. WiFi will be down for a couple minutes during the process as expected.

If the Netflix app still doesn’t open or has trouble loading/buffering after router reboot, there could be unrelated app issues we can address in the steps below.

Fix 3: Clear Netflix App Cache and Data

Corrupted cache/data is one of the most common issues leading to Netflix crashing or exhibiting strange errors.

Clearing the Netflix app cache forces the app to rebuild these temporary files from scratch which often resolve problems with Netflix crashing or exhibiting strange errors across platforms like Apple TV. Follow these steps to clear cache/data on your Sony TV’s Netflix app:

  1. Press the “Home” button to get to Android TV’s Home screen.
  2. Select “Settings” (gear icon), then choose “Apps” or “Application Settings“.
  3. Select “See all apps” or “Installed apps” to see full list.
  4. Locate “Netflix” in the apps list and open it.
  5. Select options like “Clear cache“, “Clear data” or “Clear defaults” and confirm prompts.
Clear Netflix App Cache And Data
  1. After data is cleared, exit Netflix app completely and restart your Sony TV.
  2. Relaunch Netflix app and it should now work normally without odd errors or crashing. Sign in again if needed.

If the Netflix logo just spins indefinitely or any error message is displayed, data clearing didn’t work – proceed to the next fixes below.

Fix 4: Update or Reinstall Netflix App

An outdated Netflix app version can also cause strange app behaviors or sudden crashing issues.

Updating to the latest Netflix app forces an install of fresh files which resolves problems sometimes:

On Sony TV:

  1. Launch the “Google Play Store” app.
  2. Select “My Apps“.
  3. Under “Installed” section locate “Netflix” and open it.
  4. If update showing, select it and tap “Update” to install newest Netflix version.
  5. After update downloads, close Netflix fully and reboot Sony TV.

Alternatively, you can try fully removing and reinstalling the Netflix app:

  1. In “My Apps”, go to Netflix then select “Uninstall“.
Uninstall Netflix App On Tv
  1. Confirm uninstallation prompt then wait for Netflix to be removed.
  2. Next go back to Play Store’s Netflix app page and reinstall it on your Sony TV.
  3. After install finishes, launch app and Sign in to your account again.

Hopefully Netflix now starts without any freezing, crashing or odd error messages!

Do note that a simple app update or reinstallation does NOT delete your Netflix profiles, viewing history, My List or other account-related details as that data is held on Netflix’s servers. Just sign back in normally after fixing.

Fix 5: Perform Soft Reset of Your Sony TV

I recommend doing a reboot of your Sony TV before moving on to more advanced troubleshooting steps below.

A simple restart force quits all running apps and reloads the smart TV software cleanly. This can resolve temporary glitches causing Netflix issues.

Here is how to quickly reboot your Sony TV:

  1. Press and hold the physical Power button on Sony TV for 8-10 seconds, until the TV switches OFF.
  2. Don’t switch power back ON immediately. Wait at least 1 minute during this forced shut down period for voltage discharge.
  3. Now press Power button normally to restart TV.
  4. Once rebooted, launch the Netflix app normally and see if issues persist.
Power Button On Sony Tv

This soft reset is different from unplugging the TV completely since some power is still left inside for temporary memory like app data and settings.

Doing this regular restart clears any stuck processes or software that could be hanging Netflix app launching. After reboot check WiFi too just in case.

Fix 6: Check for Sony TV Software Updates

Smart TV platforms like Android TV regularly receive system software updates from Sony with bug fixes and performance bumps.

But many users forget to install these updates as they don’t happen automatically in background usually.

Having outdated system software on your Sony TV can lead to Netflix app compatibility issues or strange errors.

I recommend checking if your Bravia model has any Over The Air software updates pending:

  1. Using Sony TV remote, select the “Help” (?) icon from top menu.
  2. Choose option like “System software update” or “Software download“.
Sony Tv System Software Update
  1. Select “Via internet” or similar to check for updates online.
  2. If newer software is available, start download. Don’t interrupt it until completion.
  3. After software download finishes, select “Install now” from notifications.
  4. Follow on-screen instructions and DON’T switch off TV until update is fully applied. This can take 10-20 minutes easily. ‘Rebooting…” message will confirm update success!

Now open your Netflix app normally to see if performance improves after being on latest Sony TV software.

If you don’t see any software updates showing up on older models, Sony has stopped releasing updates most probably so ignore this step.

Fix 7: Try Streaming Netflix Through Alternative Devices

To isolate whether problems lie with the Sony TV hardware itself or Netflix app specifically, try streaming Netflix from other source devices below:

  • Smartphone or tablet connected to same WiFi
  • Gaming console like PS4/PS5 or Xbox One
  • Streaming stick – Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku plugged into Sony TV
  • Blu-Ray or media player that has Netflix app in-built
  • Laptop connected via HDMI cable to Sony TV

If Netflix has NO problems playing whatsoever on above devices, likelihood is low that wider network issues are causing Sony TV Netflix to misbehave.

Instead it points to a software/compatibility issue between your Android smart TV and Netflix app versions that’s triggering errors only on the Sony device.

In this case, focus troubleshooting on the Sony TV hardware itself using tips in rest of this guide. Updating tv software and Netflix app, resetting Netflix data/defaults, reinstalling the app etc as I’ve covered already.

However if Netflix has trouble streaming from ALL the devices above, main issue is with your home WiFi network bandwidth/stability itself as covered in detail over at Smart TV repair site.

Fix 8: Contact Your ISP If Network Problems Persist

While user router resets and changing Sony TV WiFi settings can help initially, often the root cause lies with external factors like:

  • ISP network congestion – Too many neighborhood users connected leading to bandwidth throttling. Usually happens evenings when everyone is home streaming HD video.
  • Temporary ISP outages – Any hardware failure with your Internet provider can knock out home broadband connectivity completely until fixed.
  • Old/faulty modem or cables – If ISP supplied router/modem is too outdated or Ethernet cable is damaged, unpredictable connectivity drops will occur.
  • WiFi interference – Microwave ovens, baby monitors, ammonia based cleaners and other appliances directly inhibit 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi if operating nearby. Tends to get worse over time.

If you continue experiencing frequent disconnects and inconsistent speeds despite all router/TV troubleshooting steps followed above, contact your ISP’s tech support team to investigate and resolve home internet issues.

Describe Netflix streaming problems in detail along with what steps you’ve tried already. They may suggest a newer modem, WiFi band change, cable replacement or sending in a technician if wiring fault is suspected.

Getting to actual root cause of network issues ensures TV streaming problems don’t return.

Fix 9: Connect Sony TV to Ethernet Instead of WiFi

One workaround if poor router WiFi coverage is suspected is trying wired internet connectivity instead for your Sony TV:

  • When possible, place router near TV so that an Ethernet cable can be directly run from router LAN port to back of Sony TV.
  • For flexibility, invest in good Powerline Ethernet adapters to turn electrical circuit wiring into wired internet across rooms. Useful for integrating wired connectivity into older homes.
  • Alternatively, enable Wireless Bridge Mode on an old router to convert it into a WiFi signal repeater/extender dedicated just for your smart TV.
Connect Sony Tv To Ethernet

Going wired sidesteps any WiFi bandwidth issues and provides fastest, dedicated connectivity for supporting top quality 4K streams without buffering or dropouts. Useful if your router location is too far for dependable WiFi across walls and rooms from the Sony TV.

Fix 10: Adjust DNS Server Settings

DNS servers act as phone books that translate domain/web URLs into actual server IP addresses. Using custom public DNS can bypass ISP throttling or geo-restrictions in some cases.

On your Sony TV:

  1. Go to “Settings” and open “Network” options.
  2. Select your actively Connected WiFi network.
  3. Choose “IP settings” or “View more” then enable “Static” or “Manual” IP setup.
  4. Change the DNS 1 server field to
  5. Enter in DNS 2 field and Save settings.

These are public DNS servers by Google that circumvent typical ISP restrictions. Netflix should now have fewer issues connecting after this change.

If Netflix problems return even after router power cycles later, repeat the custom DNS change. For extra stability choose Cloudflare ( & or Cisco OpenDNS ( & servers instead.

Fix 11: Use a VPN Service for Geographic Restrictions

Due to complex copyright and licensing deals, Netflix content libraries vary a lot by region – some shows may not be available for streaming based on your location.

Using a VPN connection allows you to mask your IP address and bypass country-specific blocks when traveling abroad or wanting to view global Netflix exclusives back home.

Best Vpn

Steps to Enable VPN on Sony Android TV:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service like Surfshark, NordVPN or ExpressVPN known to reliably work with streaming apps and unblocking geo-restrictions. They have dedicated Smart DNS proxy support as well.
  2. Download the VPN provider’s Android app from the Google Play store and install on Sony TV – or note setup instructions for manual router-level VPN access.
  3. Launch the app then choose a server location that matches desired Netflix country library, like US or UK.
  4. Finally open the Netflix app, search for any previously geo-blocked movie/series and start streaming!

Using a VPN typically resolves license restrictions encountered with Netflix abroad or missing movie/episode catalogs. Just ensure your VPN service specifically supports reliable access and streaming for services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu before subscribing.

Fix 12: Disable IPv6 on Your Router

While the newer IP addressing standard IPv6 brings some benefits, many ISP implementations still have issues transitioning from older IPv4 setups – causing frequent disconnects.

Streaming problems can be temporarily fixed by disabling IPv6 as follows if your router allows this settings change:

  1. Access your WiFi router admin interface by typing gateway IP in browser.
  2. Under settings look for IPv6 category, protocol type or connection type menus.
  3. Select option to Ignore/Disable/Turn Off/Stop IPv6 address assignment.
  4. Save change and reboot router for effect. Sony TV gets IPv4 address only now.

Lack of IPv6 shouldn’t directly impact Netflix streaming as long as router has multiple IPv4 addresses to assign locally. Requires router admin access with custom firmware like DD-WRT.

If unsure about makingadvanced network changes, call ISP for workaround instead.

Fix 13: Factory Reset Your Sony TV (Last Resort)

I recommend resetting your Sony Smart TV software to default factory settings if you face persistent Netflix crashing/buffering issues across apps that refuse to go away after following ALL steps above:

On Sony TV – Reset steps:

  1. Go to “Settings” (gear icon) then select “Storage & Reset” or similar.
  2. Choose option named “Restore factory defaults” or “Factory data reset“.
  3. Confirm erasing when prompted to wipe OS back to brand new state.
  4. TV will automatically reboot into setup wizard mode once completed. Follow it to set up Android TV again from scratch.
Android Tv Factory Data Reset

This will erase all your installed apps, watched history, custom settings etc. Back up important data first. But frequently resolves even obscure performance issues caused by outdated or corrupted settings.

Additional Tips to Fix Netflix Not Working on Sony TV

Enable Auto App Updates

To prevent Netflix app issues due to outdated versions in future, enable auto updates:

  1. Open Google Play Store on Sony TV
  2. Tap profile icon
  3. Select “Settings
  4. Turn on “Auto-update apps
Auto Update Apps On Android Tv

This ensures Netflix and other media apps update quietly in background as fixes roll out.

Adjust Netflix Video Playback Settings

  1. On Sony TV Netflix app, select profile icon
  2. Change Netflix app video setting resolution, bit rates etc based on your bandwidth capabilities and TV model for smoother streaming.

Sideload Earlier Netflix APK Version

If latest Netflix update specifically is causing problems, download and manually install an older APK:

  1. On PC browser find and search for Netflix app
  2. Download stable version between 3-5 months old that worked well.
  3. Transfer .apk file to Sony TV via USB drive
  4. Use file manager to locate .apk and Install
  5. Select “Downgrade” when prompted

Enable Sony TV Developer Options

Hidden developer options provide more customization of Android system performance:

  1. On Sony TV go to Settings > About
  2. Keep tapping on “Build number” until Developer mode enabled message appears
  3. Now back out, newly added Developer options shows up on top
  4. Enable options like “Disable HW overlays” or change animation scales to minimize lags

FAQs About Fixing Netflix Not Working on Sony Smart TVs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions on troubleshooting Netflix problems people report on Sony TVs:

Q: Why does Netflix keep buffering on my Sony Bravia TV?

A: Frequent Netflix buffering is usually caused by WiFi issues limiting bandwidth for steady 4K video streaming. First check your internet speeds during streaming peak times using speed test site. If persistently getting less that 25-30Mbps speeds, contact your ISP to troubleshoot intermittent drops or congestion issues.

Alternatively connect Sony TV Ethernet cable directly to router if possible. Also upgrade router if model is older than 5 years and supports only 802.11n standard.

Q: Netflix was working fine earlier but now just loads forever on Sony TV?

A: Try closing and relaunching the Netflix app fully. If it gets stuck at 25% loading, clear Netflix cache/data then uninstall and reinstall fresh version as covered in Fix 3 and Fix 4. If it starts loading then disappears midway, problem is corruption issues with background services – Factory Reset Sony TV software is best approach then.

Q: Why does Netflix keep crashing or freezing on Sony Smart TV all of a sudden?

A: Random Netflix app crashing is generally caused by outdated software bug or data corruption. First ensure you have latest Netflix version installed along with all Sony TV firmware updates. Then clear cache/data before deleting and reinstalling Netflix app altogether. Check if other apps are similarly affected too – if so may be a wider Android OS issue requiring full Factory Reset at worst case.

Q: How to fix Netflix error code 100 or 111 on Sony Bravia models?

A: Both these Netflix errors on Sony TVs indicate server connectivity issues at either Netflix side or ISP side. First reboot your WiFi router and modem fully. Then clear cache/data of Netflix app followed by reinstall if needed. Changing DNS settings to Google or Cloudflare alternatives may help too. If problems started only recently, might be temporary outage at Netflix or ISP affecting authentication – trying again later resolves it usually when services are restored at their end.

I hope these extra troubleshooting tips help you get Netflix streaming smoothly again on your Sony Smart TV!