Netflix Stuck on Loading Screen TV? Here’re Reasons and Solutions

January 23, 2024

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If you’ve ever experienced Netflix stuck on loading screen issues on your smart TV, you know how frustrating it can be when you can’t access the shows and movies you want to watch. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll cover the common reasons why Netflix gets stuck buffering on TVs and provide actionable troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem for good.

Whether you own a Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio or other brand smart TV, you can implement these practical solutions to fix the Netflix loading problems and get back to binge-watching your favorite content.

Common Reasons Why Netflix Gets Stuck Buffering on TVs

Before jumping into the fixes, it’s important to understand what causes the Netflix app to get stuck on the loading screen in the first place. Here are the most common culprits:

Slow Internet Connection Speeds

Netflix recommends a minimum download speed of 5Mbps to stream content smoothly in HD quality. If your internet speeds are slower than that threshold, Netflix often gets stuck buffering as it struggles to load the content. This can happen on any smart TV brand.

Outages on Netflix’s Servers

Large scale outages on Netflix’s backend servers happen occasionally and cause widespread buffering problems for customers. While rare, when they do happen there is usually nothing you can do except wait for Netflix’s engineers to resolve the outage.

Outdated/Buggy Netflix App Version

Like any software app, the Netflix app on your smart TV needs periodic updates in order to fix bugs and optimize performance. If you are running an outdated Netflix app version that has software glitches, it can lead to endless buffering.

Outdated Smart TV Software

Similar to the Netflix app itself, your smart TV’s software also requires periodic updates to squash bugs and improve how well apps run. An outdated smart TV software/firmware version can negatively impact Netflix and other media apps.

Too Many Devices on One Wi-Fi Network

If you have many devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network simultaneously streaming videos or performing bandwidth-intensive tasks, it can congest the network and degrade Netflix performance on your TV.

DNS Server Issues

Your TV relies on DNS servers to navigate to Netflix’s content servers quickly. DNS issues like using the wrong DNS server or one that is having problems can interfere with this process and cause Netflix to get stuck.

Now that you know what’s most likely to cause endless buffering of the loading screen on your TV’s Netflix app, let’s go through each troubleshooting step you can take to definitively fix these problems.

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11 Fixes for Netflix Stuck on Loading Screen on Smart TVs

Follow these 11 DIY troubleshooting tips in order until your Netflix loading problems are solved:

1. Restart Your Smart TV

As simple as it sounds, restarting your smart TV by unplugging it from power for 1 minute is an effective first step. This reboot clears temporary glitches that may be interfering with Netflix connectivity.

Unplug The TV

Another way to forcibly reboot some TVs like Vizio is to access advanced menus like the “TV’s secret technical menu” with special remote button combinations.

2. Force Stop and Re-Launch the Netflix App

Sometimes the Netflix app misbehaves and needs a force stop reboot. Do this by going to your TV’s App Settings > Netflix > Force Stop. Then re-launch Netflix and see if that cleared any app issues.

Force Stop The Netflix App

3. Check Internet Connection Speeds

Run a speed test on your smart TV to measure actual speeds, or test on another device connected to the same network. As stated before, you need a bare minimum of 5Mbps download to stream HD Netflix without buffering issues. Up to 25mbps is ideal.

4. Reset Your Wi-Fi Router and Modem

Issues with your networking equipment can negatively impact Netflix streaming reliability to all your devices including smart TVs. Reboot both router and modem by unplugging them from power for 60 seconds to refresh the equipment.

Restart The Router

5. Connect Your Smart TV Via Ethernet

Bypassing Wi-Fi and using a hardwired ethernet connection directly from your router to TV gives you the most robust, stable internet connectivity. This essentially eliminates network congestion issues for Netflix streaming.

Connect Your Tv Via Ethernet

6. Adjust Your Router’s Channel Settings

If Wi-Fi connectivity seems to be the root cause, try updating settings on your router like the broadcast channel, 20/40 MHz bandwidth, wireless mode, etc. There may be configuration changes that reduce interference.

7. Delete and Reinstall the Netflix App

A corrupted Netflix app with glitches can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling it from your smart TV’s app store. This gives you a clean app install.

Delete The Netflix App On Tv

8. Switch Routers or Try a DNS Service

In some cases, the router hardware itself may be faulty and struggling with high traffic levels. Swap in a newer, high-performance router to see if that fixes Netflix buffering problems throughout your home. Using 3rd party DNS servers also helps for some.

9. Rule Out Problems on Netflix’s End

Despite your best local troubleshooting, the root cause could still be temporary outages or other issues at Netflix’s data centers. Visit Downdetector to check if others are reporting Netflix problems as well.

10. Update Your TV and Netflix App Software

Outdated firmware and apps can creep up over time and degrade Netflix streaming capability. Manually check for and install the latest smart TV software updates, as well as Netflix app updates.

Update Tcl Tv Firmware

11. Contact Your ISP Support

If you still see Netflix get stuck loading after trying everything else, the issue may be on your ISP’s end. Contact their tech support team to troubleshoot the incoming internet connection to your home and equipment.

If you own another TV brand like Sony or Phillips, check out these dedicated Netflix troubleshooting tips for Sony TVs and Phillips TVs.

Fixing Netflix Endlessly Stuck Buffering on TV – Key Takeaways

To quickly recap, follow this prioritized list of steps if Netflix perpetually gets stuck loading content on your smart TV:

  • Reset/reboot Netflix app, TV and router
  • Check Internet speeds and upgrade plan if needed
  • Connect via ethernet if Wi-Fi is unreliable
  • Adjust Wi-Fi settings on router for less interference
  • Update TV firmware, streaming device software and Netflix app
  • Switch out router or DNS servers
  • Contact ISP if they detect issues on their end

With so many factors that can disrupt Netflix connectivity and performance on smart TVs, it often takes some trial and error to pinpoint the culprit. But methodically working through these DIY troubleshooting tips should solve endless loading issues in most cases.

FAQs About Fixing Netflix Loading Problems on Smart TVs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about resolving Netflix buffering and loading issues people run into on internet-connected televisions:

What internet speed do I need for Netflix on TV?

For smooth HD streaming with minimal buffering, Netflix recommends a minimum of 5 Mbps download speeds. Even higher speeds up to 25 Mbps are ideal, especially if you have multiple users streaming simultaneously.

Why does Netflix keep buffering on my Smart TV?

The most common reasons Netflix stutters and gets stuck buffering on smart TVs are: slow internet speeds, Wi-Fi interference issues, outdated TV/Netflix firmware causing glitches, peak usage hours overloading ISP equipment, and DNS server problems.

How can I speed up my Netflix TV loading?

Steps to improve Netflix loading speeds on smart TVs include: Refresh router, connect TV via ethernet, close other devices using bandwidth, upgrade your ISP plan for faster speeds, update TV/Netflix software versions, clear Netflix app cache/data, and reboot your TV before streaming.

I hope this comprehensive troubleshooting guide for fixing Netflix loading problems on internet-connected televisions helps resolve the frustrating buffering issues. Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips for speeding up Netflix on smart TVs!