The 10 Best Remotes for YouTube TV in 2024

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Written by Jason Lin

Best Remote For Youtube Tv

Watching YouTube TV on the big screen is great, but navigating channels, settings and streaming apps with a confusing remote control can ruin the experience.

That’s why having the right remote is key.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the top-rated remotes compatible with YouTube TV across various streaming platforms. We evaluate smart remotes with advanced features as well as more basic, affordable options to help you upgrade your home entertainment setup.

What to Look for in a YouTube TV Remote

When choosing a remote to use with YouTube TV, here are the key factors to consider:

  • Dedicated YouTube TV Buttons: Remotes with pre-programmed YouTube TV buttons allow quick, one-touch access. This includes universal remotes as well as proprietary ones made for Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and other streaming platforms.
  • Voice Control: Voice activated remotes like the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote let you launch YouTube TV and navigate content easily with voice commands.
  • Programmable Buttons: Most smart universal remotes allow you to customize buttons for fast access to your favorite apps and channels like YouTube TV.
  • Smart Home Compatibility: Top-end universal remotes can switch on TVs, sound systems plus control lights, AC and more with programmed Activities.
  • Battery Life: Ensure any remote you choose has decent battery life, unless you opt for highly rated rechargeable options.

Next, we reveal the 10 best YouTube TV compatible remotes across various streaming devices.

1. Fire TV Cube Alexa Voice Remote

Fire Tv Cube Alexa Voice Remote

Best Voice Control

  • Voice launch YouTube TV with Alexa
  • Powerful streaming media player
  • Controls Fire TV + smart home devices
  • 4 preset buttons including YouTube
  • Find content easily via voice search
  • Recharges via USB-C

If you want the ultimate hands-free YouTube TV viewing experience, the Fire TV Cube Alexa Voice Remote is your best bet.

With Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant built-in, just ask Alexa to launch the YouTube TV app, play your favorite channels or search for new shows to watch. You can even switch between YouTube TV, Netflix, Prime Video and more streaming apps effortlessly via voice.

The Alexa remote serves as a controller for the powerful Fire TV Cube streaming media player. But it also facilitates voice control of compatible smart home devices like lights, thermostats and security cameras.

Four preset app buttons include one dedicated YouTube shortcut alongside Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+. The remote locates content easily with an Alexa voice search feature.

It recharges conveniently via USB-C when powered down. Choose from two color options.

Available at: Amazon

2. Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony Elite

Best Overall

  • Top-rated smart universal remote
  • Fully customizable Activities
  • Voice controls Google Assistant
  • Switches TVs, lighting, music etc
  • Sleek full-color touchscreen
  • Easy Bluetooth setup process

The Logitech Harmony Elite allows you to create customized one-touch “Activities” to control YouTube TV along with the rest of your home entertainment system and smart devices.

Program buttons like “Watch YouTube TV” to automatically switch on your preferred streaming device, TV, AV receiver plus dim compatible lights – all in one tap. The slick LCD touchscreen and array of buttons also facilitate easy manual control of settings.

Configure personalized Activities via the Logitech app. The remote seamlessly integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control capabilities too.

With support for up to 15 entertainment devices, this premium smart remote switches between TVs, game consoles, streaming platforms and more. It also connects Philips Hue, Nest and other smart home gear like robot vacuums.

Recharging happens conveniently via included USB cable. Expect around 2 weeks of battery between charges.

Available at: Amazon

3. SofaBaton X1

Sofabaton X1

Best Hub-Based

  • Smart IR/Bluetooth universal remote
  • Pre-configured YouTube button
  • Centralized control via Hub
  • Intuitive LCD screen interface
  • App and voice assistant support
  • Backlit keypad buttons

For expansive smartphone app controls combined with advanced universal remote functionality, consider the SofaBaton X1.

The Sofabaton Hub connects via WiFi to create a centralized smart home ecosystem. This allows the elegantly designed remote to control entertainment gear plusHue lights, AC units, robotic vacuums and more. Create custom one-touch Activities for your YouTube TV setup via app.

In terms of design, the responsive LCD color touchscreen provides an intuitive way to manage settings manually too. Conveniently located YouTube and Netflix hot keys offer quick access. Most buttons illuminate when pressed as well.

The remote facilitates voice commands for Google Assistant and Alexa compatible devices. Choose between black or silver style options. Recharges via USB cable.

Available at: Amazon

4. Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Best for Roku Users

  • Officially licensed Roku remote
  • Voice commands + touch controls
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Programmable shortcut buttons
  • USB-C charging; Good battery life
  • Includes finder function

The Roku Voice Remote Pro delivers an upgraded experience for avid YouTube TV viewers with Roku streaming devices.

The remote allows hands-free voice commands via a built-in mic. Use voice search to find new shows or speak channel names and numbers to tune content quickly. It also supports voice launch for streaming apps like YouTube TV.

Touch sensitive navigation makes flipping between menus smooth, while two customizable shortcut buttons provide quick access to favorite channels or settings. Connect headphones to the jack for private listening.

Handily, pressing a button makes the remote emit an audible tone so you can locate it easily when lost in couch cushions. Recharges conveniently via included Premium USB cable.

Choose black or white colors to match your decor.

Available at: Amazon

5. Samsung Smart Remote

Samsung Smart Remote

Best for Samsung TVs

  • Easy access for Samsung apps
  • Voice Assistant compatibility
  • Solar cell panel recharges
  • Motion activated backlight
  • Find lost remote via TV speaker
  • Clean, minimalist design

Owners of compatible Samsung smart TVs should consider the elegantly designed Samsung Smart Remote for controlling YouTube TV and other apps.

Dedicated buttons provide quick access to popular streaming platforms and Samsung’s own suite of apps. Enable voice assistant capabilities by pressing the mic button to search content libraries via speech on newest models.

A high-tech Motion Activated Backlight illuminates button icons when picked up in the dark. No need for batteries, as lifting the remote automatically recharges the built-in solar cell.

If you lose the remote, use the Locator function to make your TV speakers beep loudly until discovered! Or use Samsung’s SmartThings app to ring a lost smartphone instead.

Choose black or white colors to match your Samsung TV.

Available at: Amazon

6. Apple Siri Remote

Apple Siri Remote

Best for Apple TV Users

  • Official Apple TV controller
  • Ask Siri to launch YouTube TV
  • Sleek, edge-to-edge touch surface
  • Intuitive navigation via touch
  • Find My app locates lost remote
  • Lightning recharging

The redesigned Apple Siri Remote makes navigating YouTube TV on Apple TV a breeze.

Optimized specifically for the Apple TV set-top box, simply ask Siri to launch YouTube TV or browse recommendations. You can even search for new shows via voice command.

A scroll-friendly circular touchpad facilitates quick navigation between menus and content. All buttons are positioned ergonomically for easy access.

Apple’s Find My app lets you ping a lost remote to locate audibly, even if trapped beneath sofa cushions. Recharges conveniently via Lightning cable.

Available at: Amazon

7. NVIDIA Shield Remote

Nvidia Shield Remote

Best Streaming

  • GeForce Now and Android TV support
  • Built-in lost remote locator
  • Voice search capabilities
  • Ergonomic triangular design
  • Backlit buttons for night use
  • Spotify quick access button

Serious streamers who use NVIDIA’s line of media players should consider the Shield Remote for the best YouTube TV experience.

It allows seamless access to NVIDIA’s library of AAA games via GeForce Now cloud streaming. Media playback happens reliably thanks to Android TV OS support too.

The uniquely contoured remote offers quick access to YouTube Music and Spotify. Conveniently located YouTube and Netflix hotkeys provide one press access as well. The remote also enables handy voice search functions.

When not in use, an audible locator helps find the remote if buried in your gaming chair or couch. Expect around 60 days of battery life before needing to recharge via USB cable.

Available at: Amazon

8. LG Magic Remote

Lg Magic Remote

Best for LG TVs

  • Point, click, scroll navigation
  • Voice and motion controls
  • Quick access media buttons
  • Universal control of devices
  • Recharges via USB-C cable
  • Compatible 2000 – 2022 LG TVs

The uniquely designed LG Magic Remote facilitates intuitive control of YouTube TV and other streaming apps on supported LG smart TVs.

Unlike traditional button-based controllers, the remote enables fluid navigation via motion gestures. Simply point and click icons on screen. You can also scroll smoothly through menus, video queues and text fields.

Convenient hot keys offer quick access to popular streaming apps like YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix. Enable voice commands on compatible models for handsfree searching.

Control various connected devices like sound bars and smart lights using universal remote functionality. Recharges rapidly via USB-C when powered down completely.

Available at: Amazon

9. XRT136 Universal Remote

Xrt136 Universal Remote

Best Budget

  • Affordable smart TV remote
  • Pre-mapped YouTube shortcut key
  • Simple plug ‘n play setup
  • Large ergonomic buttons
  • Controls 500K+ devices
  • 2 AAA batteries

If you want expanded YouTube TV controls without a huge price tag, consider the highly rated XRT136 universal smart remote.

Despite a wallet-friendly cost, preset shortcut buttons provide quick access to popular streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video. It also facilitates one-touch opening of Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Setup happens seamlessly by simply plugging the included RF dongle into your smart TV or streaming device. Large, clearly labeled buttons make navigating menus effortless from any sofa position.

With support for over 500,000 home theater products, this handy remote serves as a budget-friendly smart home starter too.

Available at: Amazon

10. Philips HTL5160B Soundbar Remote

Philips Htl5160b Soundbar Remote

Best Soundbar

  • Large, ergonomic buttons
  • YouTube & Netflix dedicated keys
  • Improved volume control
  • No input lag when gaming
  • Minimalistic quick start guide
  • Auto power down

Want to consolidate your YouTube TV viewing experience into onecompact controller? Then pair it with the Philips HTL1560B virtual surround soundbar.

This handy remote combines full YouTube TV navigation capabilities with granular command of your audio setup. Dedicated YouTube, Netflix and source input keys connect you to content quickly. Large, well-spaced buttons ensure clarity.

Set volume levels precisely with separate up/down keys that bypass the default ramping. Mute sound instantly as needed with one tap. No delays in simulated surround audio makes gameplay highly responsive too.

Helpfully, the remote powers down automatically to preserve battery when inactive. Includes a simplified quick start guide.

Available at: Amazon

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Key Takeaways: Choosing the Best YouTube TV Remote

Here are the key pointers when deciding which remote will work best with your specific home setup:

  • Opt for voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home integration for convenient handsfree YouTube TV navigation.
  • Choose universal programmable remotes to fully customize Activities and access.
  • Dedicated shortcut buttons allow quick access to favorite apps like YouTube TV.
  • Ensure wide streaming device and Smart TV compatibility for flexible viewing.
  • Remotes with find my remote features help locate lost controllers via phone apps or loud locator alerts.
  • Consider battery life, recharging options and general ease of use when making your selection.

Premium options with advanced features provide ultimate convenience. But more affordable, basic remotes still get the YouTube TV navigation job done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my TV remote instead of buying another remote just for YouTube?

Yes, you can use your regular TV remote with YouTube TV if all your equipment is already set up on that one controller. However, having to constantly switch inputs or re-pair devices when flipping between regular live TV and YouTube TV streaming can get annoying. That’s why many people opt for a separate, dedicated streaming remote.

What is the easiest type of remote to use with YouTube TV?

Voice assistant-enabled smart remotes provide the most convenient way to launch YouTube TV and navigate content handsfree. Top options with built-in voice controls include Alexa remotes for Fire TV and Siri remotes designed for Apple TV setups.

Can I control my Roku via phone app instead of buying Roku’s remote?

Absolutely! Roku has a free mobile app that provides complete remote control functions over WiFi. Most other streaming platforms also offer handy remote apps, like LG, Samsung, Android TV boxes etc. Just ensure your streaming device and mobile phone are connected to the same wireless network.

Why do I need to activate my YouTube TV subscription on a streaming device or smart TV app?

When first signing up for YouTube TV, you need to choose and activate your membership on one of the available app platforms or streaming devices. This links your YouTube TV subscription status to that device ecosystem. It also ensures your streaming player or Smart TV has permission to access YouTube TV’s copyright-protected media content through that linked user profile.

So in summary, a high quality, dedicated remote tailored to your existing entertainment gear makes navigating YouTube TV’s extensive channel and content libraries effortless.

Hopefully our rundown of the top-rated YouTube TV compatible remotes across various streaming platforms gave you some ideas on potential upgrades.

Happy streaming!

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