How to Program an ONN Universal Remote – A Complete Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Onn Tv Universal Remote Codes

Programming an ONN universal remote control is easy with access to the remote codes for your devices. This comprehensive guide covers all the codes and programming steps to control your TV, DVD, audio system and more using an ONN remote.


Onn Universal Remote

An ONN universal remote can control up to 4 audio/video devices including:

  • Televisions
  • DVD & Blu-ray players
  • Cable boxes
  • Satellite receivers
  • Audio receivers
  • Streaming devices

ONN remotes support major brands like Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Roku and more.

You can program an ONN remote in two ways:

  1. Auto Code Search – The remote will cycle through codes in its database to find a match.
  2. Direct Code Entry – Manually enter a device code from a reference list.

This guide provides ONN remote codes for most popular device brands and step-by-step instructions for programming using both methods.

Benefits of Universal Remotes

Universal remotes offer conveniences including:

  • Control multiple devices from one remote.
  • Reduce clutter from multiple remotes.
  • Customizable buttons for favorite commands.
  • Macros to execute complex sequences with one button press.
  • Backlit keys for visibility in the dark.
Onn Universal Remote Backlit Keys

How to Program an ONN Remote Without a Code

This auto code search method cycles through ONN’s database of over 5,000 codes:

  1. Turn on the device you want to control (TV, DVD player etc).
  2. Press and hold the Setup/Program button until the power button blinks.
  3. Press the button for the device type (TV, DVD etc). The power button will stay lit.
  4. Point remote at device and press and hold OK. The remote sends each code.
  5. When the device turns off release OK – the code is set!
  6. Press power to confirm programming and test other buttons.

Tip: If some buttons don’t work, repeat steps to find another code.

How to Program an ONN Remote With a Code

To manually program the remote:

  1. Turn on the target device you want to control.
  2. Find the 4-digit setup code for your brand
  3. Press and hold the Program button until Power lights up.
  4. Press button for device type (TV, Audio etc).
  5. Enter the 4-digit code using number keys.
  6. Point remote at device and press Power to test.

If device doesn’t respond, re-enter the code. Try other codes from the list if available.

ONN Universal Remote Codes for TVs

Below are ONN universal remote codes for the most popular TV brands:

BrandSetup Codes
Apex Digital2497, 2499, 0424
Element1025, 3000, 4056
Hisense3537, 0182
Hitachi0088, 0137
Insignia Roku0135, 1160, 0167
JVC65, 69, 197
LG3534, 2098, 0338
ONN3552, 3543, 3560
Panasonic3005, 2484
Philips1154, 2477
Roku TV2491, 3531
Samsung3528, 2482
Sharp2464, 0223
Sony3536, 2438
TCL Roku3532, 2493
Toshiba0109, 0117
Vizio3533, 2501

Tip: Try multiple codes if the first one doesn’t work.

Comparing specs and reviews of ONN vs brands like LG TV, Samsung TV and Vizio TV can help make an informed smart TV purchase if abandoning ONN.

Streaming Device & Cable Box Codes

Use the Stream button for Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV devices:

DeviceSetup Codes
Roku2097, 8975
Amazon Fire TV8977
Apple TV8974
Comcast Cable1561, 1601
DirecTV1178, 1019
Dish Network504, 627

And that covers ONN universal remote code programming! With access to the codes and step-by-step instructions in this guide, you can quickly get setup controlling your home theater.

You may consider trying alternate budget TV brands like Hisense TVs or Westinghouse TVs if you experience frequent ONN TV problems.

Key Takeaways

  • ONN remotes support thousands of devices using auto code search or direct code entry.
  • Code lists are available for major TV, streaming player and cable box brands.
  • Programming involves enabling code search mode and entering a setup code.
  • Try multiple codes if buttons don’t function properly.
  • Newer ONN remotes have streaming and cable dedicated buttons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why won’t my ONN remote turn on my TV or device?

A: Replace the batteries first. Then re-program it following the auto or direct code programming steps.

Q: What do I do if auto code search can’t find a working code?

A: Get your device brand and model number then search online for the setup code and enter it directly. The ONN remote codes list may have additional codes.

Q: Can one ONN remote control multiple TVs?

A: Yes, you’ll have to program a separate device mode button for each TV. Auto code search generally works fastest in this case.

Q: How do I reset or reprogram my ONN remote?

A: First press Setup to exit any stuck mode. Then hold Setup for 5+ seconds until Power blinks twice to reset programming. Follow programming steps to set each device again.

Q: Why is my remote not working even with new batteries?

A: Remotes can malfunction if dropped or water damaged. You may need to purchase replacement if underlying hardware is damaged. Try factory reset first.

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