Philo vs YouTube TV: An In-Depth 2024 Comparison

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Philo Vs Youtube Tv

Deciding between Philo and YouTube TV for cord-cutting in 2024? This complete guide examines pricing, channels, DVR, streams, devices and more to help you pick the best live TV streaming service.


Cutting cable TV cords is easier now than ever thanks to the rise of live TV streaming services. Options range from budget “skinny bundles” like Philo to more robust offerings like YouTube TV.

But figuring out which service to choose can be a challenge. This comprehensive comparison of Philo vs YouTube TV examines all the key factors to consider:

  • Pricing and Plans
  • Channel Lineups
  • DVR and On-Demand
  • Supported Devices
  • Simultaneous Streams
  • And More

Read on for a complete feature-by-feature breakdown to help you determine the best cord-cutting live TV service for your needs.

Quick Comparison Overview

Before diving into an in-depth analysis, here is a high-level Philo vs YouTube TV comparison:

FeaturePhiloYouTube TV
Price$25/month$72.99/month ($62.99/mo for your first 3 months)
Free Trial7 daysVariable
# of Channels70+Over 100+
Sports ChannelsNone30+
Simultaneous Streams33
DVR StorageUnlimited, 1 YearUnlimited, 9 Months
Top DevicesRoku, Fire TV, Apple TVRoku, Apple TV, Smart TVs

Why Choose Philo?

Philo Logo
  • Incredibly low monthly price
  • Huge on-demand library
  • Keep shows for 1 year

Why Choose YouTube TV?

Youtube Tv Logo
  • Local broadcast and sports
  • 100+ channels from $72.99/month ($62.99/mo for your first 3 months)
  • Premium add-ons available

Pricing and Plans Compared

The most obvious difference between Philo and YouTube TV is cost. Here’s how their pricing and plans break down:

Philo Pricing

Philo keeps things simple with just one main package:

  • Philo Base Plan – $25/month
    • 70+ channels
    • Unlimited Cloud DVR (1 Year storage)
    • 3 Simultaneous Streams
    • 7-day free trial
  • Add-Ons – Starts at $3/month
    • Movies & More – $3/month
    • Starz – $9/month
    • Epix – $6/month

Even with all add-ons, Philo still comes out to less than $45/month. Making it the cheapest live TV streaming service on the market.

YouTube TV Pricing

YouTube TV offers more base channels for over 2.5x the price of Philo:

  • YouTube TV Base Plan – $72.99/month ($62.99/mo for your first 3 months)
    • Over 100+ channels
    • Unlimited DVR (9 months storage)
    • 3 Simultaneous Streams
    • Variable length free trial
  • Add-Ons – Starts at $7/month
    • Sports Plus – $10.99/month
    • HBO Max – $14.99/month
    • Showtime – $11/month

With add-ons, YouTube TV can surpass over $100/month. Making it one of the more expensive live TV options.

Winner: Philo offers vastly cheaper live TV, making it the best option for cord-cutters on a budget.

Channel Lineups Compared

Philo and YouTube TV take very different approaches when it comes to channel offerings.

YouTube TV Channels

With over 100+ base channels, YouTube TV focuses on quality over quantity. Highlights include:

  • Local Broadcast – ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC
  • Sports – ESPN, FS1, MLB Network, NBA TV
  • News – CNN, Fox News, MSNBC
  • Entertainment – AMC, Cartoon Network, HGTV, TBS, TLC
Youtube Tv Channels

YouTube TV also allows you to add premium channels like HBO Max, Showtime, and Starz à la carte. As well as bundles like Sports Plus and Entertainment Plus.

Philo Channels

Instead of expensive sports fees, Philo focuses its 70+ channels on entertainment favorites like:

  • Entertainment – AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, Food Network, Hallmark, MTV
  • Lifestyle – HGTV, Lifetime, OWN, Tastemade, VH1
  • News & Info – AXS TV, Cheddar, Comedy Dynamics, Reuters
Philo Guide

If you want cheap access to top entertainment and lifestyle channels, Philo fits the bill. But YouTube TV is better for sports fans and local programming.

Winner: YouTube TV for more well-rounded channel offerings. But Philo better targets entertainment cord cutters.

And if NBC or other channels aren’t loading check these YouTube TV channel troubleshooting suggestions.

DVR and On-Demand Libraries

Both Philo and YouTube TV allow you to “record” and replay content thanks to cloud DVR capabilities. Here’s how their DVR and on-demand libraries compare:

YouTube TV DVR & On-Demand

YouTube TV offers:

  • Unlimited DVR Storage
  • Recordings Saved for 9 Months
  • On-Demand Library with over 80,000 titles
Youtube Tv Home

With no recording limits, you can save any show airing in the next 9 months to replay whenever you want.

The on-demand library also gives access to current season episodes from many popular shows.

Philo DVR & On-Demand

Philo also includes:

  • Unlimited DVR Storage
  • Recordings Saved for 1 Year
  • On-Demand Library with 60,000+ movies and shows
Philo Home

Giving subscribers a full year before DVR’ed recordings get deleted beats out YouTube TV’s 9 month limit.

Philo’s VOD library also tops most competitors with tens of thousands of shows and movies to stream on-demand.

Winner: Tie – Both offer generous unlimited DVR and large on-demand libraries.

Supported Streaming Devices

You want flexibility in where you can access these streaming services. So device support is key.

YouTube TV Devices

YouTube TV is compatible with one of the widest ranges of streamers, smart TVs, mobiles devices and more. Supported platforms include:

  • Streaming Boxes – Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast
  • Game Consoles – PlayStation, Xbox
  • Smart TVs – Android TV, LG, Samsung, Vizio
  • Mobile Devices – Android, iOS, tablets
  • Web Browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Youtube Tv Devices

YouTube TV also has a desktop website for streaming from any computer.

With support across all major streaming platforms, it’s easy to take YouTube TV’s live channels on the go.

Having issues getting YouTube TV to work on your Firestick? Read this troubleshooting guide for Firestick problems.

Philo Devices

Philo supports most popular streaming devices like:

  • Streaming Boxes – Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast
  • Smart TVs – Vizio, Samsung
  • Mobile Devices – iOS, Android phones/tablets
Philo Devices

Winner: YouTube TV for wider, multi-platform device support. But Philo still hits the most-used streamers.

Simultaneous Streaming Limits

Do you need multiple people to stream shows simultaneously from different devices? Here’s how Philo and YouTube TV compare:

YouTube TV Streams

The YouTube TV base plan allows up to 3 simultaneous streams on different devices.

You can create up to 6 user profiles for easier multi-user access.

And upgrading to 4K Plus allows unlimited streams on your home WiFi. Making YouTube TV great for larger families.

Youtube Tv Profiles & Accounts

Philo Streams

Like YouTube TV, Philo’s base plan supports up to 3 concurrent streams on different devices.

It also allows separate user profiles to keep watch history and recommendations personalized for each viewer.

But there is no “unlimited streams” upgrade currently available.

Philo Streams

Winner: Tie – Both Philo and YouTube TV offer 3 simultaneous streams. But YouTube TV offers more via its 4K Plus upgrade.

If you want to change your location on YouTube TV, check out this guide on changing location.

Special Features

Beyond core functionality like channel lineups and DVR, here are some extra special features offered:

YouTube TV Extras

YouTube TV offers nice upgrades like:

  • 4K Plus Add-On ($19.99/month) – 4K streams plus unlimited home streams
  • Temporary Pause Subscription – Flexibility if traveling
  • YouTube Originals – Exclusive shows & movies

Philo Extras

Philo allows you to:

  • Pause Subscription – Flexibility for traveling subscribers
  • Create Multiple User Profiles – Personalized recommendations

Philo offers fewer bells and whistles. But core functionality serves most needs well.

Winner: YouTube TV has more advanced special features. But Philo focuses on fundamentals.

Which Is Better for You?

So which service should you choose in the battle between Philo vs YouTube TV?

Choose Philo If:

  • You want the lowest cost with 70+ entertainment channels
  • Larger channel bundles feels like overkill
  • Local sports and news aren’t deal-breakers
  • Saving money is your #1 priority

If you want more sports channels, see how Fubo and Philo differ in this fuboTV vs Philo guide.

Choose YouTube TV If:

  • You want 100+ channels including sports/locals
  • Cost < $100/month is in your budget
  • Streaming from many devices is important
  • Channel variety trumps low prices

Both streaming services have strengths and weaknesses covered above. Choose the one matching your needs and budget best.

Still Undecided? Try Them Free!

Still can’t pick between Philo or YouTube TV? Both offer free trials so you can experience them first-hand:

Sign up to test channel offerings, features and streaming quality data out at no cost.

Summary & Next Steps

Hopefully this comprehensive Philo vs YouTube TV comparison for 2024 has armed you to decide the best live TV streaming service for your needs.

Key takeaways based on our in-depth analysis:

  • Philo wins for lowest cost and simplicity
  • YouTube TV offers more channels, sports and special features
  • Both offer generous free trials to experience firsthand
  • Pick the one aligning closest with your budget and priorities

Still on the fence or have questions? Leave a comment below with any other topics you want compared between Philo and YouTube TV.

Happy cord cutting!