The Ultimate Guide to Philo TV Alternatives

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Philo Tv Alternatives

Philo TV offers a compelling mix of entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge programming at an affordable price point. However, it does have some limitations in channel selection and availability. This definitive guide explores top-rated Philo alternatives for accessing live and on-demand shows based on your viewing preferences and budget.

Overview of Philo TV

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For context, let’s briefly summarize Philo TV’s key features:

  • Costs $25/month
  • Includes 60+ popular cable channels from Discovery, Viacom, AMC and more
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Streams on Roku, Fire TV, iOS, Android and web
  • No local broadcast or regional sports networks
  • No ESPN, HGTV, History Channel and other major channels
  • 3 concurrent streams allowed

Philo TV shines with its low price and focuses on entertainment, lifestyle and documentary-style channels. Despite lacking sports, news and some other common cable favorites, it remains a compelling option for budget-focused viewers aiming to cut the cord.

However, heavier media consumers needing expanded channel lineups or availability may desire alternatives. This guide explores top competitors across streaming and cable/satellite.

Philo streaming remains widely accessible across platforms like Philo on Apple TV, Philo on Vizio TVs and Philo on LG TVs as well.

Factors in Selecting Alternatives

Ideal alternatives match your unique preferences across:

  • Price: Budget friendly options under $50/month exist, but costs rise with larger channel lineups.
  • Channel selection: Focus on must-have channels and shows. Compare lineups across services.
  • DVR, streams, accessibility: Important factors like number of concurrent streams, accessibility on devices and DVR storage vary.
  • Free trials: Most major services offer 7-day free trials to test offerings.
  • Bundle options: Some alternatives allow bundling streaming services (like Disney+ or Netflix) into a package.
  • Commitment: Cable/satellite services typically require 1+ year contracts. Streaming does not.
  • Internet requirements: Faster internet recommended for streaming 4K video without buffering.

Below we analyze major Philo competitors across streaming TV and cable/satellite.

Best Streaming TV Alternatives

1. Sling TV

Sling Tv Home

Sling TV offers a scaled back cable-like experience at affordable pricing, making it one of the best Philo alternatives for cord cutters seeking major channels without contracts or commitments.

Cost: $40-$60/month
Channels: 30-50+
Key networks: ESPN, CNN, TNT, TBS, HGTV, Discovery
DVR: Unlimited storage
Streams: 1-4 simultaneous
Free trial: 50% off first month

Sling stands out with its economical Orange and Blue base packages starting at just $40 each. Sports fans access ESPN, while news junkies can get CNN. Regional sports coverage proves limited however.

Sling Blue offers more channels and streams for $45. Opting for the combined Orange & Blue plan unlocks 50+ popular stations. Add-on packs like News Extra, Comedy Plus, Lifestyle Extra and more enable further customization.

For frequent DVR users or households needing expanded device access, Sling’s limitations around base streams and storage may pose challenges requiring upgrades. Nevertheless, the platform’s affordable pricing and flexibility cement it as a leading contender for previous Philo and cable subscribers alike.


Directv Stream

DIRECTV STREAM batches live TV streaming with on-demand access to AT&T services like HBO Max. Higher pricing gets you premium channels and unlimited DVR.

Cost: $70-$150/month
Channels: 75-150+
Key networks: HBO, ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, Disney
DVR: Unlimited hours
Streams: 20 simultaneous
Free trial: 5 days

While cheaper options exist, DIRECTV STREAM offers a best-in-class experience closer to traditional TV. Top-tier packages rival leading cable and satellite providers in offerings. Regional sports coverage also proves superior to rivals YouTube TV and Hulu Live.

Recognizable channels like HGTV, Cartoon Network, AMC, E!, Fox and CNN all feature. Access 20 streams simultaneously and unlimited DVR storage too.

Major downsides over Philo come down to contracts and pricing. Agreements lasting 12-24 months pose barriers to cost-conscious cord-cutters craving flexibility. Plans exceeding $100 monthly also bust common streaming budget expectations.

Nevertheless, DIRECTV STREAM warrants consideration from high-volume viewers able to stomach premium pricing for premium access. Sign-up bonuses like a free Amazon Fire TV Stick sweeten the proposition and reduce upfront outlays as well.

3. YouTube TV

Youtube Tv Home 1

Google’s YouTube TV ties expanded channel offerings with generous DVR storage and streams. Sports coverage particularly shines. But increased pricing erodes value advantages over conventional pay TV providers.

Cost: $65+/month Channels: 100+
Key networks: ESPN, Fox Sports, MSNBC, HGTV
DVR: Unlimited storage
Streams: 3 simultaneous
Free trial: 1 week

YouTube TV offers perhaps the most comprehensive overall package for under $75 monthly. That’s still more than double Philo’s pricing however.

Top stations like ESPN, USA, TBS, Discovery, Animal Planet and Fox News all feature. Also access speciality hubs like YouTube TV Sports Plus for an extra fee. Cloud DVR functionality enables recording up to 9 months of content too.

In typical Google fashion however, YouTube TV prioritizes functionality over cost savings. Recent price hikes inflated costs despite competitors mostly holding steady. Restrictions around ad-skipping and streaming controls also rankle some power users. Freebies like 4K streams require yet another paid package.

YouTube TV works best for sports enthusiasts wanting the widest access and unlimited DVR. Expect costs nearing $100 monthly once upgrading to access desired features though.

Best Cable TV/Satellite Alternatives

Many viewers still value the simplicity and breadth of programming available from conventional cable TV or satellite. Here are two leading options if expanded access proves vital.

4. Xfinity TV

Xfinity Tv For You

Comcast Xfinity provides fully modernized cable TV, blending premium digital quality and features with traditional channel variety and reliability.

Cost: $30-$100+/month
Channels: 140-340+
Key networks: HBO, Starz, Showtime and more
DVR: Up to 600 hours storage
Streams: Up to 7 simultaneous
Contracts: 1+ year typically

Xfinity enables accessing over 300 channels if opting for the highest-tier package. Regional sports coverage excels no matter your location across Comcast’s vast coverage map. Expect fees and equipment rentals hiking costs beyond the advertised rate however.

Cloud DVR comes standard for most Xfinity subscribers, permitting recording hundreds of hours without finicky old school hardware. Just expect frustrating restrictions preventing ad-skipping or accessing recordings offline.

Comcast’s Xfinity TV brings cable seamlessly into the streaming era. But bloated bundles cram in unnecessary channels while equipment, franchise fees and other surcharges plague bills. For the simplest and most comprehensive TV alternative to Philo though, Xfinity makes streaming feel unnecessarily complex.

5. DISH Network

Dish Network Home

Satellite leader DISH offers streamlined TV packages meshed with optional on-demand streaming access from services like Netflix and YouTube. While pricing stays lower than cable, contracts pose barriers.

Cost: $50-$100/month
Channels: 120-320+
Key networks: HBO, Cinemax, Epix, Hallmark
DVR: Unlimited storage
Streams: Up to 16 simultaneous
Contracts: 2 year typically

DISH shines with crystal clear picture quality courtesy of satellite delivery. Equipment costs hit upfront and T&C’s require commitments, but pricing stays largely reasonable given gargantuan channel lineups listing over 200+ options before incorporating streaming add-ons.

Every premium network from HBO Max to Netflix can package directly with DISH for a simplified billing and viewing experience. Just expect the final tally exceeding $100 monthly once incorporating desired streaming and TV selections.

For viewers craving comprehensive choice rather than costly compromise, DISH validates itself despite a dying tech. Contract requirements and hardware hassles however lose out to streaming flexibility even if channel variety can’t quite compare yet.

Other streaming services like Hulu Live or fuboTV present alternatives too.

Key Takeaways

Transitioning from Philo doesn’t have to mean blowing your cord-cutting budget. Affordable streaming solutions like Sling TV replicate much of the experience for similar pricing. However, cable and satellite alternatives edge out streaming on channel selection and availability, albeit at steep premiums reaching $100+ monthly.

Considering your exact must-have programming and features helps identify the best alternative aligning with your budget and preferences. Be sure to utilize free trials before committing to minimize risk. Lastly, don’t hesitate reaching out for promotional offers lowering your monthly costs as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still evaluating the ideal Philo TV replacement service for your viewing needs? These common questions provide additional guidance:

What is the cheapest alternative to Philo TV?

Sling TV offers the most affordable streaming TV alternative, with base packages starting as little as $40 monthly for 30+ channels. Limited DVR storage and streams require upgrading however.

What service has similar channels to Philo?

Sling TV and DIRECTV STREAM offer the most channel crossover with Philo. Each enable customizing your TV lineup through add-on channel packs as well. Expect costs exceeding Philo’s pricing however.

Which streaming service has the most channels?

YouTube TV offers over 95+ channels encompassing sports, news, entertainment and more. Higher pricing nearing $100 monthly once upgrading streaming capabilities and storage does dull the value proposition however.

What channels are missing from Philo?

Philo lacks critical sports channels like ESPN, regional sports networks and key cable favorites like History, HGTV and more. Consider alternatives like Sling Blue or YouTube TV gaining well-rounded channel access.

What has similar channels to Sling TV?

YouTube TV closely mirrors Sling Blue’s entertainment and news focus while bumping sports and local channel availability. Expect steeper $70 monthly pricing minimums though. DIRECTV STREAM also overlaps Sling Blue’s most popular channels while enabling premium network adds like HBO Max.

How does streaming TV compare to cable and satellite?

Cable and satellite offer unmatched channel availability and reliability exceeding 200+ options typically. Streamlined packages from Sling TV or YouTube TV make more fiscal and functional sense for lighter viewers though, costing half as much while ditching equipment fees and commitments.

Which is better: streaming vs cable?

It depends on your budget, channel needs and technical capabilities. Streaming TV provides contract flexibility and costs between $40-$100+ monthly. But channel limitations exist and picture quality lags cable and satellite. Conventional pay TV options cater best to high-volume viewers wanting maximum programming for a premium, albeit with equipment headaches and service calls dragging the experience.

What internet speed do I need for streaming TV?

The major streaming platforms suggest minimum speeds between 10-25Mbps for smooth streaming. Faster connectivity makes 4K streaming more reliable and supports additional devices simultaneously. Most households require between 100-200Mbps for optimal functionality across 4K streaming, video calls, gaming and smart devices.