Philo TV vs FuboTV – Which Live TV Streaming Service Is Better in 2024?

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Philo Tv Vs Fubotv

Live TV streaming services like Philo TV and FuboTV offer cable-like packages without the headaches of contracts or equipment rentals. But with so many options on the market in 2024, how do you choose?

This complete guide compares Philo and FuboTV across critical categories like channel lineups, pricing, sports coverage, cloud DVRs, streaming quality and more. Read on for a detailed feature-by-feature breakdown to help you decide which service best fits your needs and budget.

At a Glance Comparison

Price$25/monthStarts at $79.99/month
# of Channels70+ channels189+ channels (Pro Plan)
Sports ChannelsNo sports channels35+ sports channels (Pro plan)
Local BroadcastsNo local channelsABC, CBS, Fox & NBC in select markets
Included Cloud DVRUnlimited; 1 year storage1,000 hour DVR limit
Max Streams3 simultaneous streamsUnlimited home streams + 3 out-of-home (Elite plan)
Streaming Quality720p live TV; 1080p on-demand720p/1080p
Top Cable ChannelsA&E, AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, etcSame, plus more sports & news
ProsInexpensive, unlimited DVRSports + local channels
ConsNo sports or local broadcastsMore expensive

Both Philo TV and FuboTV offer free trials so you can experience them firsthand. Keep reading our in-depth comparison for more details.

Philo TV Overview

Philo Logo

Philo markets itself as an affordable live TV streaming service focused on entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge programming. For only $25 per month, Philo offers an impressive lineup of over 70 popular cable TV channels delivered over the internet.

The service first launched in 2009 under the name Tivli. After rebranding as Philo in 2016, the company has continued gaining subscribers looking for a low-cost alternative to pricier cable TV replacements like Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV.

In our hands-on Philo TV review, we found the stream quality and reliability to be excellent, especially considering the budget price tag. Streaming features are no frills but solid, with support for up to 3 simultaneous streams and unlimited cloud DVR storage (although saved recordings expire after 1 year).

The main catch is the limited channel selection. Philo focuses squarely on entertainment networks like AMC, Discovery, Nickelodeon and Paramount Network while omitting news, sports, locals and major networks. But if you mostly watch reality shows, lifestyle programs and classic sitcoms, Philo should cover most of your bases. For casual TV watchers, it delivers fantastic value.

Philo Home

Philo TV Packages & Pricing

One of the biggest perks of Philo is the simplicity when it comes to pricing. There’s just one main package for $25 per month. Here are the details:

  • Over 70+ live channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR included
  • 3 simultaneous streams
  • $25 per month, billed monthly or yearly

The base package includes popular cable entertainment networks like:

  • AMC
  • BBC America
  • CMT
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery Channel
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • History Channel
  • Lifetime
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • OWN
  • Paramount Network
  • Tastemade
  • Travel Channel
  • VH1

Philo also offers optional Epix and Starz add-ons starting at $6 more per month.

For $25 per month, Philo offers tremendous value if you mostly want top cable entertainment networks. Compared to other budget live TV options, their channel selection is robust, stream quality is excellent and unlimited DVR storage for a year is hard to beat.

The main catch is zero sports coverage and no local broadcast stations. But Philo isn’t pitching itself as a cable replacement — it nicely complements other streaming services. At only $25 monthly with no commitment, it’s an affordable way to satisfy your reality TV cravings without going back to cable.

FuboTV Overview

Fubotv Logo

FuboTV positions itself firmly as a sports-centric live TV streaming platform. In addition to top entertainment channels, FuboTV focuses coverage around sporting events – from professional football, baseball and basketball to soccer, auto racing and college athletics.

Originally launched in 2015 as a soccer streaming service, FuboTV has evolved into an all-purpose cable replacement bundling 95+ live sports channels alongside news and entertainment options. In our hands-on FuboTV review, we found channel selection, streaming quality and features to be excellent — albeit at a higher monthly price point versus competitors.

In their standard Pro package, FuboTV delivers 189+ channels including:

  • Local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox stations in most US markets
  • 30+ sports channels from ESPN to NFL Network
  • News brands like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News
  • Entertainment favorites such as AMC, E!, HGTV, MTV and more
  • Option for 200+ channel Ultra package
  • 100 hour cloud DVR with upgrade options
  • Streaming on up to 10 devices concurrently

By combining diverse channel offerings with polished apps and streaming features, FuboTV makes a compelling case as a cable TV replacement. You’ll pay at least $79.99 monthly, so it’s certainly not the cheapest live streaming option. But frequent sports fans find great value in the broad mix of pro, college and international sporting events covered. Fubo also appeals to news junkies by integrating many major cable news brands.

Fubotv Interface

For cord-cutters seeking an all-in-one alternative to cable TV, Fubo checks most boxes with a frictionless viewing experience across devices like LG TVs, Apple TV and Vizio SmartCast.

FuboTV Packages & Pricing

FuboTV offers various packages tailored to differing needs and budgets:

PackagePrice Per Month# of ChannelsCloud DVRSimultaneous Streams
Pro$79.99189+ channels1,000 hoursUnlimited home + 3
Elite$89.99258+ channels1,000 hoursUnlimited home + 3
Premier$99.99267+ channels1,000 hoursUnlimited home + 3
Latino Quarterly$32.99/3 months65+ channels250 hoursUnlimited home + 2
Fubotv Packages

Customers can also bolt on extra channel packs like Sports Plus with NFL RedZone ($11/month) or Adventure Plus ($5/month) with outdoors content from Outside TV and more. Perks like premium channel add-ons and increased cloud DVR storage incur extra fees.

The Fubo Pro plan runs $79.99 per month and gets you started with over 189 channels spanning sports, news, entertainment and more. This includes at least 30+ sports channels from ESPN to NFL Network, local ABC/CBS/NBC stations in most regions, plus top cable brands like AMC, E!, HGTV and MTV.

The Pro package appeals to casual sports fans. But hockey nuts or NFL diehards may want the Elite plan ($89.99 monthly) with extra niche sports networks. Bottom line —FuboTV delivers strong value but lacks some Turner networks and comes at a higher cost than Philo.

Philo vs FuboTV: In-Depth Feature Comparison

Now that we’ve covered Philo TV and FuboTV basics, let’s explore how they stack up across critical categories for cord-cutters: channel lineup, sports coverage, DVR features, streaming quality, device support and more.

Channels & Content

First, a quick look at how FuboTV and Philo TV streaming services overlap — and differ — when it comes to channel offerings:

Philo keeps its channel count low at just 70+ networks. But it focuses squarely on entertainment, lifestyle and comedy offerings with channels like AMC, Comedy Central, Cooking Channel, Discovery, MTV, VH1 and more.

Philo Channels

FuboTV in its base packages doubles Philo’s channel count to deliver over 189+ popular cable TV networks – including entertainment, news, network and sports channels. Think A&E, Bravo, CNBC, ESPN, Fox News, HGTV, MSNBC, NFL Network, USA Network and more. Niche add-ons introduce additional sports, family or international channels.

Fubotv Channels

In our view, FuboTV clearly offers superior breadth and variety across programming categories — an easy payoff for the steeper subscription fees. But cost-conscious users focused strictly on reality TV, lifestyle shows and some sitcoms will still get plenty to watch via Philo for only $25 monthly. It comes down to personal viewing priorities.

Sports Coverage

When it comes to sports, FuboTV tops Philo by a landslide with broad coverage of pro, college and international leagues. Philo offers zero sports content.

Here’s a quick sports network overview:


  • 30+ sports channels from ESPN to NFL Network
  • Optional NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone, NBA TV and NHL Network
  • Soccer coverage including beIN Sports
  • International play via Liga MX and GOLTV
Fubo Tv Sports Content


  • No sports channels or coverage

Clearly, sports fans need to steer towards FuboTV. Apart from the standard ESPN/FS1/NBATV suite, FuboTV also serves up niche sporting events from horse racing to rugby to deep college football coverage. Soccer fans take note — Fubo uniquely offers various international soccer leagues perfect for World Cup viewing parties.

Local Channels & Regional Sports Networks

In select US cities, live TV streaming platforms can deliver local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC stations for news, local programming and primetime network TV. Availability varies widely based on location.

Here’s how Philo and FuboTV compare for in-market broadcasts:

FuboTV offers live local station streaming in over 95% of US TV markets. That means most subscribers can watch ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC live – great for local news and hot shows. Regional sports networks like Fox Sports Southwest are included where available.

Fubotv Local Channels

Philo currently provides zero local channel access or regional sports networks. So Bostonians can’t watch WBTS-CD 10, Denver natives miss KTVD My20 and Philly fans don’t get WPHL 17. For local programming, you’ll need an HD antenna or alternative streaming provider.

Once again, FuboTV pulls ahead — especially for sports fans reliant on regional networks broadcasting hometown professional teams.

Cloud DVR & Lookback Features

Modern live TV streaming platforms offer “cloud DVRs” as an alternative to hardware units – letting you record shows to watch later. Here’s how Philo and FuboTV compare:

Philo comes out ahead by including unlimited DVR storage on their base package. Simply record any show with unlimited space for an entire year before it gets deleted. Great for building massive libraries of favorite cable programs or reality competitions.

Philo Cloud Dvr

FuboTV includes 1,000 hours of cloud DVR space – sizable but still limiting compared to Philo’s unlimited offer. Heavy DVR users may run into restraints for long-term recording. Upgrades expand storage up to 2,000 hours for extra fees.

Fubotv Cloud Dvr

Both platforms also incorporate “lookback” features allowing you to access programs that recently aired on many channels. For shows not available via full DVR functionality, the lookback acts as a safety net so you can replay content from earlier the same day.

Streaming Quality

In assessing streaming quality, both platforms deliver solid performance:

Philo maxes out at 720p resolution for live content and 60fps for anything recorded to the cloud DVR. But video quality remains very good overall across our testing devices, with crisp picture and vibrant colors holding up nicely on big screens.

FuboTV matches Philo at 720p resolution on mobile devices but reportedly can stream in 1080p on supported platforms like Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. So comparing strictly across televisions, Fubo likely wins on fidelity. But we noticed minimal real-world difference versus Philo. Video quality ranges up to 4K on some on-demand library content.

The bottom line — both services offer better-than-cable HD streaming quality fully capable of showcasing reality competitions or awards shows or Sunday Night Football in beautiful detail.choose Philo. But sports lovers needing higher framerates for fast-action games do get an edge with Fubo.

Device Support

Philo and FuboTV apps are supported across an overlapping set of popular media players, smart TVs and mobile devices:

Philo apps work on:

Philo Devices

FuboTV apps work on:

  • iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Apple TV 4th gen and newer
  • Amazon Fire Tablets and TV
  • Android TVs
  • Roku (select models)
  • Chromecast
  • Vizio and LG smart TVs
  • Xbox One boxes
Fubotv Device Support

Fubo also offers apps for Comcast Xfinity, tatistics show nearly half of cord-cutters are supplementing streaming services like Philo or FuboTV with free over-the-air (OTA) local broadcasts from an HD antenna. If you’re looking to maximize savings, owning an OTA antenna provides access to many local and regional sports networks typically missing on streaming-only platforms.

Before deciding on any live TV streaming service, we recommend installing an affordable indoor or outdoor HD antenna matched to your address. OTA antenna benefits include:

  • Access to ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, PBS and other free local channels
  • Regional sports networks showing pro teams and college conferences
  • Content from dedicated sub-channels like True Crime Network, Quest TV and more
  • One-time cost of $20-$150 depending on antenna specs

Check out AntennaWeb to discover available OTA channels in your area. An antenna opens up lots of free programming to nicely complement paid streaming subscriptions.

Customer Support

Both FuboTV and Philo offer helpful customer assistance largely through self-service account management and comprehensive online knowledge bases.

For personal email or chat support, Philo only operates Monday-Friday 9am-9pm ET. Phone assistance is unavailable. FuboTV maintains 24/7 live chat plus extended phone support hours all week. So in a pinch, Fubo likely offers more reliable direct assistance.

But in reviewing community threads, both Philo and Fubo users report solid experiences across email, social media and chat mediums when technical issues arise. Most needs seem well covered through DIY troubleshooting steps or timely replies from each company’s support team.

As popular services continue maturing, we expect overall customer satisfaction rates to remain high for subscribers needing account changes, billing help or troubleshooting pointers. Both Philo TV and FuboTV shine best with self-directed account management versus requiring heavy customer hand holding.

If you experience technical issues with FuboTV, check out their help site for troubleshooting. Alternatively explore other live TV streaming options like Sling TV, YouTube TV or DIRECTV STREAM.

Philo vs FuboTV Compared: Key Takeaways

Here are the critical points to remember around Philo TV versus FuboTV based on our detailed feature breakdown:

  • Philo costs just $25 per month making it the budget-friendly option for casual TV viewers focused squarely on top entertainment channels. Expect lots of reality shows, comedy and light dramas without any sports.
  • FuboTV starts at $79.99 monthly but opens up far more content – especially coveted local channels and 30+ national sports networks. Pay more for cable news, sitcoms, movies and other eclectic offerings.
  • Channel surfers wanting maximum variety across TV genres gain big value from FuboTV but sacrifice savings versus Philo. Check your must-have channel needs before deciding.
  • Sports fans get everything from NFL RedZone to NBA TV and more via FuboTV packages purpose-built around sports. Philo drops the ball completely on athletics.
  • Households can stream Philo on 3 devices concurrently versus unlimited home streams through FuboTV – helpful for bigger families.
  • Cord-cutters missing local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox should check FuboTV’s availability by ZIP code to watch in-market stations. Philo lacks local channel streaming.
  • FuboTV maxes video resolution at 1080p across supported devices like Apple TV. Stream quality stands out as excellent. Philo tops at 720p but still delivers solid HD performance that should please most viewers.
  • Before committing, use the free trials for both Philo TV and FuboTV to experience channel offerings and streaming quality first-hand. Both allow seven days to test the experience in your home.

The Final Call: Philo vs FuboTV

So which live TV streaming provider wins our recommendation among Philo TV versus FuboTV?

The short answer depends what specific channels and features you value most.

For cost-conscious streamers focused squarely on reality TV, lifestyle programs and comedy reruns, Philo brings excellent value- especially with generous DVR storage and stream quality at just $25 monthly. Don’t expect any sports.

But for TV junkies wanting a full cable-like experience with sports, news and loads of variety, FuboTV pulls ahead. Despite the higher pricing, Fubo bundles far more content while matching Philo’s core entertainment networks. Factor in polished apps with broad device support, and Fubo becomes the superior all-purpose live TV platform.

Most cord-cutters are best served by mixing and matching streaming providers to meet their household’s needs. For under $100 monthly all-in, you could combine:

  • Philo ($25/month) for reality TV, MTV, Discovery, Nickelodeon
  • ESPN+ ($9.99/month) for sports
  • Hulu ($7.99/month with ads) for on-demand shows, movies and originals
  • HD antenna ($50 one-time) for free local channels

At that total spend, you save dramatically over bloated cable TV bills while accessing 90% of the same programming. Compile your must-have channel list, weigh priorities like cost and sports coverage, then leverage free trials to see if Philo TV or Fubo fits best in your personalized streaming lineup.

FAQs About Philo TV and FuboTV

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions we get around selecting and using Philo versus FuboTV:

Does Philo or Fubo offer better DVR storage?

Philo wins on included DVR specs with unlimited storage for 1 year per recording. FuboTV includes 1,000 hours total – still ample space but more limiting versus Philo’s unlimited functionality.

Can I get local channels and regional sports with streaming?

FuboTV offers streaming ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC feeds in most US markets – unavailable on Philo. Some subscribers combine OTA antennas to unlock even more local programming. Regional sports coverage also varies widely by location for both services.

Which streams better for sports?

FuboTV maxes video quality at 1080p with 60fps on supported devices like Apple TV. This gives sports fans smoother, more fluid streaming well-suited to fast action. Philo tops at 720p/30fps but still looks decent for most programs.

What’s the best deal for just entertainment networks?

Philo TV remains the gold standard for accessing 70+ top entertainment channels at a low $25 monthly rate. Compared to FuboTV, Philo offers superior value if you mostly watch reality competitions, home renovation shows and comedy reruns.

Can I customize my channel package on either platform?

No – Philo and Fubo each offer static channel bundles without ability to customize specific networks. Fubo does enable bolt-on channel packs like Sports Plus for more niche programming. But the core lineups stay locked for each tier.

Which free trial should I use first?

We suggest evaluating Philo TV first since the base $25 package appeals to more mainstream interests. Assess channel lineup, streaming quality and features for 7 days. If you want still more variety especially with sports, graduate to a FuboTV free trial before subscribing.

Who comes out on top: PhiloTV vs Fubo?

It depends! Philo brings better long-term value strictly for entertainment channels and shows. But FuboTV justifies its higher pricing with far superior variety across entertainment, news, sports and more genres. Try both free trials to see which streaming service best aligns to your household’s needs.