The Ultimate Guide to Using FuboTV on Apple TV

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Fubotv On Apple Tv

FuboTV and Apple TV make an ideal combination for cable-cutting sports fans. This guide covers everything you need to know to stream live sports and more with FuboTV on Apple TV.


What is FuboTV?

Fubotv Logo

FuboTV is a live TV streaming service that replicates cable but over the internet. It specializes in live sports – especially international soccer – but offers 100+ total channels including news, entertainment and more.

What is Apple TV?

Apple Tv 4k

Apple TV is Apple’s streaming box that plugs into your TV. It delivers smooth 4K HDR performance perfect for live sports. With family sharing, everyone can have personalized profiles too.

Why FuboTV and Apple TV Work Well Together

Apple TV’s speed means less lag and interruptions while streaming fast-paced games. But the real perk is Multiview – FuboTV’s exclusive Apple TV feature that lets you watch and manage up to four live channels simultaneously.

Getting Set Up with FuboTV on Apple TV

Below are the quick steps to start streaming FuboTV on your Apple TV:

  • Make sure you have an Apple TV 4th generation or newer
  • Download and install the FuboTV app from the App Store
  • Sign up for FuboTV service and log in on your Apple TV
  • Start streaming!
Apple Tv Install The Fubotv App

Be sure your internet speed supports 4K streaming to get the full experience. Learn what to do if you experience FuboTV streaming problems.

Using FuboTV’s Apple TV Exclusive Features

FuboTV includes some special integrations exclusive to Apple TV:


Unique to Apple TV, Multiview lets you watch up to 4 live channels on one screen. You can switch any channel to fullscreen or change which audio plays. It’s perfect for keeping tabs on multiple games at once.

Apple Tv Multiview Fubotv


Also available on other FuboTV devices, FanView on Apple TV can be activated through Multiview. It provides live scoreboards, stats and more. Add up to 2 FanView widgets and easily swap games by selecting active scores.

Apple Tv Fanview Fubotv

So Apple TV really enhances FuboTV with Multiview. But what else does FuboTV offer sports fans?

Why Choose FuboTV for Sports Streaming?

Beyond Multiview, Fubo brings several key advantages for live sports streaming:

  • 4K HDR on Select Events – For premium visuals on big games
  • Multiple Device Streams – Home and on the go
  • Enhanced DVR – Record and replay games
  • FanView – Keep tabs on scores and stats
  • Fubo Extra Add-on – Get expanded sports channel packages

Fubo also offers unique features like FanView for tracking live scores and stats not found on alternatives like Hulu.

Other Ways to Watch FuboTV

While Apple TV brings unique perks, you can access Fubo on many other devices too like LG TVs and Vizio Smart TVs.

Fubotv Device Support

For expanded compatibility lists, visit FuboTV’s support site.

Key Takeaways

  • FuboTV offers 100+ live TV channels similar to competitors like Sling TV and YouTube TV but with a heavier focus on sports.
  • Apple TV provides fast streaming crucial for live sports
  • Exclusive Multiview feature enables watching 4 channels at once
  • Integrated FanView lets you directly track live scores and stats
  • Fubo brings sports specialized streaming with 4K and DVR
  • Access all features by downloading FuboTV from the Apple TV App Store


Is Apple TV the best streaming device for FuboTV?

For FuboTV specifically, yes – mostly thanks to the exclusive Multiview feature. Fubo streams well on other mainstream devices too though.

Does FuboTV have good sports channel options?

Absolutely. Fubo started focused on soccer coverage but now includes a wide selection of national and regional sports networks across various leagues and sports. There’s an Extra add-on too for expanded sports channels.

What’s the best way to save on FuboTV?

The best deals come from their occasional limited-time promotions. You can also save around 10% via annual billing. The base package starts at a competitive $79.99 per month regardless.

Can I watch FuboTV live channels on multiple devices simultaneously?

You can stream simultaneously on an unlimited number of devices on one home network. There’s also support for streaming on 3 devices outside the home, with cheap add-ons allowing more.

How many channels does FuboTV offer?

Over 100 channels across news, entertainment, sports and more. Sports make up around a third with expanded options via Sports Plus and other add-ons. Check FuboTV’s packages breakdown for specifics.

Hopefully this guide covered everything you wanted to know about using FuboTV on your Apple TV. Let me know if you have any other questions!