Sling TV vs FuboTV: Which Live TV Streaming Service is Better in 2024?

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Sling Tv Vs Fubo Tv

Looking to cut cable and want to know whether Sling TV or FuboTV is the better live TV streaming service this year? This comprehensive guide examines all the key differences to help you decide.


When it comes to live TV streaming services, Sling TV and FuboTV stand out as two of the most popular options. But is one better than the other in 2024?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare everything from channel lineups and pricing to features and user experience so you can determine the right service for your needs.

We’ll cover key factors like:

  • Number and variety of channels
  • Sports programming and coverage
  • Cloud DVR storage space
  • Simultaneous streams allowed
  • 4K capability
  • User interface and account options
  • Device availability and support

By the end, you’ll have all the details to decide whether budget-friendly Sling TV or sports-centric FuboTV is the best live streaming service for the money this year.

Plans and Pricing

First, let’s examine the base packages, add-ons, and premiums to see how Sling TV and FuboTV compare when it comes to pricing.

Sling TV Packages

Sling TV keeps things simple with just two main packages to choose from, Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Their channel listings overlap somewhat, but each plan has some exclusives.

Sling Orange provides 30+ channels for $40/month. Popular channels include ESPN, CNN, BBC America and AMC.

Sling Blue also runs $45/month but serves up 40+ channels. Finds like Fox Sports 1, NBC Sports Network, and FX are Sling Blue exclusives.

For the maximum variety, you can combine them both as Sling Orange + Blue for $60/month. Together they deliver 50+ channels.

Sling Tv Packages

In addition, Sling offers Extra channel add-ons focused on themes like comedy, lifestyle, Hollywood and more. Extra packages cost $6/month each.

For premium channels, Sling provides Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and more starting at $3/month.

FuboTV Packages

FuboTV takes a more traditional approach with package tiers analogous to cable TV bundles.

The Pro plan starts at $79.99/month with 180+ channels. The higher-end Elite plan serves up 250+ channels for $89.99/month.

Fubotv Packages

Rather than themed add-ons, Fubo groups additional channels into packages around categories like sports, entertainment, world cinema and so on. These premium add-ons start at $7.99/month.

For premium movie channels, you can add services like Showtime, Epix and Starz for $5-12/month each.

Price Comparison

ServiceStarts at
Sling Orange$40/month
Sling Blue$45/month
Sling Orange + Blue$60/month
Fubo Pro$79.99/month
Fubo Elite$89.99/month

Sling TV clearly comes out cheaper for base packages. But once you factor in add-ons, FuboTV starts becoming more competitive. Still, Sling TV remains one of the most affordable live TV streaming options out there.

Channels and Sports

Next let’s dive into the all important channel and sports coverage comparisons.

Channel Lineups

Sling TV offers two solid starting lineups with Sling Orange and Sling Blue, but far less variety than FuboTV out of the box.

Sling Orange provides 30+ popular channels with focus on sports via ESPN alongside entertainment. Sling Blue counters with 40+ channels emphasizing news and entertainment.

FuboTV comes stocked with over 180 channels on Pro and more than 250 channels if you spring for the Elite package. So Fubo clearly has larger base packages.

However, Sling battles back with Extras and premium add-ons allowing you to build up your channel count á la carte style.

See how Sling TV vs FuboTV stack up across some of the most popular networks:

A&ESling Blue
AMCSling Orange + Blue
CBS Sports
DisneySling Orange
ESPNSling Orange
Food NetworkSling Blue
Fox NewsSling Blue
HGTVSling Blue
NFL NetworkSling Blue
TBSSling Orange + Blue
TNTSling Orange + Blue

FuboTV carries most major entertainment and sports networks. But you lose out on key Turner channels like TBS and TNT due to a carriage dispute.

Fubo is great for sports fans since you can access ESPN streaming on FuboTV.

Sling TV comes up short on sports coverage but gives you more control to choose channels á la carte through Extras.

So channel variety goes to FuboTV, while Sling TV offers more customization.

Sports Content

Fubo Tv Sports Content

If sports are a priority, FuboTV is easily the superior choice.

Fubo positions itself as a sports-centric service, and you’ll find extensive sports programming from international soccer to college football to niche sports like cycling and poker.

Sling TV offers ESPN and other mainstream sports channels. But sports fans will find the coverage too basic, especially once they start needing regional sports networks (RSNs) to follow local teams.

For the biggest sports selection, FuboTV is the clear winner. Casual sports fans on a budget may find Sling TV sufficient.

Local Channels

Access to ABC, CBS, Fox and other local broadcast stations varies widely by region with streaming services.

FuboTV provides exceptional coverage of local stations across the US. So there is a good chance you can watch local news and network TV on FuboTV.

Sling TV offers more limited local access. So you may need to supplement with an HD antenna if you require local channels.

For local broadcast access, FuboTV is the better choice.

See how FuboTV compares to DIRECTV Stream for features like channel lineups. Or check out FuboTV on LG TVs and Vizio smart TVs for device support.


Beyond just channels, let’s explore some of the key features that set these streaming providers apart.

Cloud DVR

DVR functionality allows you to record and replay content as you want.

FuboTV comes out ahead, offering 1,000 hours of cloud DVR storage standard. You can even upgrade to unlimited storage hours.

Fubotv Cloud Dvr

Sling TV only provides 50 hours of DVR storage on its base packages. However, you can pay $5/month extra to increase to 200 hours of storage space.

Sling Tv Cloud Dvr

For DVR functionality, FuboTV is clearly superior with 10x more storage without any add-on fees.

When weighing FuboTV vs Hulu Live, their DVR storage or where they offer local channels differ.

Compare YouTube TV vs Sling on DVR, streams allowed and other features beyond just channels.

Simultaneous Streams

Want to watch on multiple devices at once or share an account with family? Here’s how Sling TV and FuboTV compare on simultaneous streams allowed:

  • Sling Orange allows 1 stream
  • Sling Blue allows 3 streams
  • Sling Orange + Blue allows 4 streams
  • FuboTV allows up to 10 streams depending on tier

FuboTV again wins out with significantly higher simultaneous streams permitted, making it better suited for larger households.

4K Capability

Both Sling TV and FuboTV offer some 4K Ultra HD content to take advantage of the latest TV technologies.

4K provides sharper imagery with more dynamic colors and contrast compared to HD. Its benefits really shine through on large screens and movies.

FuboTV includes 4K programming on select sporting events, movies and shows as part of packages.

With Sling TV 4K content costs $5/month extra through their “Hollywood Extra” add-on. Available 4K fare includes movies and events.

If you have a 4K TV, FuboTV integrates 4K viewing better through its base plans whereas Sling makes you pay more.

User Experience

Usability touches like the interface design, account features and device access also contribute to satisfaction with a streaming provider.


Both Sling TV and FuboTV provide well-designed interfaces that make finding and watching content straightforward across platforms.

Sling TV offers a streamlined menu presented horizontally across apps and devices for quick access to channels plus on demand content.

Sling Tv Home

FuboTV vertical sidebar interface will feel instantly familiar for cable TV converts with logical organized menus around live, sports, shows and more.

Fubotv Interface

In terms of ease of use Sling TV vs FuboTV ends up a draw. Both offer intuitive navigation that improves over cable TV.

Account Personalization

Want to fine tune preferences on an individual profile basis?

FuboTV allows customization through up to 6 user profiles per account. Each profile can set favorites, recordings, recommendations and so on.

Sling TV just has a single account experience. So no personalized profiles.

For a customized experience per family member, FuboTV delivers better options.


Both providers offer extensive device support across phones, tablets, streaming devices, smart TVs game consoles and more.

You can watch Sling TV and FuboTV on platforms like:

Sling Tv Device Compatibility

Device availability proves very similar, though Sling TV goes a bit deeper supporting niche platforms like Oculus and AirTV.

For device support details, see Sling TV on Firestick or Sling TV on Samsung smart TVs.

But for most mainstream devices, you’ll be covered equally well with either streaming provider.

Original Programming

While focused on live TV, Sling TV and FuboTV both incorporate some exclusive original programming into their lineups.

Sling TV offers over a dozen original shows such as “Chrissy’s Court”, “Mapleworth Murders” and more through their Sling TV Originals. Content spans reality, true crime, comedy and drama.

FuboTV doesn’t produce its own originals, but carries exclusive cycling, soccer and motorsports leagues you won’t find other places. Much of this international niche sports content Fubo funds themselves.

If you want complimentary original entertainment alongside live TV, Sling TV provides more options. For unique live niche sports, check out FuboTV.

Key Takeaways

  • Channel variety: Fubo TV offers significantly more base channels across entertainment, news and especially sports. Over 250 channels come standard.
  • Sports coverage: FuboTV is the undisputed leader here with extensive national and regional sports networks. Sling TV trails badly lacking most RSNs.
  • Cloud DVR: FuboTV includes 1000 hours of DVR storage standard compared to just 50 hours initially on Sling TV.
  • Streaming: FuboTV allows more simultaneous streams making it better for larger households.
  • Pricing: Sling TV starts cheaper at $40/month but FuboTV becomes more competitive when you factor in add-ons.
  • Originals: Sling TV offers more original entertainment while FuboTV focuses on exclusive live niche sports.

For sports fans or larger channel bundles, FuboTV usually makes more sense even with the higher starting price.

For alternatives to FuboTV, services like Philo TV and YouTube TV offer their own benefits.

If you want to build an á la carte live TV package on a budget, Sling TV gives you more flexibility.

I’d only choose Sling TV if you:

  • Want lots of customization
  • Don’t care much about sports
  • Have 1-2 people in your household
  • Prefer buying channels individually

Otherwise I would go with FuboTV for the fuller content package and unlimited DVR storage. But try out free trials of both services to choose what ultimately works better for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to 10 common questions people have around Sling TV vs FuboTV:

1. Which streaming service costs less?

Sling TV starts cheaper at just $40/month. FuboTV entry Pro package runs $79.99/month. But once you factor in add-ons, pricing can be closer. Still Sling TV allows more á la carte control.

2. Can you get local channels?

FuboTV provides extensive support for local ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in most regions of the US. Sling TV local channel availability remains more limited however.

3. What’s the difference between Sling Orange and Sling Blue?

Sling Orange focuses on sports via ESPN channels while Sling Blue emphasizes entertainment and news content like Fox and NBC. Their channel lineups overlap around 20% with each having exclusive options.

4. Does Sling or Fubo offer better DVR?

FuboTV provides vastly superior DVR functionality with 1,000 hours of included cloud storage. Sling only supplies 50 hours initially. Fubo also lets you upgrade to unlimited storage.

5. Which service is better for sports?

FuboTV has far more national sports networks, regional sports networks and college sports channels. Diehard sports fans need to go FuboTV. Casual sports viewers may find Sling TV adequate still.

6. Can you watch Sling and FuboTV on TV?

Yes both work across a wide range of platforms from phones and tablets to media streaming devices like Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku to game consoles to smart TVs.

7. Does Sling or Fubo offer 4K?

FuboTV incorporates 4K viewing for some content as part of packages. Sling TV provides 4K movies and events through their Hollywood Extra for $5/month extra.

8. Can you use Sling internationally?

Sling TV only works within the United States currently. FuboTV also focuses on US channels but some of the international sports add-ons may work abroad. You’ll need a VPN otherwise.

9. Which is better for watching cable channels online?

FuboTV works better as a cable replacement out the of the box. Larger channel packages, extensive DVR, more streams and better replay make it closer to the cable experience.

10. What channels are missing?

No service offers every channel. With FuboTV you mainly lose TBS/TNT. Sling lacks broader sports coverage. Check each service’s lineup against your must have channels before deciding.

The Final Decision

Whether Sling TV or FuboTV stands as the superior live TV streaming provider depends on your specific needs and preferences.

FuboTV shines brighter for sports fans and cable-cutters wanting something very close to traditional pay-TV channel packages and functionality.

Sling TV suits those wanting to customize a budget live TV plan á la carte from many themed add-ons. But sports programming suffers, especially local and regional sports coverage.

I suggest trying out both Sling TV and FuboTV with their free trial offers to get a first-hand feel. Seeing the channels, sports and features in action makes it easier to determine the best service to replace cable TV for the money this year.