How to Watch Sling TV on Samsung Smart TVs: The Complete Guide

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Sling On Samsung Tv

Want to cut the cord on cable but still watch all your favorite shows? Sling TV makes it possible to stream live TV on your Samsung Smart TV. This complete guide covers everything you need to know.

What is Sling TV?

Sling Tv

Sling TV is a live TV streaming service that provides access to over 50 popular cable channels like ESPN, AMC, CNN, HGTV, and more. Plans start at just $40 per month, making Sling one of the most affordable cable alternatives.

Key features:

  • Stream over 50 live channels including ESPN, AMC, CNN, TBS, and more
  • Access to on-demand movies and shows
  • Cloud DVR to record shows
  • Family friendly filters and controls
  • Available on many devices like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, phones, tablets, and Samsung Smart TVs

Why Choose Sling for Samsung Smart TVs?

Sling TV is designed specifically with streaming and cord cutting in mind. The service offers:

  • Easy set up: The Sling TV app can be quickly downloaded from the Samsung Smart TV app store. Simply create an account and start watching in minutes.
  • Optimized experience: The app provides an interface tailored for TV screens and remote controls, unlike phone/tablet apps mirrored to the TV.
  • More device options: With Sling built into Samsung TVs, you can save HDMI ports and keep setup simple.

Plus Sling provides reliability, broad device support, affordable pricing, and wide channel availability – everything you need to ditch cable. The service is also available on many other platforms like LG TVs, Sony TVs, and Fire TV.

How to Install Sling TV on Samsung Smart TVs

Installing Sling on your Samsung TV takes just a few quick steps:

  1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect it to the internet.
  2. Select the app store icon from your home screen.
Apps On Samsung Smart Tv
  1. Search for “Sling TV” and select the Sling TV app.
Search Apps On Samsung Smart Tv
  1. Choose install or add to favorites.
  2. Once installed, open the app.
  3. Create a new account right on your TV or sign-in.
  4. Start streaming immediately after sign up!
Sling Tv Samsung Smart Tv

Supported Samsung TV Models

The Sling app is available on 2016 and newer Samsung smart TV models, including QLED TVs, The Frame, The Serif, and others.

To confirm, head to the app store on your TV – if you can install Sling, then your model is supported.

How to Use Sling on Samsung Smart TVs

Using Sling on your Samsung Smart TV provides a full-featured live streaming experience. You get:

Live Channel Guide: Browse channels available in your Sling package. See what’s on now and view upcoming programs. Set reminders for shows you want to watch later.

Cloud DVR: Record up to 50 hours of programming with Cloud DVR Plus (a $5 monthly add on). Play back recordings anytime. Protect important recordings from being deleted.

On Demand Shows and Movies: Watch thousands of hours of movies, shows, news clips, and more on-demand without a DVR.

Stream to Multiple Devices: Use Sling concurrently across devices without additional cost. For example, start watching CNN in the living room then switch to ESPN in the bedroom.

Profile Support: Create personalized profiles for each viewer to have their own favorites, watch history, recordings, and more.

Reliability Features: Pause live TV and rewind to seamlessly pick up where you left off. Stream smoothly even with slower internet. Resume watching after losing connectivity.

Parental Controls: Block mature content with family friendly filters tailored to kids of all ages. Disable entire channels or filter shows by rating.

Simply use your remote to browse the Sling app just like any other channel. Signing up takes just minutes online and streaming will start instantly.

Sling TV Packages, Add-Ons, and Pricing

Sling offers flexible packages to meet different interests at the lowest prices. Pick one or combine them:

Sling Orange ($40/month): 32+ channels like ESPN, Disney, CNN, AMC, TBS, MLB Network, and more.

Sling Blue ($40/month): 42+ channels like Fox, NBC, Bravo, FX, Syfy, NFL Network, and more.

Sling Orange + Blue ($55/month): Combine both packages (50+ channels) to maximize options. Most popular choice.

Sling Tv Services

Cloud DVR, Sports Extras, Comedy Extras, and more add-on packages also available a-la-carte.

There are no contracts. Upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

Key Takeaways

Installing and watching Sling TV on Samsung Smart TVs is quick and easy:

  • Download the Sling TV app from the app store on compatible Samsung Smart TVs
  • Sign up for Sling Orange, Blue, or combined packages starting at $40/month
  • Stream over 50 popular live channels including ESPN, CNN, AMC, TBS, and more
  • Use advanced features like Cloud DVR, profiles, parental controls and streaming across devices
  • Cut cable TV costs without compromising viewing experience. Sling offers advantages over other live streaming services like YouTube TV, Philo, and FuboTV.

Sling TV provides the best cable channel replacement for Samsung Smart TV owners looking to save money. Take advantage of this guide to get set up with Sling TV on your Samsung TV today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Sling work on all Samsung Smart TV models?

A: Sling is available on 2016 and newer Samsung Smart TV models. The app can be downloaded if your model is supported.

Q: Can I use Sling on Samsung TVs without an external streaming device?

A: Yes, the Sling app comes pre-installed on compatible Samsung TVs allowing you to stream directly – no external device needed.

Q: Does Sling replace cable on a Samsung TV?

A: Yes! Sling offers live streaming for popular cable channels that most cable subscribers regularly watch. Combined with ad-supported services like Pluto TV, Samsung TV owners can ditch traditional cable.

Q: What internet speed do I need for Sling on a Samsung Smart TV?

A: Sling recommends at least 8-10 Mbps internet speeds for smooth streaming. Faster speeds are needed for multiple concurrent streams.