Sling TV vs Philo: An In-Depth Comparison for Cord Cutters

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Sling Tv Vs Philo

Are you looking to cut the cord on cable TV but overwhelmed by the streaming options out there? This guide compares two popular live TV streaming services—Sling TV and Philo—to help you decide which is better based on channels, price, features and more.

As a streaming analyst with over 10 years of experience researching cord cutting options, I’ve tested and compared every major live TV streaming service extensively. Below I’ll share my insights to help you determine if Sling TV or Philo is the right fit.

Key Takeaways

  • Philo offers 70+ channels for only $25/month, while Sling’s cheapest package starts at $40
  • Sling offers more customization with add-on channel packs, but Philo includes more cable channels in its base plan
  • Philo lacks sports, news channels and local broadcasts; Sling has some major sports channels
  • Philo provides unlimited DVR storage; Sling includes 10 hours of DVR
  • Both services allow 3 simultaneous streams; Sling has better device support
  • For budget streamers who don’t need sports or news, Philo is superior value

Sling TV Overview

Sling Tv

Sling TV was one of the first live TV streaming services when it launched in 2015. It stands out with its customizable channel add-ons and packages as well as support for more streaming devices.

Price: Starts at $40/mo
Free Trial: 3 days
Channels: 32+ depending on package
Major Channels: ESPN, CNN, TNT, HGTV, FX

Sling offers three core packages:

  • Sling Orange ($40/mo): 32 channels plus ability to add on packs/premiums
  • Sling Blue ($45/mo): 42 channels plus add-ons
  • Sling Orange + Blue ($60/mo): 46 channels plus add-ons
Sling Tv Packages

Add-on channel packs include:

Premium add-ons like HBO Max and STARZ are also available à la carte. Local channel availability varies by market.

Key Pros

  • Inexpensive starting prices
  • Lots of customizable add-on options
  • Cloud DVR included
  • Compatible with many streaming devices like Fire TVSamsung and LG smart TVs


  • Base packages have limited channels
  • No unlimited DVR storage option
  • Confusing packages and add-ons
  • Channel lineups vary by region
Sling Tv Highly Customizable

Bottom Line: Sling is ideal for customizing a lineup on a budget.

For more personalized TV recommendations, see our Sling vs YouTube TV and Sling vs fuboTV comparison. Or check out how Sling compares to free services like Pluto TV.

Philo Overview

Philo Logo

Philo launched after Sling in 2017 as a low-cost streaming service focused exclusively on entertainment without sports and news. It keeps costs down but doesn’t have add-ons.

Price: $25/month
Free Trial: 7 days
Channels: 70+
Major Channels: MTV, Nickelodeon, Discovery, BET, Hallmark, AMC

For the single $25/month price, Philo offers:

  • 70+ popular cable channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • 3 simultaneous streams

Key Pros

  • Incredibly low monthly price
  • 70+ cable channels in base package
  • Unlimited DVR storage included
  • Works with most streaming devices


  • No sports, news or local channels
  • Can’t customize channel lineup
  • Smaller channel lineup than competitors
  • Lacks support for some devices like Vizio smart TVs
Philo Home

Bottom Line: Philo is the best deal for entertainment-focused TV streamers on a strict budget.

Sling vs Philo Feature Comparison

FeatureSling TVPhilo
Price$40+ per month$25 per month
Free Trial3 days7 days
Channels31-47 depending on package70+ entertainment/lifestyle
Major ChannelsESPN, TBS, CNN, HGTVMTV, Nick, Discovery, Hallmark
Sports ChannelsESPN, FS1, NFL NetworkNone
News ChannelsCNN, Fox News, MSNBCNone
Entertainment ChannelsTBS, FX, AMC, LifetimeHallmark, BET, Comedy Central
DVR Storage10 hours includedUnlimited
Simultaneous Streams33
Add-OnsExtensive sports/comedy/news add-ons à la carteNo add-ons
Top DevicesRoku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, XboxRoku, Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android
Works on Smart TVsSamsung, LGOnly Android TV OS

Channel Lineups Compared

When it comes to channel selection, Philo has a superior all-around entertainment package while Sling splits content across its confusing Orange and Blue packages.

Philo has 14 of the top 20 cable channels viewers want based on a TiVo survey, including Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, and MTV. Sling Blue has 12 of the top 20, while Orange only has 5. So Sling Orange + Blue offers greater channel selection overall, but it comes at a significantly higher $55/month price.

Philo also provides a ton more entertainment and lifestyle channels compared to Sling Orange. Philo subscribers can access channels like Hallmark Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Cooking Channel, Discovery Family, BET Her, UpTV, and OWN.

Philo Guide

However, Sling is far better for sports coverage, with major national sports networks like ESPN, NFL Network, FS1, MLB Network, NBA TV locked behind its Orange/Blue packages and add-ons. Philo completely lacks any sports coverage.

Sling Tv Sports Content
Sling TV

Similarly, Sling offers all the major national news channels—CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC World News—while Philo has no news programming.

So in terms of channel selection, Sling is superior if you want sports, news and overall channel count. But with its singular focus on entertainment, Philo delivers fantastic lifestyle content that outshines Sling’s base packages.

Which Service is Better for Most Cord Cutters?

For entertainment-focused cord cutters on a very tight budget, Philo delivers the best bang for your buck—70+ cable channels and unlimited DVR for only $25 is an unmatched deal. While it lacks sports and news content, as an entertainment package, Philo can’t be beaten for the price.

Sling TV makes more sense if you need some sports and news programming in your lineup, albeit at a much higher starting price. Sling Blue with its base 42 channels plus some add-ons provides a nicely customized cable alternative. Though managing Sling’s packages and add-ons requires more work from the viewer compared to Philo’s simpler approach.

In the end choosing between Philo and Sling comes down to a budget versus customization decision:

Philo is best if you…

  • Want to minimize monthly streaming TV costs
  • Don’t need sports or news channels
  • Prefer an easy, straightforward channel package

Sling is superior if…

  • You want some sports/news programming
  • Customization with add-ons appeals to you
  • Channel count/variety trumps cost

Hopefully this cord cutting showdown between Philo and Sling TV gives you the insights needed to determine which streaming TV service fits your household viewing needs and budget! Let me know if you have any other questions.