Philo vs Hulu: An In-Depth Comparison for Cord-Cutters

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Philo Vs Hulu

Cutting the cord on cable doesn’t mean you have to lose access to live TV. Streaming services like Philo and Hulu + Live TV allow you to stream many popular cable channels without expensive monthly bills.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is the best fit? This complete guide examines everything you need to know to decide between Philo and Hulu for live streaming.

At a Glance Comparison

# of Channels70+95+
Cloud DVRUnlimited, 12 monthsUnlimited, 9 months
Simultaneous Streams3 screens2 screens (unlimited extra)
Add-onsEpix, StarzHBO, Showtime, ESPN+

Philo Overview

Philo Logo

Philo offers a budget-friendly streaming package focused primarily on entertainment and lifestyle programming. If you’re looking for Philo TV alternatives, be sure to consider services like YouTube TV and FuboTV which provide more news and sports channels.

Philo Highlights

  • 70+ channels for $25/month
  • Includes A&E, AMC, BBC America, CMT, Comedy Central
  • No sports or local broadcast channels
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR included
  • 3 simultaneous streams
  • Epix, Starz add-ons available

Philo lacks news, sports, and local channels, but provides a solid package of entertainment and lifestyle programming at a very reasonable price point. For non-sports fans wanting to cut costs, Philo delivers plenty of content for just $25 monthly.

Hulu + Live TV Overview

Hulu + Live Tv

Hulu + Live TV provides a robust cable replacement package with 75+ live channels plus Hulu’s full on-demand streaming library.

Hulu + Live TV Highlights

  • 95+ live channels including locals, news, sports
  • Hulu originals and on-demand library included
  • Record Live TV with Unlimited DVR
  • 2 simultaneous streams (unlimited upgrade available)
  • Add-ons like HBO Max, Showtime, ESPN+ available

Hulu + Live TV gives cord cutters everything cable offers and more for $76.99 monthly. You get a complete channel lineup with news, sports, and locals plus Hulu’s full on-demand library. For the price, Hulu provides outstanding value.

Channel Lineups Compared

The most significant difference between Philo and Hulu is their channel offerings. Let’s examine how they stack up across various content types:

Entertainment & Lifestyle Channels

  • Philo offers 70+ entertainment and lifestyle channels from A&E, AMC, Discovery, Hallmark, Lifetime, MTV and more
  • Hulu Live TV also provides those 70 channels plus Bravo, E!, FX, Freeform, SYFY and others
Philo Channels

Winner: Hulu – same 70 channels as Philo plus dozen more top entertainment brands

Sports Channels

  • Philo has zero sports channels
  • Hulu Live TV has ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, NFL Network, TNT plus regional sports networks
Hulu Live Tv Sports Channels 1

Winner: Hulu – Hulu offers a robust sports lineup that Philo completely lacks

News Channels

  • Philo offers BBC World News plus Cheddar, Newsy
  • Hulu has 30+ news brands like Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, Fox Business/News, MSNBC
Hulu Live Tv News Channels

Winner: Hulu – Far more reputable national and global news brands

Broadcast Networks

  • Philo offers zero local or broadcast affiliates
  • Hulu provides live feeds from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox stations based on your location

Winner: Hulu – Only Hulu offers local affiliate feeds for breaking news

As we can see, Hulu clearly comes out ahead on channel count with its 95+ options beating Philo’s 70 – especially for sports, news and broadcast stations.

However, Philo holds its own with a solid selection focused just on entertainment and lifestyle programming. Let’s compare some other features between the two services.

Feature Comparison

Beyond channel lineups, Philo and Hulu + Live TV offer additional features that impact functionality and experience. Here’s how the services stack up:

Cloud DVR Capacity

  • Philo provides unlimited DVR storage for recordings up to 12 months
Philo Cloud Dvr
  • Hulu provides unlimited DVR for live TV, storing recordings up to 9 months
Hulu Live Tv Manage Dvr 1

Winner: Draw – Philo and Hulu both offer unlimited DVR storage, but the recordings are kept for a limited time

Simultaneous Streams

  • Philo allows 3 concurrent streams on different devices
  • Hulu enables 2 simultaneous streams but unlimited streams upgrade available for $10

Winner: Draw – Both offer options for additional streams beyond base limits

Original Content Libraries

  • Philo does not have any original movies or shows
  • Hulu boasts thousands of acclaimed original series and films

Winner: Hulu – Massive on-demand library with award-winning Hulu Originals

Supported Devices

  • Philo available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android/iOS, web
Philo Devices
  • Hulu + Live TV compatible with all those devices plus gaming systems
Gaming Systems

Those looking to watch Philo on LG TVs or Vizio TVs may be disappointed to find it’s not supported, unlike rival streaming platforms like YouTube TV and FuboTV.

Winner: Hulu – Supports more devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch

Offline Viewing

  • Philo does not allow saving shows for offline viewing
  • Select Hulu on-demand titles can be downloaded to watch offline

Winner: Hulu – Offline viewing helpful for planes, commutes

While Philo holds its own on DVR capacity and extra streams, Hulu clearly comes out ahead on originals library, device support, and offline viewing.

Now let’s examine how pricing shakes out across both platforms.

Pricing and Add-ons

Beyond the base plans, Philo and Hulu allow extra customization through premium add-ons.

Base Plan Pricing

PhiloHulu + Live TV
Monthly Price$25$76.99

At less than half the cost, Philo pulls ahead if budget is a concern. But Hulu adds tremendous value through extra channels, originals library, and features.

Premium Add-ons

  • Philo offers Epix ($6), Starz ($9) add-ons
  • Hulu allows upgrades like HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, etc

Philo technically offers lower priced premium add-ons. However, Hulu provides far more flexibility to customize your package with a wider selection of premiums from Starz to HBO Max.

Advertising and Upgrades

Both platforms offer ad and upgrade options that impact pricing and experience:


  • Philo includes ads in its base $25 monthly price
  • Hulu charges $6 more for their ad-free Hulu (No Ads) plan

If avoiding advertising is crucial, Hulu offers an ad-free plan – albeit at a $6 premium. Philo’s base package includes ads to keep costs low.

Service Upgrades

  • Philo only offers channel add-ons like Epix
  • Hulu provides upgrades for unlimited streams, enhanced DVR, no ads, and more

Hulu allows much more customization through optional service upgrades beyond just adding channels. Philo keeps things simple with just its base plan and channel add-ons.

Standout Features

Beyond what we’ve covered, a few additional standout features help these services differentiate themselves:


  • Unlimited 12 months Cloud DVR storage
  • Create up to 10 user profiles per account
  • 3 simultaneous streams on different devices
Philo Home

With unlimited DVR space and 10 distinct user profiles, Philo makes it easy for larger households to customize their preferences. Low concurrent streams limits on competitors can frustrate larger families trying to watch together.


  • Access full Hulu on-demand library
  • Download shows for offline viewing
  • Kids profile and parental controls
  • 4K streaming on select platforms
Hulu Home

The combination of Hulu’s deep on-demand library and downloadable content makes their platform incredibly flexible compared to alternatives. Access 4K streams for select titles as well. Parents can also easily control what their kids can access.

Which Service Should You Choose?

So which streaming provider comes out on top – Philo or Hulu’s live TV plan? We compared critical factors across both services, but needs vary from household to household.

Here are some key questions to help determine the best live TV streaming choice for your viewing priorities and budget.

Best for Sports Fans

Sports fans who want live games across different leagues will hugely benefit from Hulu + Live TV’s 95+ channels covering ESPN, NFL Network, regional sports networks, and much more. Philo should be avoided if watching sports is a priority.

Best Budget Pick

Philo pulls ahead if keeping costs low is your top concern. For just $25 monthly, Philo offers 70 solid entertainment and lifestyle channels. But you lose major categories like sports, news, broadcast stations. Great supplemental option though alongside services like Netflix.

Best for Customization

Hulu + Live TV offers more ways to customize your package to suit your household thanks to optional upgrades like enhanced DVR, unlimited streams, HBO Max add-on, and no ads plan. Philo only enables adding extra channels like Starz or Epix.

Best Variety of Content

Hulu + Live TV includes 95+ live TV channels spanning entertainment, news, sports and more. And full access to Hulu’s on-demand library provides endless shows, movies, Hulu originals, and more. Philo simply can’t match that sheer volume.

Best Cloud DVR

Philo and Hulu both offer unlimited Cloud DVR storage, providing ample space for recordings without restrictions, catering to both long-term storage and short-term saves.

Bottom Line

Cutting cable has never offered more choice – whether you want a basic budget bundle like Philo or full-featured powerhouse in Hulu + Live TV. Consider your viewing priorities, budget, and household needs. For most cord-cutters, Hulu + Live TV clearly delivers superior value and customization. But Philo still fills an important niche.

Whichever you choose – be sure to take advantage of the free trial period to experience it for yourself before committing. Happy streaming!