How to Watch MLB Games on Sling TV in 2024

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Mlb On Sling Tv

Watch America’s favorite pastime with Sling TV and its flexible plans. Get info on channel packages, streaming quality, DVR options, and more to catch baseball action this season.

Baseball fans rejoice – the 2024 MLB season is here! As Opening Day approaches, many cord cutters are wondering how they can watch their favorite teams without expensive cable bills.

Enter Sling TV: the OG cable replacement service offering MLB coverage at wallet-friendly prices. With the ability to customize channel packages and add-on features like DVR, Sling gives you options to craft a baseball streaming experience on your budget.

As a 5+ year Sling TV subscriber myself, I’ll share everything you need to know to watch MLB games on Sling this season

Plus plenty of tips and tricks to maximize live sports streaming on the service. Let’s take the first pitch!

MLB Channels on Sling TV Packages

The key to unlocking MLB action on Sling TV lies within their channel packages. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan includes:

Sling Orange

Price: $40/month

MLB Channels: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3

Sling Orange offers 30+ channels including ESPN’s networks for MLB national broadcasts and commentary shows. You can also catch great baseball analysis on ESPN via Sling.

Sling Blue

Price: $45/month

MLB Channels: FS1, Fox (select markets), NBC (select markets)

Sling Blue also provides 30+ channels focusing more on local broadcasts. You’ll get FS1 plus live Fox and NBC in certain areas.

Sling Orange & Blue

Price: $60/month

MLB Channels: FS1, Fox (select markets), NBC (select markets), ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3

Sling Tv Packages 1

The combined Orange & Blue plan unlocks 50+ channels with national and local MLB coverage. This package gives the most well-rounded access to baseball on Sling. An alternative with some ESPN channels is Philo TV, but Philo lacks critical sports content that baseball fans need like regional sports networks and Fox.

Based on the channel breakdown above, the Sling Orange & Blue combo is your best bet to follow MLB action nationally and in-market all season long.

Now let’s explore how Sling Orange & Blue can elevate your baseball streaming experience.

Enhance Baseball Streaming with Sling Add-Ons

While the base Sling Orange & Blue plan supplies ample MLB action, you can amplify sports further with extra channel packages.

Sports Extra Add-on

Price: $11/month with Orange or Blue, $15/month with Orange & Blue

MLB Channels: MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, beIN Sports, ESPNU, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NHL Network

This is an absolute must-have for avid baseball fans! For just $15 more per month, you unlock the fantastic MLB Network with whip-around coverage during live games. Plus MLB Strike Zone channels hyper-focused on key plays sans commercials.

I always keep Sports Extra activated on my Sling subscription for MLB Network alone. Having Strike Zone included makes it even more invaluable once multiple games overlap later in the season.

Best of Spanish TV Add-on

Price: $5/month

MLB Channels: ESPN Deportes

Specific to Spanish speakers, this affordable package nets you ESPN Deportes for extra MLB analysis and live games with Hispanic broadcasting talent.

With Sports Extra and Best of Spanish TV enhancements, Sling Orange & Blue satisfies even the most discerning baseball viewer a la carte streaming style.

Sling TV Streaming Quality for MLB Games

Let’s move from channels to streaming quality – arguably more vital for sports fans wanting pristine picture. How does Sling TV stack up?

Resolution: 720p HD across all channels and devices

Simultaneous Streams: Up to 3 devices

Compatible Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Web Browsers

Sling Tv Device Compatibility

Overall Sling offers consistent HD streams that look sharp during MLB games in my experience. Would 4K resolution be nice? You bet. But 720p gets the job done well for live sports, especially at Sling’s affordable pricing.

I also appreciate that Sling permits 3 concurrent device streams per account. This allows my family to watch different live games airing simultaneously across our home. No fighting over one TV!

Finally, Sling earns top marks for device compatibility across mobile, streaming platforms, game consoles, and web browsers. You can catch a ballgame virtually anywhere internet exists, whether that’s using MLB.TV on LG Smart TVs or casting baseball to your Vizio TV using Chromecast.”

Now let’s explore how Sling’s Cloud DVR can shape-shift to meet baseball fans’ needs.

Using Sling TV’s Cloud DVR for MLB Action

Among cable replacement services, Sling TV shines with a stellar Cloud DVR system. Here are the details to know:

Storage: 50 hours included, up to 200 hours for $5/month extra

Price: Free for 50 hours, $5/month for 200 hours

Time to Watch Recordings: As long as your Sling subscription stays active

Fast Forward Through Commercials: Yes!

Sling Tv Cloud Dvr

For me, 200 Cloud DVR hours is the Goldilocks “just right” amount to record MLB games. It allows me to stockpile a few weeks of baseball action across different teams and never risk running out of space.

I love that Sling Cloud DVR retains recordings as long as you keep your subscription going. Some rival services impose time limits even with active accounts. You can rest easy archiving an entire baseball season or more.

Commercial skip is another DVR bright spot. This makes catching up on a full game 50% quicker since I zip through ads. A real joy after a long workday preventing me from watching live.

On the whole, Sling Cloud DVR adds wonderful versatility to savor MLB on your own schedule. Worth the minor upgrade fee for busy baseball buffs on-the-go.

Can You Watch MLB Network and Extra Innings on Sling?

MLB Network and MLB Extra Innings offer additional baseball programming that hardcore fans desire. But are they available through Sling TV specifically?

Unfortunately Sling does not carry MLB Network or MLB Extra Innings as 24/7 channels.

However, the Sports Extra package does include MLB Network’s whip-around show MLB Strike Zone with live game cut-ins. This quenches the need for constant MLB coverage across simultaneous games.

If you must have complete MLB Network and Extra Innings access, DIRECTV Stream is currently the only streaming provider with both – albeit at higher monthly pricing. Sling TV compares very favorably to other live TV streamers like YouTube TV and fuboTV strictly for baseball fans.

Mlb Network On Directv

For la carte baseball fans on a budget, Sling meets needs at the right price with national and local games, plus MLB Strike Zone for that multi-game experience. You could also complement it using MLB.TV on Firestick for out-of-market games.

Getting Started with a Sling TV Free Trial

If Sling TV checks your boxes for baseball streaming freedom, take advantage of their enticing offer for new users.

Sling TV Deal: Get 50% off your first month with Sling!

As a Sling Orange & Blue subscriber myself, I believe it’s the best overall cord cutting package for MLB fans without breaking your budget. Half off unlocking 45+ channels plus MLB Strike Zone for the first month is tremendous value.

The no-commitment structure also lets you cancel whenever if baseball is your only live TV priority. Worth a swing for diehard fans and casual viewers alike!

Key Takeaways

Here are the critical points to remember about watching baseball on Sling TV:

  • Sling Orange & Blue plan ($55/month) includes the most national and local MLB coverage
  • Sports Extra add-on ($15/month) adds MLB Network, MLB Strike Zone, NBA TV, NHL Network, and more
  • Sling provides consistent 720p HD streams with support for 3 device connections
  • 200 hour Cloud DVR ($5/month upgrade) lets you stockpile tons of baseball action and skip commercials
  • While no full MLB Network/Extra Innings, Strike Zone satisfies multi-game viewing
  • Take 50% off your first month to test if Sling meets your baseball streaming needs

Now pick up the remote and let the homers fly! Sling TV provides fantastic flexibility to catch America’s pastime on your terms without costly contracts. Play ball!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still hungry for more data on watching baseball with Sling TV? Here are answers to common questions:

Can I get my local regional sports network (RSN) on Sling?

It depends. Sling does carry select NBC Sports RSNs based on your location. But they do not offer AT&T or Bally Sports RSNs. Check Sling’s website to type in your zip code and view channel availability.

What MLB streaming restrictions does Sling TV have?

No blackout restrictions for nationally televised games on ESPN, Fox, FS1, and TBS. Local blackout policies still apply for in-market games on RSNs per MLB rules. Being out-of-market limits live access to your favorite team.

How many devices can stream Sling TV at once?

By default Sling permits 3 concurrent streams per account. You can pay $5/month for the “Extra Streams” add-on allowing 4-10 device connections depending on your Sling package.

Can I customize my Sling TV subscriptions later on?

Absolutely! A major perk of Sling is changing channel packages and add-ons month-to-month based on sports seasons and personal needs.

What is the best way to cancel Sling TV?

Log into your Sling account online and select “Cancel Subscription” under “Subscription Details”. Or contact Sling support. Just know there are no early termination fees regardless thanks to no contracts.