How to Watch MLB on FireStick: The Complete 2024 Guide

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Mlb Tv On Firestick

Baseball fans, rejoice! The 2024 MLB season is here. If you want to cut the cord on cable but don’t want to miss your favorite team’s games, have no fear. You can easily watch MLB on FireStick with just a few simple steps.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about streaming MLB games on your Amazon Fire TV devices.

Benefits of Watching MLB on FireStick

Here are some of the key reasons to watch baseball on your Firestick or Fire TV:

  • No cable required – Stream MLB games without an expensive cable subscription
  • HD quality – Get crystal clear HD streams on your big screen
  • On-demand access – Watch full game replays, highlights and classic games
  • Mobile viewing – Stream games outside the home on your mobile devices
  • Low cost – Pay only for the content you want at significant savings

Now let’s get started so you can watch your favorite MLB team on FireStick this season!

MLB Streaming Service Options

Fortunately, there are several good options for streaming MLB games at home on FireStick without cable:

1. MLB.TV Logo

MLB.TV is the official streaming service from Major League Baseball. It offers live streams of every out of market regular season game.

With MLB.TV on FireStick you can:

  • Watch live MLB games in HD
  • Use multigame view to watch up to 4 games simultaneously
  • Includes game archives, highlights and stats
  • Stream on multiple devices
  • Services start at $24.99/month or $112.99/season

One limitation is that locally televised games are blacked out. But using a VPN for MLB streaming is an easy way around this.

VPN problems with MLB.TV are common but avoidable with the right server selections. Or consider MLB streaming on platforms like YouTube TV.

2. YouTube TV

Youtube Tv Logo

YouTube TV offers 85+ channels including ESPN, TBS and local sports networks that carry MLB games.

Notable features include:

  • Stream MLB Network 24/7
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Works on up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • 7 day free trial available
  • $64.99/month after free trial ends

The main catch is that YouTube TV is only available in the US. So if you’re outside the country, you’ll need a VPN.

3. FuboTV

Fubotv Logo

While pricier than other options, FuboTV provides excellent MLB coverage with over 100 channels.

With FuboTV you get:

  • 130+ channels with MLB Network and many local sports networks
  • Cloud DVR with 500 hour capacity
  • Streams on up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • 7 day free trial
  • $69.99/month after free trial

Again, FuboTV only works in the United States. So international viewers will need a quality VPN.

Now that you know the best legal MLB streaming options available, let’s talk about how to unlock them…

To learn more about watching national baseball coverage on MLB with Sling TV, or getting games streamed via MLB.TV on Vizio TVs, check out those guides.

Using a VPN for MLB Streaming

In many cases, you’ll need access to a virtual private network (VPN) to stream MLB games on FireStick, such as when:

  • Traveling or living outside the USA
  • Attempting to bypass MLB blackout restrictions
  • Securing WiFi connections from hacking, throttling and tracking

A VPN allows you to change your virtual location, securing your data and unlocking geo-restricted streaming platforms.

Our VPN recommendation is ExpressVPN. Here’s why it’s the best VPN for MLB streaming:

  • Blazing fast speeds ensure smooth HD streams
  • Works reliably to unblock geo-restrictions
  • Easy to set up and use on Firestick/Fire TV devices
  • Excellent 24/7 live chat customer support
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Follow these simple steps to get ExpressVPN setup on your Firestick/Fire TV:

  1. Purchase an ExpressVPN subscription
  2. Download & install the ExpressVPN app for Fire OS
  3. Run the ExpressVPN app and log in
  4. Connect to a VPN server location of your choice
  5. You can now safely stream blacked out games and more!

It’s really that easy. [Get 49% off ExpressVPN today] to secure your 2024 MLB streams.

Now let’s look at installing the necessary apps for MLB streaming…

Installing Important Apps

While some MLB streaming platforms like MLB.TV have mobile apps, others require using the Firestick’s web browser. Here are the best apps to get installed for MLB streaming:

Silk Browser

The Silk Browser comes pre-installed on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV devices. This web browser gives you access to streaming sites that don’t have dedicated Fire TV apps.

To use Silk:

  1. From your Fire TV home screen scroll down to “Your Apps & Channels
  2. Select the Silk Browser app icon
Amazon Silk Browser
  1. Enter the URL of the streaming service in the search bar
  2. Bookmark sites like ESPN3 and MLB.TV for easy access

Occasionally clear cached data and cookies in Silk’s Privacy settings for optimal performance.

Downloader App

You can install helpful third party apps and tools with Downloader:

  1. Search for “Downloader” in the Firestick search menu
  2. Select Downloader from the Apps & Games results
Downloader On Fire Stick
  1. Choose Download / Install to get the app on your device
  2. Grant the necessary permissions when prompted
  3. You can now download browser extensions like Opera or applications not available in the Amazon App Store!

Downloader allows sideloading apps, tools like VPNs and convenient access to restricted platforms.

Watching Local, National & Playoff Games

Here are some tips for catching all the MLB action on your Fire TV this season:

Local Games

Your local team’s games are usually broadcast on regional sports networks (RSNs) like FOX Sports or NBC Sports regional channels. Live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu Live and FuboTV carry most RSNs.

Again, a VPN gets around annoying blackout restrictions when traveling or living abroad.

Nationally Televised Games

ESPN, FOX, FS1 and TBS nationally broadcast MLB games during the regular season. YouTube TV, Hulu Live and AT&T TV NOW all include these channels.

For the playoffs and World Series you can also catch games on ABC and MLB Network.

Streaming Spring Training

Unfortunately MLB.TV does NOT include Spring Training coverage in its subscriptions.

Your best bet is using YouTube TV, Hulu Live or AT&T TV NOW which feature live streams from ESPN, FS1 and MLB Network that show preseason baseball action.

Now let’s discuss solutions for the dreaded streaming blackouts…

Solutions for MLB Streaming Blackouts

Nothing kills an MLB streaming party faster than running into a blackout restriction stopping you from the game you want to see.

Blackout rules are complicated, but essentially prohibit local live streams when a game is available on cable TV in your area.

Thankfully, using a VPN provides an easy way to avoid frustrating MLB streaming blackouts by helping you appear to stream from a different location.

To configure a VPN to bypass MLB blackouts on Firestick:

  1. First, sign up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN
  2. Install & launch the VPN app on your Fire TV device
  3. Connect to a server location outside your local area
  4. You’ll then be able to access live MLB streams blocked in your location!
Expressvpn On Fire Stick

It’s a simple and effective solution. MLB can’t blackout games if they don’t know your actual location!

Key MLB Streaming Tips & Tricks

Boost your MLB streaming experience to the max with these handy tips:

  • Use private listening mode on your mobile device for headphone streaming during night games
  • Enable Game Start notifications so you never miss the first pitch
  • Set recordings for entire series or just your favorite team’s games
  • Bookmark MLB.TV on Silk Browser for quick access to live Look In
  • Use multi-view to watch 4 games simultaneously on MLB.TV
  • Refresh stale streams by clearing cache/cookies in Silk settings
  • Disable auto-play of game highlights if wanting to avoid spoilers
  • If all else fails, doublecheck your VPN connection to access restricted content

Get the most out of your MLB streaming with these helpful suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about streaming baseball on your Amazon Firestick? We’ve got you covered with our MLB streaming FAQ:

Q: Does MLB.TV include local games?

A: Unfortunately, no. Local team games broadcast in your region are blacked out on MLB.TV. You’ll need a live TV streaming service for live local games.

Q: Can I reuse my MLB.TV subscription login on multiple devices?

A: Yes! MLB.TV subscriptions work on a wide variety of media players simultaneously like Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, etc.

Q: Do I need the MLB At Bat app for Firestick?

A: Nope! The At Bat mobile app is useful on phones/tablets but not necessary on Firestick. You can access everything via the MLB.TV site in Silk browser.

Q: What’s the cheapest way to stream MLB games?

A: Getting an MLB.TV Single Team pass for only $49.99 is the most affordable option if you only follow a single club. Or split full season MLB.TV with a friend which allows concurrent streaming.

Q: Can I watch nationally televised ESPN games on Firestick?

A: Yes! YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling TV and other Firestick-compatible live TV streaming services give you access to ESPN’s MLB broadcasts.

We hope these answers help explain anything unclear about getting MLB streams going on your Firestick! Reach out in the comments if you have any other questions.

Now let’s play ball! Time to enjoy MLB on your big screen with Fire TV.