How to Stream MLB.TV on Your VIZIO Smart TV

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Mlb Tv On Vizio Tv

Watching MLB games on your VIZIO Smart TV is easy with MLB.TV. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from signing up for MLB.TV to casting games from your phone or tablet to the big screen.

What is MLB.TV? Logo

MLB.TV is Major League Baseball’s official streaming platform. It lets you stream live regular season baseball games that aren’t available in your local TV market. You can watch on your phone, tablet, computer or compatible smart TV. Before signing up, see if MLB TV is free with Amazon Prime.

MLB.TV offers two main subscription plans:

  • Single Team – Stream games for just your favorite team
  • All-Team – Stream live out-of-market games league-wide (blackout rules apply)

Both plans let you stream in HD, view multiple games with split-screen, choose audio feeds, watch extended highlights and more.

Which VIZIO TVs Work with MLB.TV

Not all VIZIO smart TVs support streaming MLB.TV directly. But most 2016 and newer 4K VIZIO models let you “cast” MLB.TV from your phone or tablet using either:

  • Google Cast – Cast from Android/iOS devices
  • AirPlay – Cast from iPhone, iPad and Mac

This guide covers how to set up both options.

Tip: Don’t see casting options on your VIZIO TV? Make sure your smart TV software is up-to-date.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cast MLB.TV Games

Follow these steps to sign up for MLB.TV and get games streaming on your VIZIO TV using Google Cast or AirPlay.

Sign Up for MLB.TV

First, you’ll need to sign up for an MLB.TV subscription:

  1. Go to MLB.TV and select a plan
  2. Enter your payment details
  3. Log in to the MLB app on your phone or tablet using your MLB.TV credentials
Sign Up For

Cast Using Google (Android/iOS)

  1. Enable casting on your VIZIO TV by selecting the Cast icon on your remote
  2. Connect your phone and VIZIO TV to the same WiFi network
  3. Open the MLB app and start playing a video
  4. Tap the Cast button and select your VIZIO TV. See also how to stream MLB on Chromecast.
Mlb At Bat App Casting Icon

Cast Using AirPlay (Apple Devices)

  1. Enable AirPlay on your VIZIO TV by selecting AirPlay icon on your remote
  2. Connect your Apple device and VIZIO TV to the same WiFi
  3. Open the MLB app and start playing a video
  4. Swipe up from bottom of screen and select Screen Mirroring
  5. Choose your VIZIO TV model
Airplay Vizio Tv

Once connected, you’ll see your MLB.TV video playing directly on the big screen.

Tips for Watching MLB on VIZIO TV

Take your viewing experience to the next level with these MLB.TV pro tips:

  • Use multi-view to watch up to 4 games simultaneously
  • Customize video quality in Settings (Max of 1080p/60fps on VIZIO TVs)
  • Avoid spoilers with “Hide Scores” option
  • Toggle between ballpark video feeds
  • Stream games live or watch on-demand later
  • Cast games from multiple devices like phones and tablets
  • Use MLB app on your phone as remote control
  • Check if you need a MLB TV VPN

So don’t strike out this season – get the front row home plate view of baseball action on your VIZIO TV with MLB.TV.

Have Issues Casting MLB.TV?

  • Refresh app and reconnect casting
  • Force close and re-launch MLB app
  • Ensure TV has latest firmware update
  • Check casting settings enabled on TV
  • Reboot both smart TV and casting device
  • Use wired network connection if WiFi is spotty

Still having trouble? Contact MLB.TV customer support or VIZIO support.