How to Watch ESPN+ on Vizio Smart TVs: The Complete Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Espn App On Vizio Tv

Vizio smart TVs are great options for cord cutters looking for large, affordable screen sizes. However, their app selection can be limited compared to other platforms. ESPN+ is one of the missing apps, but you still have options for streaming sports through your Vizio TV.

Overview of Watching ESPN+ on Vizio TVs

Unfortunately, there is no native ESPN+ app available directly through Vizio smart TVs. But you have three main options for accessing ESPN+ content:

  • Use AirPlay or Chromecast from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • Connect a streaming media player like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV
  • Cast ESPN+ from a browser on your laptop

As long as your Vizio TV supports casting and you have the ESPN app installed on your mobile device or streaming player, you can enjoy ESPN+ original programming and live sports.

Step-by-Step Guide to Casting ESPN+ to Vizio

Casting ESPN+ to your Vizio only takes a few quick steps. Follow this walkthrough depending on your device:

From iPhone or iPad

  1. Install the ESPN app
  2. Sign in with your ESPN+ account
  3. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi
  4. Start playing ESPN+ content
  5. Tap the AirPlay icon and select your Vizio TV
Airplay Vizio Tv

From Android Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Install the ESPN app
  2. Sign in to your ESPN+ account
  3. Ensure both devices connect to the same Wi-Fi
  4. Begin playing ESPN+ video
  5. Tap the Cast icon and choose your Vizio TV
Espn+ App Cast

From Laptop or Computer

  1. Go to ESPN Plus in your web browser
  2. Sign in with your ESPN+ account credentials
  3. Ensure your computer and Vizio TV are on the same Wi-Fi network
  4. Start playing a video
  5. Click the Cast icon near the address bar and select your Vizio TV
Chrome Select Cast Icon

Using Streaming Devices for ESPN+ on Vizio

Another simple option is connecting a streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV Stick directly to your Vizio TV.

Nearly all major streaming platforms have an ESPN app with ESPN+ integration. Once installed, just sign in and stream live sports and originals directly through these apps.

Popular ESPN+ compatible devices include:

Streaming Devices

Streaming sticks plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port, adding smart capabilities and app access in one step.

Key Features of ESPN+ on Vizio TVs

Once you begin streaming ESPN+, you’ll have access to the same features available on other platforms and devices:

  • Live sports – MLB, NHL, MLS, Serie A soccer, college football, PGA Tour golf, and more. Check if ESPN channel is available on Spectrum TV.
  • UFC PPV events – Exclusive access to UFC Fight Nights
  • Original shows and films – Such as the entire 30 for 30 collection. Troubleshoot if ESPN+ is not working on Apple TV.
  • Fantasy sports tools – Integrations with ESPN Fantasy services accessible on Amazon Fire TV.

No matter how you access ESPN+, Vizio TV viewing offers the same content. Streaming provides vibrant, smooth performance on the big screen.

FAQs About ESPN Plus on Vizio Smart TVs

Check out answers to some frequently asked questions about the ESPN app and ESPN+ capabilities on Vizio smart platform.

Does ESPN+ come free on Vizio smart TVs?

No, an ESPN+ subscription is required regardless. There are no free trials or access offered directly through Vizio TVs.

What’s the best way to stream on my older Vizio model?

If your Vizio TV doesn’t support native casting, use a streaming device. Most models work with platforms like Fire TV and Roku.

Why can’t I find the ESPN app in my Vizio smart hub?

Currently ESPN+ and the ESPN app are not natively available. You need to cast from your mobile device or use a plug-in streaming player.

What if casting to my Vizio TV isn’t working well?

Make sure both your streaming device and TV are on latest firmware. Restart devices and ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection, reconnecting if needed.

Get ESPN+ on your Vizio TV Today

While waiting on an eventual native app, with workarounds like mobile casting or plugging in a streaming stick – watching ESPN Plus on Vizio sets is simple.

In just minutes, access live events every day from the UFC, MLB, college sports, soccer and more…right from the comfort of your couch and awesome Vizio display!

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