How to Fix Hulu Error 94 From Interrupting Streaming?

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Hulu Error 94

If you are an avid fan of the Hulu app, you surely wouldn’t want any problem, such as Hulu error 94, to trouble the smooth streaming experience.

Hulu is a coveted video streaming application that gives its users a wide choice of content to watch.

This article is dedicated to helping you troubleshoot error 94, which affects Hulu streaming, so you can enjoy it uninterrupted.

Hulu error 94

Meaning of the Hulu Error 94

If you see this particular Hulu error on the screen when you launch the app or during the streaming of any content, then there are two possible meanings for it:

  • The first indication is poor internet connectivity or any other issue with the network connected to the device. This causes the device to slow down, and thus the app faces launching problems.
  • Another indication is a probable incompatibility between the application and the device.

Symbols of the Hulu Error Code 94

This becomes evident then that the particular Hulu error represents a sort of internet interface problem, and you might see any of the below messages on the screen when Hulu fails to stream the content you asked for:

Sorry, we noticed an error playing this video. Please attempt to restart the video or prefer something else to watch.”


Error executing this video.”

There are lots of different types of Hulu error 94 and other Hulu errors of laws that have never been typically and transparently explained by the Hulu developers or even given any straight assistance.

Some of the errors may represent any problem in the device, while the rest will blame it on a bad internet connection. Still, other errors may tell you about faulty hardware points.

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Reasons Behind the Error 94 on Hulu

We thoroughly investigated the issue and found these main issues to be the cause for this error:

  • Internet connectivity: The primary thing that ensures stable streaming on Hulu is a good internet connection that can support fast downstream and upstream speeds. If the internet connection is poor or disrupted frequently, the Hulu application won’t be able to establish a stable connection with the servers and thereby cease to stream.
  • Corrupted cache: The launch configurations are often cached by devices, which decreases the loading time and provides a smoother experience while running the apps. Now, there are chances that this configuration cache gets corrupted, which is stored on many devices. The app gets hijacked thereby and causes the Hulu error 94.
  • Outdated app: You will see such errors emerging on the app while streaming if the app itself is not updated. The servers need constant updating to support the new enhancements that the developers make. An outdated application doesn’t let that happen, and streaming is affected thereby.
  • Outdated device software: The main result of this issue is that the application fails to find compatibility with the particular device. Outdated or faulty software hinders proper streaming due to incompatibility.
  • VPN: Sometimes, the users use a VPN to hide their location from the Hulu servers or different other reasons. The use of a VPN can be a major reason cause of compatibility issues between the app and ISP servers. This is because the servers flag all such connections with a suspicious identity and a masked location.

Some Basic Steps to Fix the Hulu Error 94

You can try these basic troubleshooting tips for removing the above error:

  • Turn off the device and then turn it on again. Do this process on repeat for some chances.
  • If the device goes into sleep or standby mode, you must ensure that it shuts down before the process starts. Sleep or the standby mode is not quite valid and won’t help the situation.
  • The next thing you can try out is unplugging the router and the modem if you see the Hulu error 94 again. Switch the router and modem on again and repeatedly continue until the error is gone.
  • If shutting down the device didn’t help, you can try updating the device or reinstalling the app. You must keep the app and device fully updated with the latest report version.
  • You can do one more fix with the router or modem. And you can try changing the cable that connects the device with the router or modem and replace it with an Ethernet cable. This can prove to be a better option as compared to a Wi-Fi connection and provide improved connectivity.
  • If you have forgotten the password to your Hulu account or think that the app is not working properly due to any other reason, then you can communicate with the team through the contact us page.

Let’s see some more fixes for the issue if the above ones didn’t help much.

Deactivate the Device

This is a very easy method that proves very helpful most of the time. It jumpstarts the stream and sets it working in the right order in no time.

Here, to solve the Hulu error 94, you will log into the Hulu account, remove it, and then reactivate it again. Follow the steps given below:

1. Open the web browser of your PC. Visit the official site of Hulu.

2. Click over the option of login and then enter all the required details.

Deactivate the device

3. You will see a block icon on the right-top side of the screen. Hover the arrow over it and click the option Account in the list that emerges.

4. Open the section Your Account and find the option Watch Hulu on your Devices. Click the button Manage Devices that is next to it.

5. You will find your device name there. Click the button Remove next to it for deactivating.

6. Reactivate it later while logging in again on the same device. Add the code, and then you will be all set.

Powercycle the Devices

This initial troubleshooting method involves the power cycling of all the devices associated with the streaming process. This helps to remove corrupt cache if there is any.

1. Remove the power-supplying cable from the internet router and the streaming device.

Powercycle the devices to fix Hulu error 94

2. Press the Power button & keep it held for a minimum of 15 seconds. Leave it thereby.

3. Plug all the devices in and then wait until they turn on.

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Update the Application to Fix Hulu Error 94

The process to do so differ from device to device that is used for streaming Hulu. We are going to give you the methods for the major devices. Let’s see how it works.

For the Windows:

Updating the app is very easy on Windows. Follow these simple steps:

1. Shut down the Hulu app. Open the taskbar and click over the icon of Microsoft Store in it.

2. You will see three dots on the right top of the Windows panel. Click it. Now hit the button Downloads and Updates.

Update the application to fix Hulu error 94

3. Click the button Get Updates and wait until the downloading process begins.

Update the application

4. See if Hulu error 94 is appearing or not to trouble the streaming.

For the Android Systems:

1. Hit the icon of the Play Store. Now select the Menu bar button on the left-top side of the screen.

2. Select the option of My Apps and Games and then hit on the tab Updates.

3. Hit on the button Check for Updates. If you see an update for the Hulu App, click the button Update in front of the option to start the update process.

Update the application

4. Wait till the update gets downloaded as well as installed properly.

For Android TVs:

1. Tap the button of Home on the TV remote.

Update the application

2. Open the tab Apps. Click over the option of the Google Play store.

3. Click over the option of Auto-Update Apps and then select Auto-Update apps at any time.

For the Apple TV:

1. Open the TV settings and then click the Apps option.

2. Hit the button Automatically Update Apps to configure the TV settings so that they allow the updating of apps on their own.

3. Click the same option once again to turn the tab off once the app updates.

Update the Device Software

If you happen to find out that the Device software is outdated now, we suggest you update it soon to get sorted out of the Hulu error 94.

This is because outdated software becomes the reason for many compatibility issues between the device and the new applications you try to install on it. You will see that the apps fail to function properly on the device.

Check the Status of Hulu Servers

This will not directly help you fix any Hulu error but will help you know if the problem is emerging from the side of the Hulu app itself. You can use sites like the Down Detector to understand the different variables of Hulu errors.

Just open the website & search for the Hulu app. Its advanced features will show you if there has been a recent surge in problems with the app.


Q: What causes Hulu Error 94?

A: Hulu Error 94 can be caused by issues with your internet connection, outdated app version, cache and cookies, or VPN/proxy interference.

Q: Can I fix Hulu Error 94 on my own?

A: Yes, you can try troubleshooting steps like clearing cache and cookies, checking your network connection, updating the app, and restarting your device to fix Hulu Error 94.

Q: Why does Hulu Error 94 interrupt my streaming?

A: Hulu Error 94 can occur due to technical glitches or compatibility issues, leading to playback failures, freezing, or buffering.

Q: How can I contact Hulu support for assistance?

A: You can reach out to Hulu’s support team through their website, app, or social media channels for personalized assistance with Hulu Error 94.

Q: Are there any alternative streaming platforms to Hulu?

A: Yes, there are several alternative streaming platforms available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max.


If none of the tricks worked in removing the Hulu error 94 for you, then the problem is probably at the end of the app itself. The Hulu customer assistance expert team can only fix such puzzles.

Reach out to them and wait for the issue to get resolved. Till then, you can watch your favorite content on any of the various other providers.