Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime in 2024? – Answered!

December 1, 2023

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Do you have the question, “is Fox now free with Amazon Prime“?

Well, there are many other readers who have the same question and looking for answers.

So, let’s go ahead and learn the truth about this matter.


Amazon Prime Video

Many people around the world pay a monthly fee to access Amazon Prime Video. There, you can watch new movies shortly after they hit theaters for a very reasonable price.

In addition to that, it comprises TV series and movies that are available on a wide variety of networks. This includes Eros Now, Discovery+, Mubi, Acorn TV, and many more.

See if Fox shows are included in your Amazon Prime subscription and what additional fees may apply.

Introduction to Fox Now

Fox Now

Fox Now is a streaming platform that offers live and on-demand access to various content. TV shows, movies, sports, and news content from the Fox network can be enjoyed.

The platform is available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Fox Now offers a mix of free and subscription-based content. Also, users can sign in with their TV provider credentials to access additional content.

Is Fox Part of Amazon?

Fox, a broadcast network based in America, allows all TV providers to carry their shows without charging a fee. Fox can currently only be accessed in the United States due to some limitations. F

Fox TV, however, is available on Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV if you live in the United States. Otherwise, you will have to use a virtual private network (VPN).

Fox TV’s downloadable content is available for purchase within the app. Prime Video, like Hulu, does provide a free 30-day trial, although the former is more generous.

Fox is not necessarily providing such a free trial, but rather the OTT services themselves. So, that provides an insight into the question, “is Fox now free with Amazon Prime”.

So, Is Fox Now Free with Amazon Prime?

Fox Now, the mobile app, is available at no cost on the App Store. But, a suitable TV provider such as Amazon Prime is required in order to watch content. For instance, content like movies, live news, or live sports via their app or website can be viewed. After a trial period for free, subscribers to Fox TV pay a monthly or annual fee. The amount paid might depend on the package they select.

Because Tubi is owned by Fox, Fox’s TV shows and movies are available legally and for free. To enjoy them, you should download TubiTV. As the trial period finishes on any video streaming service, you can continue your membership. You can do so by purchasing a monthly, yearly, or 2-year plan.

A subscription to Fox TV will automatically renew at the end of the free trial period. So, what if you don’t wish to purchase a plan? In that case, you must cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period. And that’s our answer to the question, “is Fox now free with Amazon Prime”.

What Process Should You Follow to Enjoy the Free Trial of Fox TV in 2024?

Now that you know if Fox is now free with Amazon Prime or not, here’s more information about it. The good news is that there are several different streaming services you can use to enjoy Fox TV. As a matter of fact, Fox TV doesn’t offer any risk-free trial.

You must know that the duration of the free trial depends on the broadcasting service chosen by you. That said, mentioned below are the most prominent platforms you can use to enjoy Fox Now with no fee.

Name of the streaming serviceDuration (Days)Provided offers
YouTube TV7On-demand and live services
Hulu30Hulu+ Live
Sling TV7Blue package
TubiUnlimitedOn-Demand films and shows on Fox
Amazon Prime30On-Demand films and shows on Fox

You’re able to get a free trial for Fox Now or Business network if you are outside the USA.

Quick Steps to Enjoy a Free Trial of Fox TV

Here is the step-by-step guide if you want to enjoy Fox TV. Nevertheless, you should know that Fox TV has restricted access to its content based on geographical location.

So, if you are currently residing in the USA, you can easily access a free trial of Fox TV. However, those who are outside of the USA should get the help of a reliable VPN.

If you want to go for a free trial of Fox TV, here’s what you should do.

  • First, you should select a suitable streaming option for the desired live TV or on-demand content.
  • After that, you should join an option that works perfectly for your requirements. Then, you should join an available trial offer.
  • Then, install Fox App on your device. If not, you can choose to access the official website through any browser on your computer.
  • After that, select the option called to sign in. Then, you will see a new page that comes with the name of the TV provider. At this stage, you should select the option called “I don’t have TV provider“.
Select Your TV Provider
  • Then, you can use the information provided by the TV streaming service and log in.
Sign up & Watch Now
  • Once you have done that, you can see the trial version of Fox TV is begun. Now, you can enjoy every content on Fox TV without any charge.

If you don’t discontinue the activated demo version timely, your credit card will be charged. So, to avoid this situation, you should take the necessary measures. Make sure that your trial version is discontinued in advance.

Will Your Fox TV Subscription Be Renewed Automatically at the End of the Free Trial?

Let’s assume that you forgot to disable the free trial version of Fox TV, and it is expired now. What will happen thereafter? Well, in that case, the remaining portion of the subscription will be converted to priced plan.

So, the applicable amount will be charged to your credit card. If you want to avoid getting charged, you must cancel the subscription in advance. This step is required to avoid the automatic renewal of the subscription.

  • The automatic renewal of the subscription is based on the live-stream service you have signed up for.
  • The free trial of your streaming service will end once the time is up. Then, it will be converted into a full, paid subscription immediately. It can be an annual or monthly subscription.
  • The final day or the following day of the free month should be remembered. In general, your subscription will be converted into a paid one on one of those days. So, it’s recommended to cancel your subscription at least one day prior to the end of the free trial.
  • So, as long as you don’t want to continue with the subscription anymore, just cancel it in advance. However, if you want to continue the content of Fox Now, you may decide otherwise.

That’s our article about “is Fox now free with Amazon Prime”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Fox Now free with Amazon Prime? While Fox Now is available on Amazon Prime, not all content may be included in the Prime membership. Some shows or episodes may require additional payment or a separate subscription.

2. Can I access Fox Now on Amazon Prime Video? Yes, users with an active Amazon Prime subscription can access Fox Now content through the Prime Video section of the Amazon website or app.

3. Are all Fox shows available on Amazon Prime? Not all Fox shows may be available on Amazon Prime. Some shows may have restrictions or require separate subscriptions.

4. What are the benefits of accessing Fox Now through Amazon Prime? By accessing Fox Now through Amazon Prime, users can enjoy a broader range of content and the convenience of a single billing system.

5. What are the alternatives to watching Fox Now on Amazon Prime? Alternatives include subscribing to Fox Now directly, using other streaming services that offer Fox shows, or exploring cable and satellite TV providers that provide access to the Fox network.


Top-rated shows like “Lego Masters”, “MasterChef,” and “9-1-1” can all be found on Fox TV. It also features ongoing coverage of major sports leagues. The National Football League, Major League Baseball, and the NASCAR series are great examples of such services.

If you’re unsure if the programming offered by Fox TV is right for you, a free trial is available. The above content explains the quickest and simplest ways to sign up for a free trial of Fox TV.

Fox TV is available on a wide variety of streaming media players, including Roku, Android, iOS, and Firestick. Sign up for the service and watch all of your favorite television shows and movies online.

So, that’s our content about “is Fox now free with Amazon Prime“.