The Ultimate Guide to Watching MTV on Dish Network

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Written by Jason Lin

Mtv On Dish Tv

Dish Network offers one of the most popular music channels, MTV, on channel 160 (SD) and 1160 (HD). This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to know about getting the most out of watching MTV on Dish Network.

Overview of MTV on Dish Network

Mtv Logo

MTV has been the premier destination for music videos and pop culture entertainment for over 30 years. The channel features a mix of music video playlists, original series, news updates, interviews with artists, and more.

As a Dish Network subscriber, you get access to both the SD and HD MTV feeds on channels 160 and 1160 respectively. The HD feed provides a crisp, high-quality viewing experience.

Some of the most popular MTV shows and franchises you can catch on Dish Network include:

  • Ridiculousness
  • Catfish
  • Teen Mom
  • MTV News Updates
  • Wild ‘N Out
  • The Challenge
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards

You can also watch exclusive performances, concerts, festivals, and award shows broadcast live on MTV through your Dish subscription.

If you face any issues with MTV sign in through Dish activating your provider, refer to helpful troubleshooting tips.

Benefits of Watching MTV on Dish vs. Cable

There are several advantages to accessing MTV through a Dish Network satellite TV subscription compared to traditional cable providers:

Broader Coverage – Dish services over 99% of US households with clear, reliable satellite TV service covering all 50 states. Many rural areas outside cable infrastructure get access through Dish.

Flexibility – Build your own custom TV package with Dish starting from just $59.99/month. Choose from different bundle options to add MTV and other channels you want.

Advanced DVR – Dish Hopper 3 Smart DVR allows you to record up to 16 shows at once and store 500 hours of HD content – ideal for saving MTV programs to watch later ad-free.

Dish Dvr 1

On-The-Go Access – Dish Anywhere app lets you stream MTV live or recorded shows from Hopper to phones, tablets and laptops, even when traveling.

Picture Quality – Dish delivers reliable HD and 4K Ultra HD picture quality for a superior MTV viewing experience on compatible devices.

Affordability – Dish pricing is very reasonable compared to expensive traditional cable TV packages loaded with channels you don’t watch. Build a customized package to save money.

Whereas cable providers like Spectrum may deliver MTV channels more limited availability, Dish services 99% American households.

How to Watch MTV on Dish Network

Watching MTV on Dish Network is quick and easy:

  1. Purchase a Dish TV package with your choice of channels, bundles and add-ons. America’s Top packages include MTV in the lineup by default.
  2. Connect your Dish satellite equipment like the Hopper 3 DVR and have it installed properly to access programming.
  3. Use your Dish remote to tune in to Channel 160 (SD) or 1160 (HD) to directly access the MTV live broadcast.
  4. Sit back and enjoy MTV shows, music videos, news updates and more in crystal clear quality through your Dish subscription!
Dish Guide

Enjoying MTV Content on Dish

Dish makes it simple and convenient to watch all of your favorite MTV programs whenever it suits you:

  • Live Viewing – Tune in 24/7 on Channels 160/1160 to catch MTV content like Ridiculousness, Teen Mom, Catfish and Wild ‘N Out as they air live.
  • DVR Recordings – Use the Hopper 3 DVR to easily record MTV shows to watch later commercial-free as per your schedule.
  • On-Demand Library – Dish On-Demand gives access to a catalog of current and past MTV programs available instantly on your timeline.
  • TV Everywhere – The Dish Anywhere app lets you stream MTV live or on-demand on phones, tablets and laptops while traveling within the US.
  • Series Recordings – Record entire seasons of your favorite MTV franchises like The Challenge, Teen Mom, True Life, etc. automatically with Dish DVR.
Dish Anywhere On Demand

With so much flexibility and control, you’ll never miss must-see MTV content even when life gets busy!

Enjoying Music Programming on MTV/Dish

In addition to youth-focused reality shows and entertainment, MTV is still a top destination for the latest music videos and content:

  • Total Request Live – Iconic MTV countdown show TRL plays viewer voted top 10 music videos featuring today’s hottest artists and bands.
  • MTV First – MTV First broadcasts new album releases, music videos and interviews from chart-topping musicians as soon as they drop.
  • MTV Playlist – Playlist serves up genre-specific music video blocks focused on hip hop, pop, rock, country – great for passively listening.
  • Unplugged – Acoustic stripped down session performances from major artists across different eras and genres.
  • VMAs & Awards Shows – Dish lets you catch MTV’s annual Video Music Awards, Movie & TV awards shows and other marquis events live in their full glory.

Whether you’re a fan of pop, hip hop, rock or other genres – MTV on Dish Network satisfies all your music entertainment needs!

Dish offers dedicated MTV channels and Verizon Fios focuses more on on-demand catalog content.

Key MTV Shows on Dish Network

Beyond music, MTV has pioneering influential unscripted docu-series franchises and entertainment programs which you can easily enjoy through your Dish subscription:

Reality Shows

  • The Challenge – Iconic competition series pairs competitors from The Real World/Road Rules to face extreme contests around the world for money and glory spanning over 30+ intense seasons.
  • Teen Mom – Groundbreaking Emmy-nominated documentary series chronicling the experiences of young first-time mothers as they navigate parenthood and adult responsibilities.
  • Catfish – Investigates stories of online romance from questionable origins, often revealing secret deceptions, hidden identities and real life drama.
  • Jersey Shore – Reality sitcom showcasing the summer adventures and escapades of housemates vacationing together in various party destinations.
  • 16 and Pregnant – Candid portrait of teenagers facing the challenges of adolescent pregnancy and early motherhood as they make monumental life decisions.
  • True Life – MTV’s longest running docu-series spotlights individuals and subcultures living groundbreaking realities beyond societal norms.


  • Ridiculousness – Zany viral video clip show featuring celebrity guest commentary and reactions to the Internet’s craziest, most absurd caught-on-tape moments.
  • Wild ‘N Out – High energy improv comedy competition created by Nick Cannon where teams engage in hysterical battle raps and bizarre sketch challenges.
  • Scream – Ultra-meta television adaptation of the iconic slasher film franchise where chilling murders and betrayals engulf Lakewood locals.

In addition to full episodes, you’ll also find extras like reunions, deleted scenes and bonus content from many shows available on-demand.

Special Events on MTV via Dish

As an entertainment leader, MTV also delivers exclusive high profile events throughout the year which Dish Network subscribers can conveniently access:

Award Shows

  • MTV Video Music Awards
  • MTV Movie & TV Awards
  • MTV Europe Music Awards
Mtv Award Shows

Tentpole Festivals

  • MTV Spring Break
  • MTV Woodies (College Music Awards)
  • MTV Beach House Concert Series

Reality Show Reunions & Specials

  • The Challenge: Aftermath
  • Teen Mom: Ask the Moms
  • Jersey Shore Family Reunion

Concerts & Performances

  • Unplugged (Acoustic sets from major artists)
  • MTV First Listen Album Premieres
  • Total Request Live Performances

So whether you’re looking to watch history unfold at the VMAs, catch an intimate acoustic set on Unplugged or rock out to Spring Break sets – it’s all easily available live or on-demand with Dish Network!

Accessing MTV and Music Channels on Dish

Alongside MTV, Dish Network provides a variety of music television options covering multiple genres through its different TV packages and add-ons:

Basic Music Channels Available

  • BET
  • CMT
  • Fuse
  • Velocity
  • VH1

Popular Music Channel Add-Ons

  • Music Choice (50+ channels)
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • Howard Stern
  • Oprah Radio
  • Y2K Retro Hits
  • Holiday Traditions

So beyond MTV, you can expand your music entertainment selection with additional channels through your core Dish package or by purchasing affordable add-on bundles.

Alternatively, live TV streaming services like Sling TV allow accessing MTV programming without a satellite dish.

Key Takeaways on Watching MTV with Dish Network

  • Dish Network provides reliable coast-to-coast satellite coverage allowing 99% of US households to access MTV in full clarity.
  • Subscribers can watch MTV in SD on Channel 160 and HD on Channel 1160 and take advantage of advanced Dish DVR and TV Everywhere streaming.
  • Iconic MTV shows like Ridiculousness, Wild ‘N Out, Catfish plus VMAs, Movie Awards & other tentpole events are available live or recorded.
  • From music countdowns like TRL to acoustic sessions on Unplugged – Dish offers great flexibility in accessing MTV music programming.
  • Dish lets you build affordable custom TV packages to get all the channels you love at reasonable prices compared to expensive cable.

So get the inside track on the best of youth entertainment and music video culture by subscribing to MTV through Dish Network!

You can also access the MTV app on supporting Samsung smart TVs once signing in with your Dish TV credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What MTV channels are available on Dish Network?
    Dish provides both SD (Channel 160) and HD (Channel 1160) feeds of the east coast MTV broadcast covering all the network’s signature shows, events and music programming.
  2. Can I access an MTV live stream on Dish?
    Yes, tuning to channels 160/1160 gives you a 24/7 live stream of MTV programming East Coast feed. You can also stream MTV anywhere with Dish using TV Everywhere.
  3. How can I watch MTV Unplugged concerts on Dish? Iconic MTV Unplugged stripped down performance series episodes are available on the MTV On-Demand library catalogue which Dish subscribers can conveniently access.
  4. What MTV channels do I need for shows like The Challenge, Catfish or Jersey Shore? The core MTV channel on Dish Network (160 SD / 1160 HD) features flagship shows like The Challenge, Catfish, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and much more as part of the standard lineup.
  5. Does Dish provide any other music channels beyond MTV? Yes, Dish offers many music television channels covering genres like pop, rock, hip hop, country in core packages plus 50+ music channels available throug add-on bundles.

So unlock the best of music, pop culture and youth entertainment with MTV in crystal clear quality on Dish Network!

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