Get the Most Out of Plex Media Server on Your Nintendo Switch

January 21, 2024

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Want to enjoy your media library on the go with your Nintendo Switch? The good news is you can access Plex directly through the hidden web browser on the Switch.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to set up Plex and get the best streaming experience on your Switch.

Whether you’re a media enthusiast, gamer, or both, this guide will help you unlock the full entertainment potential of your Nintendo Switch with Plex. Let’s get started!

What is Plex and How Can You Use It on the Nintendo Switch?

Plex Tv

Plex is a popular media server platform that lets you store, organize, and stream your personal media library anywhere. We’re talking:

✔️ Movies & TV shows

✔️ Music & podcasts

✔️ Photos & home videos

✔️ Live TV with a Plex Pass

Plex organizes all your media with rich descriptions, posters, metadata, and artwork for a beautiful visual experience across devices.

The Plex ecosystem includes the media server software that runs on your home computer, mobile apps for streaming, along with a vast content library of free movies, shows, news and more.

Plex also makes it easy to download media for offline playback — perfect for gaming on the go.

So how can you access Plex on the Nintendo Switch exactly?

The Switch doesn’t have an official Plex app. However, thanks to a hidden web browser, you can directly access the Plex Web App to browse and stream your entire library.

It works surprisingly well for browsing your collections and watching most content. Just don’t expect full HD or flawless performance. We’ll cover more details on the experience later in this guide.

First, let’s go over how to activate the secret browser so you can use Plex on your Switch.

Activate the Hidden Web Browser on Your Nintendo Switch

Here are step-by-step instructions to activate the hidden browser app on your Switch:

What You’ll Need

  • Nintendo Switch updated with latest firmware
  • WiFi internet connection
  • Plex login credentials


1. On your Switch homepage, open System Settings

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 1

2. Select Internet > Internet Settings

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 2

3. Choose your connected WiFi Network

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 3

4. Select Change Settings

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 4

5. Change DNS settings from Automatic to Manual

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 5
Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 6

6. Enter DNS IP:

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 7
Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 8

7. Select Save then press OK

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 9

8. Return to network settings

9. Choose Connect to this Network

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 10

10. Confirm connection

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 11

11. You’ll see a SwitchBru DNS screen

12. Select Continue to Google

Activate The Hidden Web Browser On Your Nintendo Switch 12

13. The hidden browser will launch – you’re ready to access Plex!

It looks complicated but takes less than 3 minutes.

Now when you want to access the web browser again:

  • Open Internet Settings
  • Connect to your saved WiFi Network
  • The browser will launch automatically

Next let’s set up Plex and optimize streaming on your Switch.

Setting Up Plex and Optimizing Performance

With the hidden browser activated, here’s how to access Plex and tweak settings for the best experience:

  1. Launch browser & go to
  2. Log into your account or create one for free
  3. Click Launch to open the Plex webapp
  4. In Plex settings, lower quality to 720p 2Mbps for best performance
Plex Settings Video Quality
  1. Enable Downloads so you can save media offline
  2. Close other apps on Switch when streaming
  3. Reboot Switch before long streaming sessions
  4. Clear browser data to keep performance smooth

The Switch only has 720p resolution on its 6.2-inch screen so Plex will downscale higher quality video automatically.

I’ve found 720p 2mbps HD video gives flawless performance compared to original quality. Surround sound audio may not work perfectly in the browser but stereo tracks play just fine.

Downloads are handy since you don’t need to stream big media files from your server on-the-go. Just sync content overnight on WiFi so it’s available offline when gaming remotely.

Overall the experience is solid, especially for more casual viewing compared to full-fledged streaming devices. Plus it’s free!

Now let’s go over a couple alternative streaming options…

Alternate Ways to Enjoy Plex on Your Switch

While the hidden browser works fairly well, what if you want maximum quality and performance for media streaming?

Two easy options are casting directly from your smartphone or mirroring the display.

Streaming from iOS or Android Devices

The Plex app on iOS and Android allows casting media from your phone over WiFi to supported devices like:

You can enable this feature to cast to the web browser on your Switch over the local network.

Simply connect phone and Switch to the same WiFi, open the Cast menu and your Switch should appear as a player option.

Cast For Ios

Quality and streaming works flawlessly this way so I recommend connecting a bluetooth controller to your phone and casting for big screen viewing!

If you face buffering issues or audio sync problems, double check your settings.

Mirror Anything from Your Mobile Device

For more flexibility, a general screen mirroring app like ApowerMirror allows projecting your phone’s display in real time:

  • Mirror mobile games
  • Live camera
  • Any app including Plex!
  • Media playback
  • Web browser

ApowerMirror has the added ability to show your phone on a desktop browser window.

Simply access the matching URL on the secret Switch browser and you can directly mirror your smartphone to the Nintendo Switch screen wirelessly!

There is barely any latency and it works for both iOS and Android devices. Definitely check it out.

If you want to compare Plex with other media server options, take a look at our Plex alternatives guide. We also compare Plex vs Infuse media player.

Now let’s go over some frequently asked questions.

FAQs: Troubleshooting Plex on the Nintendo Switch

Here are answers to common questions when accessing Plex on the Switch:

Can I Get Plex as a Switch App?

Unfortunately at this time there is no native Plex app available on the Nintendo eShop. The only way currently is through the hidden browser. Plex would need to develop a custom Switch app for full integration.

What If the Hidden Browser Doesn’t Launch?

  • Double check DNS settings are entered correctly
  • Reboot your Switch
  • Toggle Airplane mode On and Off
  • Make sure WiFi connection is working

DNS issues can prevent the browser from launching. Follow all troubleshooting steps and test network connection.

Why Does Video Stutter or Buffer Excessively?

  • Lower quality streaming setting in Plex
  • Reboot Switch before streaming
  • Enable media downloads instead
  • Move Switch closer to WiFi router
  • Too many background apps or browser tabs open

If adjusting settings doesn’t help, mirroring from a mobile device often works better than direct browser streaming.

Can I Customize Plex or Download Extra Content?

Absolutely! When logged into Plex online you can fully manage your media libraries, customize categories with tags, install cool unsupported channels, and download extras like trailers and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

The same personalization and tools that make Plex powerful on other devices also work great on the Switch browser.

I recommend bookmarking the Plex site on the hidden browser so it launches right to your server. Enjoy it as your central hub to discover and play media.

Unlock Your Switch’s Entertainment Potential

While not a perfect Plex experience, the Nintendo Switch hidden browser lets you enjoy your media server on the go without any extra cost or accessories.

Optimizing streaming settings, mirroring from mobile, downloading content, and troubleshooting tips will help improve performance.

Now you can take your entire Plex ecosystem anywhere and keep playing even when offline. Game on!


  • Access Plex from the secret web browser on Nintendo Switch
  • Optimize with lower streaming quality and offline downloads
  • Mirror mobile screen wirelessly for flawless viewing
  • Manage and expand your media libraries from Switch
  • Troubleshoot playback and streaming issues

Ready to enjoy your media server gaming style? Let us know if you have any other questions getting Plex up and running on your Nintendo Switch!