Fixing “Your Changes Could Not Be Saved” Errors in Plex Media Server

January 21, 2024

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Plex allows you to easily access your media libraries across devices. However, the “your changes could not be saved” error can be frustrating when you attempt to update your library settings or metadata. In this comprehensive guide, I outline the leading causes of and solutions for this common Plex error based on my 5+ years of experience managing Plex servers.

What Causes “Your Changes Could Not Be Saved” Errors

There are a few leading reasons why the “your changes could not be saved” error message may appear in Plex:

Network Connectivity Issues

Plex relies on steady internet access to update libraries and save server changes. Connectivity problems like slow speeds or Wi-Fi drops can disrupt this process. Verify connections to resolve errors.

Permission Problems

Users may not have permissions to edit certain Plex settings or metadata fields by design. But permission errors also arise if security rules are configured improperly.

Corrupted Databases

Database corruption prevents Plex from writing changes back to its media folders. This forces resets to restore function.

Software Conflicts

Outdated Plex servers or incompatible clients/plugins create software conflicts during saving procedures. Updating these components fixes instability.

Metadata/Setting Restrictions

Attempts to use incorrect date formats or library categories when editing info can also trigger vague “saving failure” errors. Carefully review settings.

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12 Ways to Resolve “Your Changes Could Not Be Saved”

Refer to your specific error details and try these top troubleshooting methods:

1. Check Network Connectivity

Confirm Plex traffic is not being blocked by verifying ISP status and router operation. Restart networking devices and switch clients between Wi-Fi and ethernet to test.

Check Network Connectivity

2. Restart Plex Server

Quickly cycling power on Plex servers clears temporary glitches during saving. Shut down fully before starting to load a fresh instance.

Restart Plex Server

3. Update Plex Software

On servers and client apps, install the latest Plex versions accessible under account settings. Updates fix saving bugs.

Plex Update Plex Media Server

4. Clear Browser Cache

When using Plex Web, empty cache/cookies to eliminate corrupt site data trying to save back to the server.

5. Reset Plex Database

If no settings changes save, utilize built-in “Delete All Data” function to wipe and recreate Plex’s database.

6. Set Correct User Permissions

Under server Settings > Users, make sure your account has full library-editing privileges enabled.

Set Correct User Permissions

7. Change Metadata Format

When editing media details, use proper YYYY-MM-DD date formatting and categories like Movies/TV Shows to save.

Plex Change Metadata Format

8. Use Proper Library Categories

Adding music metadata to the Podcasts sections cannot save. Match media types to categories.

9. Disable Plugin Conflicts

Extensions like Ublock can conflict with Plex web. Disable suspect plugins and retest saving.

10. Run Plex as Administrator

On Windows, right-click the Plex desktop icon and select “Run as administrator” to launch with elevated privileges if permission issues remain.

Plex Run As Administrator

11. Reinstall Plex

As a last resort, completely uninstall and reinstall Plex server software to potentially fix stubborn data saving problems.

Uninstall Plex

12. Contact Plex Support

If no user troubleshooting works, Plex engineers can further diagnose “saving failure” errors for dedicated server subscribers.

If other troubleshooting steps don’t resolve your “changes not saved” errors, you may want to consider alternatives like Emby or the options outlined in this Plex comparison guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Reset Plex database if other fixes fail. Wiping all data generally resolves persistent saving problems if software is up-to-date.
  • Always keep Plex software updated on servers and clients. Updates often address saving issues.
  • Check connectivity and permissions first. These are most common sources of problems.

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I hope these troubleshooting tips help you resolve frustrating “your changes could not be saved errors” so you can get back to seamlessly managing your Plex media libraries! Let me know in the comments if you have any other issues getting changes to save.