How to Get Spectrum TV on Your Roku Device

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Spectrum Tv On Roku

Want to stream live TV and on-demand shows from Spectrum on your Roku device? This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know.


With the Spectrum TV app, Roku users who subscribe to Spectrum internet and TV can access live channels, TV listings, and on-demand programming.

To use the app, you’ll need:

  • A Spectrum TV and internet subscription
  • A compatible Roku streaming player, Roku TV, or Streaming Stick
  • Your Spectrum account credentials

Then simply install the free Spectrum TV app from the Roku Channel Store to start streaming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only Spectrum internet and TV customers can use the Spectrum TV Roku app
  • Compatible with most Roku devices made in the past several years
  • Provides access to live TV, channel guide, some on-demand content
  • Free for eligible Spectrum subscribers

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these simple steps to get Spectrum TV on your Roku:

1. Confirm You Meet the Requirements

To use the Spectrum TV app on Roku, you must have:

  • An active Spectrum TV subscription
  • Spectrum internet service at your home
  • Other streaming devices like the Fire TV have their own requirements for the Spectrum app as well.

Note: The app is designed for in-home streaming only. You cannot use it outside your home Spectrum internet network.

Those using other smart TV brands like LG, Sony, TCL or Vizio may also find the Spectrum app experience differs across platforms.

2. Find the Spectrum TV App in Roku’s Channel Store

  • On your Roku home screen, select Streaming Channels
  • Search for “Spectrum TV”
  • Select the Spectrum TV app and choose to install it
Find The Spectrum Tv App In Roku's Channel Store

If installing remotely from a web browser, you may need to manually update your Roku device to trigger the Spectrum TV app download.

3. Log In Using Your Spectrum Credentials

Once the Spectrum TV app finishes installing, open it and log in with your:

  • Spectrum account username/email
  • Account password
Log In Using Your Spectrum Credentials

You’ll then have full access to live TV channels, listings, and some on-demand content through the app.

What You Can Watch

The Spectrum TV app for Roku grants access to:

  • Live TV channels
  • TV listings/guide
  • Some on-demand programming
Spectrum Tv On Demand Featured

You can watch both local and cable channels included in your Spectrum TV subscription, such as ESPN channels and other sports networks.

However, the Roku app does not provide access to all Spectrum On Demand content. Some programming may only be accessible on a Spectrum set-top box.

Customers experiencing technical problems like constant buffering or app not working may need some troubleshooting suggestions.


Is the Spectrum TV app free on Roku?

Yes, the Spectrum TV Roku app is free if you subscribe to Spectrum’s TV and internet services. It provides existing customers another way to access content they already pay for. There is no additional charge.

What if I cancel my Spectrum subscription?

You must maintain an active TV and internet subscription with Spectrum to keep using the Roku app. Canceling either service will cut off app access.

Why can’t I use Spectrum TV on Roku outside my home?

The Roku app is restricted to in-home streaming only. That requires connecting both your Roku and mobile device to your Spectrum home WiFi network. Usage outside that network is prohibited per Spectrum’s terms.

The Bottom Line

The Spectrum TV app provides a convenient way for Roku users to stream Spectrum content on their TVs. But it comes with restrictions compared to a Spectrum set-top box.

Ultimately, the app serves Spectrum internet and TV customers seeking more flexible access within their homes. Non-customers will need to switch providers first.