How to Get Spectrum TV App on Vizio Smart TV: The Complete Guide

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Spectrum On Vizio Tv

Getting the Spectrum TV app running on your Vizio smart TV provides access to live channels, on-demand content and cloud DVR recordings. Unfortunately, Vizio TVs do not natively support the Spectrum app.

This comprehensive guide covers multiple methods to work around this limitation and stream Spectrum on Vizio smart TVs.

What Vizio TV Models Support Spectrum App?

Only Vizio smart TV models released in 2018 or later can use the Spectrum TV app. This is because it relies on built-in Chromecast capability, marketed by Vizio as SmartCast.

To verify model and SmartCast support:

  • Locate model number on original TV packaging or in System settings > System Information. Models beginning with V, M, P or OLED support SmartCast.
  • Check if remote has a button labeled “V” which launches SmartCast and confirms compatibility.
Vizio Tv Remote V Button 

The Spectrum TV app experience does vary across platforms. Learn more about using Spectrum on Fire TV, LG webOS TVs, Roku, Sony Android TVs, and TCL Roku TVs.

Prerequisites to Get Spectrum Working on Vizio TV

Before mirroring or casting Spectrum, ensure:

  • Reliable high-speed home internet connection to prevent buffering issues.
  • Smartphone, tablet or PC on same WiFi network as Vizio TV to cast from.
  • Latest version of Chrome browser if casting from a computer.
  • Google Home app installed on casting device to enable discovery and connection.

Method 1: Cast Spectrum TV App via SmartCast


  1. Confirm Vizio TV and casting device on same WiFi network.
  2. Open Google Home app on smartphone/tablet and select Vizio TV.
  3. Launch Spectrum TV app and tap cast icon to mirror onto TV.
  4. Alternatively launch Spectrum website on Chrome browser, initiate cast and select Vizio TV model.
Cast Spectrum Tv App Via Smartcast

Method 2: Use External Chromecast Device

If Vizio TV lacks required SmartCast functionality, plug a Chromecast into HDMI port. This interfaces with Google Home app to enable casting from mobile devices or Chrome browser on a laptop.

Chromecast To Lg Tv

Method 3: Cast via Roku Streaming Stick

Alternatively, connect a Roku stick into HDMI port on Vizio TV. Search channel store for Spectrum app, install and sign in to access content.

Roku Spectrum Tv

Spectrum TV Plans to Stream on Vizio

Spectrum offers three plans with the following channels available:

  • Select – 125+ channels from $45/month
  • Silver – 175+ channels from $70/month
  • Gold – 200+ channels from $90/month

The exact Spectrum TV packages and pricing vary by location. Existing Spectrum internet customers may qualify for discounts.

For a comparison of streaming capabilities, see how Spectrum stacks up against alternatives like FuboTV, DirecTV, Dish TV, and YouTube TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Vizio TVs work with Spectrum app?

The Spectrum TV app works on Vizio smart TV models released in 2018 and later that support Chromecast-enabled SmartCast mirroring capability.

Do I need Spectrum cable box for Vizio TV?

No. By using the Spectrum TV app and SmartCast casting, you can stream Spectrum cable channels on a compatible Vizio TV without needing a traditional cable box.

Can Spectrum app work on old Vizio models?

Unfortunately older Vizio models pre-2018 lack SmartCast support required for casting the Spectrum TV app. Options are using a Chromecast HDMI dongle or upgrading to a newer Vizio set.

What channels included with Spectrum app?

Spectrum’s TV plans provide live streaming access to major cable channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and popular networks such as ESPN, CNN, Disney, Discovery, Nickelodeon among others.

What internet speed needed for Spectrum app?

Spectrum recommends at least 25 Mbps internet speeds for optimum streaming capability and to prevent buffering. Faster 100+ Mbps plans provide best performance.

Can multiple Vizio TVs use Spectrum app?

Yes. Each compatible Vizio TV with SmartCast can independently cast and stream the Spectrum TV app over the home WiFi network using a subscribed account.

Key Takeaways on Getting Spectrum TV App on Vizio

  • Verify Vizio smart TV model supports casting via SmartCast. Generally 2018 or newer models.
  • Use Chromecast built-in or HDMI dongle to work around lack of native Spectrum app support.
  • Cast to Vizio TV from smartphone, tablet or Chrome browser on PC.
  • Select from Spectrum TV packages offering up to 200+ live channels.

Hopefully this guide has helped explain the steps to get the full Spectrum TV experience streaming on your Vizio television. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!