How to Get the Spectrum TV App on Your TCL Smart TV: A Complete Guide

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Spectrum App On Tcl Tv

Watching the Spectrum TV app on a TCL smart TV can be confusing depending on the model you own. This guide will teach you how to access Spectrum on any TCL TV.

Can You Get Spectrum TV on a TCL Smart TV?

The ability to install Spectrum TV depends on if your TCL TV runs on Android/Google TV or the Roku operating system. We’ll cover both scenarios and provide tested methods that work in 2024.

Accessing Spectrum TV on Android/Google TCL TVs (6 Methods)

Unfortunately, the official Spectrum TV app is not yet supported on TCL’s Android/Google TV models. But don’t worry, you have several solid workarounds:

  • Use web browser to access Spectrum TV website
  • Cast Spectrum mobile app from Android/iPhone
  • Install unofficial Spectrum TV APK
  • Connect external streaming device like Roku
  • Screen mirror laptop with HDMI cable
  • Use AirPlay casting from iOS device

Below we will…

  • Provide step-by-step instructions for each method
  • Compare pros and cons of each option
  • Answer common troubleshooting questions
  • Offer recommendations based on use case

Method 1: Access Spectrum TV Website in Web Browser

The Spectrum TV website provides access to live and on-demand programming from your Spectrum subscription. Here’s how to watch it from your TCL Android TV’s browser:

Step 1) Install web browser if you don’t already have one. We recommend the TV Bro or Puffin browsers which are optimized for TV web surfing.

Step 2) Open browser app and navigate to

Access Spectrum Tv Website In Web Browser 1

Step 3) Login with your Spectrum account credentials

Spectrum Tv Website In Web Browser

Step 4) Start streaming your favorite sports, news and entertainment

The Spectrum TV website works well for casual viewing but lacks some features like a sophisticated channel guide or DVR controls. Still it’s the quickest method to get streaming right from your TV’s apps.

Method 2: Cast Spectrum Mobile App to TCL Android TV

Already have the Spectrum TV app on your Android phone or iPhone? You can cast the mobile app straight to your TCL Android TV with just a few quick steps:

Step 1) Connect phone and TCL TV to same Wi-Fi network

Step 2) Launch Spectrum mobile app and login to account

Spectrum Mobile App

Step 3) Swipe down to access Control Center

Step 4) Tap Screen Mirroring/Smart View icon to initiate casting

Screen Mirroring Iphone 1
Smart View

Step 5) Select your TCL TV name from device list

Smart View Tcl Android Tv

Now you’ll see the Spectrum mobile app screen mirrored on your nice big TCL television. This grants full access to the app’s features like favorite channels, video on-demand, DVR recordings and more.

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv

Casting does drain your phone battery faster. But an upside is being able to use your phone as an advanced remote control while streaming on the TV.

Method 3: Sideload Spectrum TV APK onto TCL Android TV

While not officially supported, you can install an unofficial Spectrum TV Android APK onto your TCL Google TV. Here is what’s involved:

Step 1) Install Downloader app from TCL Content Store

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv 1

Step 2) Enable “Allow from this source” in Settings > Apps

Step 3) Open Downloader app and search “Spectrum TV APK”

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv 2

Step 4) Select download link from results

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv 3

Step 5) Click Install and launch app when completed

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv 4

Step 6) Login with your Spectrum account

Sideload Spectrum Tv Apk Onto Tcl Android Tv 5

This sideloaded Spectrum APK mimics functionality of the official mobile app. But the viewing mode is stuck in vertical orientation. You’ll be unable to watch full screen as a result.

Proceed with caution as this unofficial app could pose privacy or security risks. But many TCL owners have reported success accessing Spectrum programming this way.

Method 4: Connect External Streaming Device to TCL TV

Another straightforward route is connecting an external streaming player or stick to add app support missing from your TCL Android TV.

Top options like Roku or Amazon Fire TV integrate seamlessly and make it easy to install and log into Spectrum TV. Most models are quite affordable as well.

We recommend Roku specifically because their platform has a dedicated Spectrum TV app fully optimized for the living room experience.

Compatible Roku devices include:

Roku Streaming Devices & Players

Simply connect via open HDMI port and follow the typical Roku setup process to access Spectrum on your TCL TV with this hassle-free method.

If looking to watch Spectrum content on another popular streaming platform, the Amazon Fire TV solution works quite well. Although the app experience is more optimized for Roku, Fire TV Stick owners can still login and access live programming without much hassle.

Method 5: Screen Mirror Laptop to TCL Android TV via HDMI

Don’t have a spare streaming device? You likely have a laptop though. And it can serve as an intermediary for watching Spectrum on your TCL Android TV.

Here’s how to screen mirror laptop to TCL TV:

Step 1) Connect Windows/Mac laptop to TCL TV’s HDMI port

Step 2) On laptop access Spectrum TV Everywhere website

Step 3) Enable secondary display in Settings on Windows or Mac OS

Step 4) Toggle to duplicate/mirror mode so Spectrum plays on both laptop and TV

Tcl Tv Hdmi

This gives you the convenience of managing streaming content with your computer while viewing on the big screen. HDCP errors can interfere with casting sometimes so HDMI is more reliable.

Method 6: Use AirPlay Casting from iOS Device

Apple device owners can take advantage of AirPlay casting. This streams content wirelessly using an established protocol TCL Android TVs understand.

Follow these instructions for casting from iPhone/iPad:

Step 1) Connect iOS device and TCL TV to same wireless network

Step 2) Launch Spectrum app and play a video

Step 3) Swipe up from bottom to launch Control Center

Step 4) Tap Screen Mirroring icon

Step 5) Select your TCL television from the target device list

Screen Mirroring

AirPlay can achieve smooth 1080p streaming without lag or quality loss. An Apple TV box would allow 4K resolution but isn’t required for a decent streaming experience.

The only downside to Airplay is that it exclusively works for Apple products. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer to utilize this handy wireless casting feature.

Get Spectrum TV App on TCL Roku TVs

Great news for TCL Roku TV owners – the official Spectrum app is readily available on Roku devices!

Over a dozen TCL Roku TV models exist with varying sizes and display resolutions. But they all share the simplistic Roku smart platform.

Navigating this streamlined interface makes installing Spectrum TV a breeze. Just follow this quick walkthrough:

Step 1) Press Home button on TCL Roku TV remote

Get Spectrum Tv App On Tcl Roku Tvs 1

Step 2) Scroll left and select Streaming Channels

Get Spectrum Tv App On Tcl Roku Tvs 2

Step 3) Search for “Spectrum TV” app

Get Spectrum Tv App On Tcl Roku Tvs 3

Step 4) Click Add Channel button to install

Get Spectrum Tv App On Tcl Roku Tvs 4

Step 5) Launch newly installed Spectrum app

Step 6) Input your Spectrum account login credentials

Get Spectrum Tv App On Tcl Roku Tvs 5

Step 7) Pick up where you left off or find something new to stream!

The Roku Spectrum app delivers the full suite of features available to cable subscribers. That includes both live and video on-demand programming, detailed channel guides, saved favorite lists, account management functions and more.

Roku models also permit casting to the TV from mobile devices if desired. But you likely won’t need to with the legit Spectrum experience happening right on the device.

Installing the Spectrum TV app on platforms like LG webOS TVs or Vizio SmartCast TVs is generally smooth and straightforward. You’ll want to verify compatibility with your specific model but most modern televisions work perfectly fine.

Below are the most popular TCL Roku TVs guaranteed to work flawlessly with the Spectrum TV app:

We focused this guide specifically on TCL smart TV models but you can follow almost identical methods to watch Spectrum on Sony Android TVs too. Casting from mobile or using the Android web browser workaround achieve the same desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Spectrum app work on any smart TV brand?

A: Spectrum TV is supported on all Roku TVs plus Samsung models from 2012 onward. Select LG webOS TVs work as well but results vary across other brands.

Q: Can I watch Spectrum On Demand content?

A: Yes the Spectrum TV apps and website provide full access to available on-demand programming from your subscription package.

Q: Does the mobile app offer the same channels & shows?

A: The iOS and Android Spectrum apps closely resemble the cable box experience. If anything more On Demand content is accessible on mobile.

Q: What internet speed is needed for streaming?

A: Spectrum recommends a minimum of 25 Mbps download bandwidth per concurrent 4K stream. Reduce to 5-10 Mbps needed for stable HD streaming.

Q: Can I avoid Spectrum TV app ads?

A: Unfortunately the apps serve ads and don’t allow ad-blocking. Using a streaming device like Roku limits commercials and promotional interruptions however.

Q: What aspects require a Spectrum internet subscription?

A: You need an active Spectrum internet plan to unlock certain features like web/mobile app streaming or video on-demand content. Live programming simply requires a TV package.

Summary & Next Steps

Hopefully this guide served as a valuable reference for resolving difficulties accessing Spectrum TV on your TCL television.

In summary, TCL Roku TV owners luck out with full app support through Roku Channel Store installation.

Meanwhile TCL Android TV users have options like:

  • Casting Spectrum mobile app
  • Using TV web browser
  • AirPlay & Chromecast workarounds

Still have trouble or questions? Reach out below and I’ll do my best to help get you streaming Spectrum content on your TCL smart TV.