The 5 Best TVs with Blue Light Filter in 2024

February 11, 2024

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Are you looking for a TV with a built-in blue light filter to protect your eyes during late night Netflix binges? In this comprehensive guide, we analyzed today’s top TV models to find the best blue light filtering screens on the market.

After carefully evaluating over 50 TVs across various price ranges, these 5 emerged as the leading options for healthy viewing in 2024. We break down key factors like price, size, picture quality and blue light filtering effectiveness to help you choose the perfect fit.

Why Blue Light Matters

Before jumping into the top models, let’s quickly cover why filtering blue light from your TV even matters in the first place.

  • Overexposure to blue light from screens later at night can severely disrupt healthy sleep patterns by suppressing natural melatonin production.
  • This impaired sleep can lead to long term issues like weight gain, anxiety, depression and more.
  • Eye strain and fatigue commonly occur after prolonged viewing under bright blue light as well.

Luckily, more and more TV manufacturers are now building in dedicated blue light reduction modes to address this. While 3rd party screen covers work too, having the filtration directly integrated into the TV gives you the best picture quality.

Now let’s count down the top blue light filtering TVs of 2024!

1. Samsung Q90B QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung Q90b Qled 4k Smart Tv

The newly released Samsung Q90B lineup of QLED TVs tops our list for best blue light filtering capabilities along with stellar overall performance.

Key Features

  • Massive 55, 65, 75, 85 inch screen size options
  • Quantum Dot technology for over 1 billion colors & 100% DCI-P3 color gamut
  • Included EyeComfort Mode with tailored blue light filtration
  • 16X contrast ratio with Mini LED backlighting
  • Fast 240Hz refresh rate for gaming, sports & movies
  • Smart Hub interface with app streaming & Alexa built-in

As Samsung’s 2024 flagship 4K model, the Q90B QLED TV matches exceptional picture quality with dedicated EyeComfort settings to reduce blue light output for better sleep health. The quantum dot filtration and backlight dimming create deep blacks for ideal night viewing.

While still pricey compared to other options, the Q90B earns our top recommendation for combo of blue light protection and premium display performance.

Price Range: $1,299 – $4,999

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2. Hisense U6H Quantum ULED 4K Android TV

Hisense U6h Quantum Uled 4k Android Tv

For shoppers wanting robust blue light features at a more affordable price point, the Hisense U6H Quantum TV is a stellar value choice.

Key Specs

  • Available in 55, 65, 75 & 85 inches
  • Quantum dot wide color gamut panel
  • Integrated Eye Care blue light reduction modes
  • Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos support
  • Smooth 120Hz native refresh rate
  • Google Assistant voice controls

Powered by the intuitive Android smart platform, the U6H 4K TV stands out for its Eye Care technology reducing blue light emission by up to 40% to prevent eye strain. For help watching VHS tapes, check out our handy guide.

The quantum dot panel and full array local dimming create a bright, vibrant picture during the day while adaptive modes optimize night viewing. At nearly half the price of the Samsung above, Hisense packs in blue light protection that outperforms TVs hundreds more.

Price Range: $499 – $1,699

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3. Sony Bravia XR A95K QD-OLED TV

Sony Bravia Xr A95k Qd Oled Tv

Sony’s astounding new Bravia XR A95K brings best-in-class cognitive image processing to a brilliantly colorful QD-OLED flat panel. While among the most expensive options, this TV pushes the limits of picture quality while keeping blue light in check.

Why We Recommend It

  • Revolutionary QD-OLED panel for intenes contrast & color
  • Cognitive XR processor for unparalleled detail & clarity
  • Netflx Calibrated Mode meets creator standards
  • XR Contrast Booster 10 adapts brightness in real-time
  • Flush surface & anti-reflective coating reduce glare
  • Reference Mode deactivates post-processing for purists

As Sony’s new flagship, the A95K introduces groundbreaking new QD-OLED technology for amplified color volume, perfect black levels and up to 200% more brightness than standard OLED.

The cognitive processor leverages human visual perception science to analyze and enhance every scene. Netflix Calibrated Mode was specially tuned to match the exacting quality standards Netflix filmmakers master content on.

While certainly a premium luxury purchase, no other TV combines Sony’s best-of-breed display advancements with tailored blue light reduction capabilities like their new Bravia XR A95K.

Price Range: $2,999 – $3,999

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4. TCL 6-Series 8K QLED Roku TV

Tcl 6 Series 8k Qled Roku Tv

Boasting 8K resolution, quantum dot wide color and blue light adjustment for under $2,000, the 2024 TCL 6-Series 8K TV packs incredible value.

Why We Picked It

  • One of few affordable 8K TV options
  • QLED panel with 100% DCI-P3 color
  • Integrated blue light filter settings
  • Dolby Vision HDR & Dolby Atmos
  • 240 MR local dimming zones
  • Roku smart platform included

Powered by the user-friendly Roku interface, this 6-Series model is the first TV from TCL to reach 8K resolution. The self-lit QLED display generates lush, accurate color while their advanced mini LED backlight technology heightens contrast.

TCL built in dedicated Eye Care settings to reduce blue light output for better nighttime viewing. Given most buyers can’t afford the five-figure price tags of other 8K options, the TCL 6-Series 8K stands out by making ultra-high definition much more accessible to the masses.

Price Range: $1,999 – $2,999

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5. Best Budget Option: Hisense A6H Android 4K TV

Hisense A6 Android 4k Tv

If you’re looking for decent blue light filtering on a tighter budget, the entry-level Hisense A6H series fits the bill. As one of their more affordable 2024 options, this TV still manages to pack in great smart features and eye protection.

Key Attributes

  • Extremely affordable 4K display
  • Built-in blue light reduction modes
  • Smooth 60Hz refresh rate
  • Voice remote with Google Assistant
  • DTS Studio Sound audio
  • Easy Android smart platform

While not quite as advanced as pricier Hisense models, the A6H 4K TV still provides solid performance, especially for secondary rooms. Android gives you quick access to all your streaming apps while the ingenious voice remote lets you control playback hands-free.

Most importantly, their Eye Care technology is still baked in to reduce eye fatigue and help you wind down for healthy sleep when watching late at night. If staying under budget is your main goal, the Hisense A6H nicely balances entry-level pricing with blue light filtering.

If staying under budget is your main goal, the Hisense A6H nicely balances entry-level pricing with blue light filtering. Be sure to also review our recommendations for senior-friendly TV bundles.

Price Range: $249 – $499

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Key Factors in Picking the Best Blue Light Filtering TV

To determine the top options, we carefully evaluated numerous key criteria beyond just price or size considerations. Here are some of the most important factors we analyzed:

Picture Quality

High performance display specs like OLED contrast, QLED wide color, peak brightness levels and refresh rate impact how realistic, smooth and visually comfortable content appears. Top tier models excel across these technical benchmarks to showcase movies, shows, games and more beautifully.

Blue Light Adjustability

At their core, all LED/LCD screens emit high levels of blue light to generate white images. Having easily accessible, dedicated picture modes that reduce blue spectrum output specifically is vital. This allows dimming bright blue hues at night while maintaining color accuracy.

Eye Comfort Enhancements

Beyond less blue light, having adjustable settings to also soften brightness intensity, reduce flickering and minimize glare promotes healthy long-term TV viewing. Especially for long binge sessions, these customization options prevent fatigue and strain.

Smart Features

Having an intuitive built-in platform to access all your favorite streaming video/music apps is a prerequisite for any modern TV. Top models also integrate voice control and smart home connectivity to make controlling your experience easier.

Finding Your Perfect Blue Light Filtering Television

With this guide rounding up 2024’s top models with integrated blue light reduction modes, you now have a head start in finding the ideal eye-friendly TV for your needs and budget.

Key questions to consider are:

  • What display specifications are most important to you? Contrast? Brightness? Refresh rate? Pick TVs strong in your priority performance areas.
  • Do you want the best blue light adjustment capabilities specifically? Focus on models like the Samsung Q90B or Sony A95K with tailored eye comfort modes.
  • What screen size works for your room dimensions? Measure carefully to find your ideal fit.
  • What smart features do you need? Voice assistant? Gaming response times? Make sure your top contenders have the essential platform and connectivity opts you want.
  • How strict is your budget? We aimed to provide solid recommendations spanning reasonable to luxury price points.

Finding the perfect TV is a big choice – let us know in the comments if you have any other questions as you evaluate options for your eye-friendly entertainment upgrade! Check out our top karaoke machine picks for even more fun.