How to Fix Disney+ Audio Out of Sync – Complete Troubleshooting Guide

March 10, 2024

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Experiencing Disney+ audio lagging behind video? This frustrating issue has multiple potential causes and solutions. As a streaming platform expert and Disney+ power user, I’ve compiled this comprehensive troubleshooting guide so you can get back to enjoying your favorite shows.

Why Does Disney+ Audio Go Out of Sync?

Before jumping into fixes, it’s helpful to understand what causes the Disney+ app’s audio and video to lose sync in the first place.

Buffering and Internet Issues

The most common root of AV sync problems is buffering difficulties leading to video starting before the audio data fully loads. Contributing network factors include:

  • Weak/unstable connections
  • Congested WiFi bands
  • Using mobile data in poor coverage areas
  • Too many devices connected to one network
  • Outages or throttling from Internet Service Providers

Disney+ recommends a minimum 25 Mbps connection for best 4K streaming experience. For 1080p/HD, 5 Mbps bandwidth is needed.

Software Bugs

Sometimes a bug in the Disney+ app itself interrupts audio processing, like when:

  • The app wasn’t updated
  • A new update introduced software issues
  • Platform-specific coding problems occur
  • DRM issues occur with downloaded content

Reinstalling or force quitting/clearing app cache can alleviate software-based sync problems.

Device Performance Issues

Underpowered, outdated or malfunctioning devices can also prevent seamless A/V sync, including:

  • Using older smartphone, TV, console or PC hardware
  • Having many resource-intensive apps and services running
  • Experiencing device OS bugs or crashes
  • Connecting displays via faulty cables or ports

Updating devices and disconnecting/reconnecting cables helps with device-centric lag problems.

Content Processing Glitches

In rare cases, a specific show or movie on Disney+ has intrinsic encoding issues on the platform’s backend, causing everyone viewing it to experience out-of-sync problems not solvable on the user end.

8 Ways to Fix Disney+ Audio Sync Issues

Below I outline top troubleshooting tips – easy home remedies to technical steps for advanced users. Following these guides sequentially will help systematically narrow down then resolve your Disney+ AV delay.

1. Check Internet Connection Quality

Since network issues like buffering and ISP throttling cause most syncing problems, first confirm your internet is strong enough for streaming.

  • Run speed tests during peak usage times
  • Toggle airplane mode on/off on mobile devices
  • Powercycle home routers and modems
  • Contact internet provider to ask about area outages
  • Disconnect extraneous devices using your home WiFi

Target at least 25 Mbps connections for 4K Disney+ or 5 Mbps for HD.

On mobile? Limit nearby obstruction between device and router, disable battery saver mode, use 5Ghz over 2.4Ghz bands if possible.

Check out this guide on how to fix Disney+ not working on Samsung TVs which covers similar troubleshooting steps.

2. Update Disney+ App

Using an outdated Disney+ version introduces risks of unpatched bugs.

Confirm you have the latest version installed.

To update Disney+ app:

  • On mobile, check your device’s app store updates tab
  • On Smart TVs, use system menu to find/install app updates
  • On streaming boxes, check for firmware/software updates
  • On PC browsers, hard refresh page or clear caches
Update Disney Plus App

3. Restart Devices

Before getting too technical, quickly rebooting hardware and internet gear may clear any transient glitches causing Disney+ to get stuck buffering and losing AV sync.

Follow device restart best practices:

  • Phones/tablets: Power down completely, wait a minute, restart
  • Computers: Shut down then boot back up (don’t just sleep/wake)
  • Streaming boxes: Unplug, wait 30s, replug back in
  • Smart TVs: Pull power cord, wait 1 minute minimum before reconnecting
  • Internet modem+router: Unplug both over 5+ minutes
Unplug The TV

Allow devices to fully cold boot to clear memory leaks before relaunching Disney+.

4. Disconnect/Reseat Cables

It’s surprising how simply reseating connectors can fix finicky hardware syncing issues!

Systematically unplug then firmly replug in the following Disney+ device cables:

  • HDMI cables linking players, audio systems and displays
  • Power cords of streaming devices, TVs and receivers
  • Audio cables like optical or RCA plugged into speakers
  • Network cables from modems and routers
Tcl Tv Hdmi

Examine cables for any damage too – bent pins, frayed fabric etc. Faulty wires can disrupt time-sensitive A/V data flows.

Bonus tip: Label mystery cords to simplify future media troubleshooting!

Inspect cables for wear and tear issues which commonly disrupt apps like Disney+ not working on Vizio smart TVs.

5. Lower Streaming Resolution

Streaming 4K or 1080p content taxes device resources much more heavily than SD video.

Does Disney+ only lose sync when viewing hi-res content? Streaming at a lower resolution may resolve this.

Adjust streaming quality via Disney+ settings:

On mobile/PC browsers:

  • Tap/click your profile icon > App Settings
  • Select lower Data Usage threshold
Disney Plus App Settings

On TVs:

  • From Details page of any show, access Audio and Subtitles
  • Choose language then reduce Quality
Adjust Streaming Quality Via Disney+ Settings

Target 480p or below. If sync issues disappear, slowly raise quality back up to find sweet spot based on device/network capabilities.

6. Reset System Audio

Sometimes speaker configurations get corrupted, causing persistent A/V sync troubles. Reset audio back to factory defaults.

Reset audio on various devices:

Media streamers:

  • Access Audio settings from device menus
  • Turn off surround sound
  • Set speakers to Stereo or default

Smart TVs:

  • Enter System/Device Settings, locate Audio/Sound menu
  • Turn off virtual surround effects
  • Reset speakers to default TV configuration
Turn Off Virtual Surround Effects


  • Access sound control panel properties
  • Under advanced sound options, set audio quality to CD level 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
Reset System Audio 1


  • Use standard smartphone speaker instead of Bluetooth accessories

Test Disney+ audio sync before/after reset using same content and streaming quality.

TV audio getting reset resolves Disney+ sound not working as well.

7. Delete and Reinstall Disney+ App

If you’ve tried everything else with no improvements, deleting then fresh installing the Disney+ app eliminates any deeply entrenched data corruption or caching issues.

  • Back up favorites list in case they don’t sync back
  • Delete Disney+ app from device home screen/menu
  • Redownload latest app version from official stores
  • Login and re-setup streaming preferences
Disney Plus Uninstall 

Test a few different movies/series to see if problem persists across all content or just certain videos.

Disney+ black screen errors also get resolved by app reinstalls.

8. Contact Disney+ Support

After methodically trying the above troubleshooting steps, if Disney+ audio is still consistently out of sync on perfectly capable hardware across different shows, the issue may actually stem from a deeper platform-side encoding flaw.

In this case, directly contact Disney+ support via:

Provide specific examples of media consistently exhibiting AV sync lag so they can log and diagnose the issue on their backend.

If enough users report problems with certain shows, Disney engineers can reprocess the files to permanently resolve media playback issues at the root.

Key Takeaways and Preventative Tips

Getting Disney+ audio back in sync takes some sleuthing but fixes usually come down to:

  • Upgrading internet speeds or minimizing nearby device interference
  • Keeping Disney+ app updated and rebooting devices before streams
  • Reseating finicky HDMI/audio cables
  • Lowering streaming resolution based on device capability
  • Deleting/reinstalling Disney+ as last resort

Proactively avoiding sync headaches:

  • Set Disney+ to default lowest steaming resolution
  • Close extra apps and browser tabs before streaming
  • Buy certified premium HDMI cables within 6 ft max length
  • Connect devices via Ethernet vs WiFi when possible
  • Set Disney+ downloads to wifi-only to prevent mobile data buffering

Now you have a complete troubleshooting roadmap. Follow steps sequentially until Disney+ audio smoothly matches the video once again. Consistently taking preventative measures also minimizes future syncing frustrations.

Soon you’ll be immersed back in Disney magic without distraction. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my TV lose audio sync specifically when streaming Disney+ shows?

This typically points to an HDMI handshake issue between your media player/streaming stick and TV. Try connecting devices directly via TV’s built-in software vs another box. Also manually adjust TV settings to match source device – don’t rely solely on auto-detections.

Why does Disney+ buffer a lot more compared to other streaming apps on the same connection?

Disney+ is optimized for maximum visual quality at cost of bandwidth efficiency. So Netflix can stream well at 3 Mbps speeds vs Disney+ needing 5 Mbps. Check Disney+’s data usage limiter settings to cap rates based on your network capability. Also set video quality lower consistently, not just when buffering occurs.

Why does Disney+ go out of sync only when using Bluetooth headphones or speakers?

Latency is inherently higher streaming A/V over Bluetooth vs wired connections. Sync Disney+ audio delay adjustment slider within your Bluetooth device settings to realign timing, or use wired headphones and disable TV speaker audio. Also sit closer to reduce wireless interference.

If my internet tests above 25mbps, why does Disney+ still buffer and lose sync?

Raw download speeds don’t tell full story. Critical factors like packet loss, latency jitter, congestion also affect real-time streaming capability. So your provider may throttle traffic during peak times or route Disney+ content inefficiently. Use Ethernet backhaul, optimize modem locality and upgrade router to address issues.

Hope this helps explain the common pitfalls around Disney+ losing audio sync and how to systematically correct them! Let me know if any questions.