How to Fix Sound Not Working on Disney Plus – Troubleshooting Guide

March 5, 2024

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Are you having issues with no sound or audio cutting out when streaming Disney Plus? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many users have reported sound problems on Disney+, but the good news is there are fixes you can try to get it working again.

In this complete troubleshooting guide, I’ll walk you through all the possible reasons why Disney+ has no sound and show you step-by-step instructions to resolve the audio issues.

By the end, you’ll know how to fix Disney+ sound not working on any device so you can get back to streaming your favorite shows.

Why Is My Disney Plus Sound Not Working? Common Causes

Before jumping into the solutions, it helps to understand what underlying issues typically cause sound problems on Disney Plus:

  • Outdated app requiring an update
  • Corrupted app cache/data needing to be cleared
  • Connectivity problems like unstable internet
  • Issues with speakers or audio output device
  • Using Bluetooth speakers still paired to another device
  • Problems with cables, ports or HDMI connection
  • Disney+ server outages or maintenance

Pay attention to when and how the no sound problem occurs on Disney Plus. That will give you clues to narrow down the culprit so you can apply the best fix.

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I’ll now walk through all the steps to troubleshoot and solve the Disney+ no sound frustration step-by-step:

Step 1: Check Your Volume Levels

I know, it seems obvious, but make sure:

  • The volume on your TV/device is turned up high enough to hear
  • Mute isn’t accidentally enabled on the device or Disney+ app
  • Any external speakers are powered on and also have volume up
Toshiba Tv Remote Volume

It never hurts to triple check this first before trying more complex solutions!

Step 2: Restart/Reinstall the Disney Plus App

If you only have sound issues with Disney+ but other apps play audio fine, there may be a technical glitch within the streaming app itself.

Quickly restarting or reinstalling Disney+ will wipe out any problematic cached data causing no sound:

On Mobile:

  • Force quit the Disney+ app
  • Launch Disney+ again
Force Quit The Disney+ App

Still no luck? Uninstall the app then redownload it from the Play/App Store. Log back in and try playing a video.

On TVs/Streaming Devices:

  • Force close the Disney+ app by going into App Settings
  • Clear app cache/data then launch Disney+ again
  • If issues persist, uninstall then reinstall Disney+
Force Quit The Disney+ App On Tv

Restarting/reinstalling Disney+ flushes out bugs, ensuring sound works when you relaunch it.

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Step 3: Update Your Device Software

Another common and easily fixed cause of Disney+ sound issues is having outdated software:

On Phones/Tablets:

  • Go into Settings > System Updates
  • Install any pending OS/firmware updates
System Updates Android

On TVs/Streaming Devices:

  • Go into Device Settings > System Updates
  • Download updates for your smart TV, Roku, Firestick etc
Tcl Android Tv System Update

Updating to the latest software and Disney+ app optimizes performance and compatibility, stopping sound glitches.

Step 4: Check Internet Connection

Since Disney Plus is a streaming service, you need a stable high-speed internet connection for smooth video playback without interruptions.

Test your internet speed at

To stream HD quality, you need at least 5 Mbps speed. For 4K quality, 25 Mbps is recommended.

If your internet is too slow and keeps dropping out, it can lead to sound cutting out or not working at all in Disney+.

To boost internet speed/reliability:

  • Move closer to your router or connect via ethernet cable not WiFi
  • Reset your router and modem
  • Contact your ISP if issues persist across all devices
Connect Your Tv Via Ethernet

Reliable connectivity ensures no buffering or sound drops while streaming Disney Plus.

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Step 5: Check Audio Output Device

Are your speakers set as the default audio output device?

  • On a smart TV, go into Sound Settings and select your speakers
  • For external speakers, check connections and power
  • On laptops, confirm sound is routing from speakers not headphones
  • Disable Bluetooth connections to other devices

Set your playback device as primary audio output. This prevents sound going to wrong or unintended device.

Additionally, inspect cables and ports on your television, soundbar or headphones. Damaged HDMI or audio jacks can interrupt sound. Replace faulty cables to restore connectivity.

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Step 6: Clear TV/Device Cache & Cookies

Over time, cache/cookies build up on devices which can gradually slow down performance and cause glitches like no sound in Disney Plus.

Clearing this data gives your device a fresh start:

  • On smart TVs, go into System Settings > Storage > Clear Cache
  • On streaming sticks, manage cache/data in device settings
  • On laptops/mobile, clear browser history and cookies
Disney+ Clear Cache

Wiping the junk data fixes playback issues in Disney+ and other apps.

Step 7: Check Disney+ Server Status

Sometimes sound problems arise from technical issues on Disney Plus’s servers preventing content from streaming properly.

When their servers go down or require maintenance, viewers can experience playback problems like no sound.

  • Go to DownDetector to check Disney+ server status
  • If there’s an outage or reported issues, you’ll have to wait it out until Disney fixes it on their end

Monitoring server performance tells you if problems are isolated or widespread.

Be patient during server-side outages. Disney usually resolves them quickly.

Step 8: Contact Disney+ Customer Service

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting steps and Disney+ sound still isn’t working, you should reach out to their customer support team:

Disney’s tech support can further diagnose your sound problem and may suggest account-specific fixes not covered here.

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Key Takeaways: Resolving Disney+ No Sound

  • Restart/reinstall Disney Plus app
  • Update device software and apps
  • Check internet speed; minimum 5 Mbps for HD, 25 Mbps for 4K
  • Select correct audio output device like speakers
  • Inspect condition of cables and ports
  • Clear cache/cookies on device
  • Check Disney Plus server status during outages
  • Contact Disney customer service if issues persist

Following this Disney+ sound troubleshooting checklist will help narrow down and fix no audio issues when streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disney+ Sound Issues

Why does my Disney+ have sound but no picture?

If you can hear but not see video, first ensure your TV input matches the connected streaming device. Next, reinstall Disney+ and clear corrupting app files that could prevent video playback.

Why does Disney+ sound keep cutting out?

Choppy intermittent sound is often due to shaky internet. To stop buffering and audio drops, upgrade your ISP speed or use wired internet for faster Disney+ streaming.

How can I improve Disney+ sound quality?

For better sound, stream over solid high-speed internet. On smart TVs, adjust audio settings and enable surround sound or Dolby Atmos if available. Use quality speakers to experience theater-like Disney+ sound.

What internet speed is required for Disney+?

Disney recommends a minimum 5 Mbps speed for HD quality and 25 Mbps for 4K streaming on Disney Plus without buffering. Test speeds with and contact your ISP about upgrades if too slow.

Why does my Disney+ play without sound on my mobile?

Glitchy apps and outdated software commonly cause this mobile issue. Try force closing Disney+, uninstall/reinstall it from app stores or update your device iOS/Android software.

I hope this complete troubleshooting guide gives you all the tools to resolve pesky Disney+ sound problems for smooth streaming. Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!