Fixing Disney Plus Getting Stuck on the Loading Screen

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Written by Jason Lin

Disney Plus Stuck On The Loading Screen

Having trouble getting Disney Plus to load? You’re not alone. A common frustration for Disney Plus users across devices is the app getting stuck on the loading screen and being unable to stream content.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the top reasons why Disney Plus gets stuck loading and actionable troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue. Whether you’re trying to watch on a PC, laptop, smartphone, streaming stick, smart TV or gaming console, we’ve got you covered.

Why Does the Disney Plus Loading Screen Freeze?

Before jumping into the fixes, it helps to understand the root causes of this pesky Disney+ error. Here are the most common culprits behind the loading screen hang-ups:

Disney Plus

Internet Connectivity Issues – Slow/unstable internet is a frequent trigger, especially for buffering and loading problems. Disney Plus recommends a minimum download speed of 5Mbps for HD content. Lower speeds often lead to loading issues.

Transient Disney Plus Server Problems – Like any service seeing massive growth (over 130 million subscribers!), Disney’s servers occasionally falter under heavy demand. Server outages or maintenance can cause temporary loading problems.

VPN/Proxy Use – Due to geographic content restrictions, some users try to access Disney Plus through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy server. This can confuse Disney Plus, leading to loading issues.

Corrupted App Data/Caches – Over time, glitched app data and caches can accumulate on your device, which may prevent Disney Plus from loading properly. Clearing these can resolve loading issues.

Software/App Updates Required – Like any streaming service, the Disney Plus app needs regular updates to fix bugs and improve performance over time. Being on an outdated Disney+ app version often causes loading problems.

IPv6 Network Incompatibilities – Some home networks utilizing IPv6 addressing may have compatibility issues with Disney Plus, causing the loading screen to freeze up.

Incorrect Language Settings – Incorrect language settings when accessing Disney Plus internationally can also cause conflicts.

Incorrect Date/Time Settings – Believe it or not, having incorrect date or time settings on your device can actually break Disney Plus! This is a rare but potential cause of loading issues.

Ad Blockers/VPN Detections – Disney Plus has various methods to detect ad blockers, VPNs and proxy services which may be triggering the loading screen to freeze up.

Specific error codes like Disney Plus error code 41 can also cause loading issues in some instances.

Now that we know why Disney Plus gets stuck on the loading screen, let’s get into the step-by-step fixes!

Fix #1: Check Your Internet Speed and Connection

Since internet connectivity issues are a common root cause of Disney+ loading problems, it’s smart to rule that out first before trying other fixes.

Check Your Internet Speed And Connection

Follow these steps:

  • Run a broadband internet speed test on your device at This checks for download/upload speed and connectivity issues.
  • Speeds under 5Mbps may cause buffering and loading issues. Upgrading your internet plan may help resolve this.
  • Try connecting another device to Disney Plus just to isolate if it’s a device-specific network problem or not.
  • Restart your home router and modems if internet connectivity seems spotty to refresh things.
  • Use a wired ethernet connection rather than WiFi if possible for faster speeds.
  • Toggle airplane mode on/off on mobile devices to re-establish the internet connection.

If your internet checks out fine, it’s likely another factor causing Disney Plus loading issues, so move onto the next fixes.

Fix #2: Clear the App Cache and Data

Corrupted app caches and data are a common trigger for the Disney+ loading screen freezing up. Thankfully, clearing out this clutter only takes a minute:

On Mobile Devices

  • Android Phones/Tablets – Open device settings > Apps > Disney Plus > Storage > Clear Cache + Clear Data
  • iPhones/iPads – Settings > General > iPhone/iPad Storage > Disney Plus > Offload App > Reinstall
Disney Plus Offload App

On Roku Devices

  • Home Screen > Settings > System > System Restart

On Amazon Fire TV

  • Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Disney Plus > Clear Cache + Clear Data

On Apple TV

  • Settings > Apps > TV > Disney Plus > Delete App > Reinstall

On PS4/PS5

  • Settings > Storage > Applications > Disney+ > Delete

After clearing cache/data, reinstall or restart Disney Plus and check if the loading issue is resolved on your device. If it still gets stuck, more troubleshooting is needed.

Fix #3: Check Disney Plus Server Status

Check Disney Plus Server Status

Since server outages can also cause Disney Plus loading issues, it never hurts to check their server status page to see if others are reporting problems too.

Downdetector tracks outages and service issues in real-time. If the graph shows a major spike in Disney Plus reported problems, that likely explains the loading screen troubles on your Samsung smart TV or other devices.

All you can do is wait patiently for Disney’s engineers to get things back up and running again globally. Once servers are restored, Disney Plus should load properly again.

Fix #4: Disable VPNs and Proxy Connections

As mentioned earlier, getting Disney Plus via VPNs or proxy servers often causes conflicts that result in loading issues.

If you’re attempting to access geo-restricted Disney+ content not available in your country, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Temporarily Disable The VPN – Turn off the VPN entirely and attempt loading Disney Plus normally to isolate if that is the root cause.
  • Use Credible Paid VPNs Like Express VPN, NordVPN or SurfsharkVPN – Free VPNs often lack the speed and reliability needed for stable streaming. Switch to a highly-rated premium VPN.
  • Connect To Different VPN Server Locations – Try manually selecting VPN servers in a variety of different countries to find one that works best with Disney+.
  • Clear VPN App Data/Caches – VPN apps can accumulate tech gremlins over time. Wiping their app data can help restore proper connectivity.
  • Change language settings on Disney Plus – Incorrect language settings when accessing Disney Plus internationally can also cause conflicts.

If Disney Plus works fine without the VPN active, it points to compatibility issues between Disney’s service and the VPN provider. Switching VPN providers or troubleshooting the VPN app’s settings usually resolves this.

Fix #5: Update Disney Plus App

App updates frequently address software bugs that cause problems like the loading screen freeze.

It never hurts to check for a Disney Plus app update:

Disney Plus App Update Methods

  • Mobile Devices – Check your device’s app store for a Disney Plus update
  • Streaming Devices – Check for firmware/software updates in device settings
  • Game Consoles – Check for Disney Plus app update availability in console storefronts
  • Web Browser – Clear browser cache/cookies to refresh page data
Update Disney Plus App

Once updated to the latest Disney+ app version, attempt loading a video again. Also restart your device after updating for changes to take full effect.

Fix #6: Reinstall the Disney Plus Application

If app updates aren’t available or fail to fix the loading issue, outright deleting and reinstalling the latest Disney Plus app can purge any corrupted files or gremlins causing problems in the background.

Follow these device-specific steps:


  • Delete Disney Plus App
  • Reboot Device
  • Reinstall App from App Store

Fire TV / Roku

  • Delete Disney Plus Channel
  • Reboot Device
  • Reinstall Channel

Apple TV / PS4 / PS5

  • Delete Disney Plus App
  • Reboot Device
  • Redownload App

Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S

  • Highlight Disney Plus > Press Menu Button on Controller > Select Uninstall
  • Reboot Console
  • Reinstall App from Microsoft Store

Once you’ve nuked and freshly installed the latest Disney Plus app version, attempt playback again. This should hopefully resolve any corrupted file issues, in turn fixing loading problems.

Fix #7: Disable Ad Blocking Extensions/Software

Believe it or not, ad blocking tools are a surprisingly common reason for Disney Plus loading issues, as they interfere with vital browser-to-server communication processes.

If trying to access Disney Plus in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any major desktop browser, be sure to disable ANY ad blocking browser extensions like uBlock Origin, AdBlock Plus or AdGuard. Also add to your ad blocker’s whitelist.

For additional assurance, temporarily disable any general ad blocking apps entirely like Adguard for Windows while attempting to use Disney+.

Fix #8: Adjust Date and Time Settings

It may sound crazy, but having incorrect date or time settings on your devices can break compatibility with Disney Plus.

Here’s the quick fix if unaffected by previous troubleshooting:

Windows 10

  • Windows Search Bar > Type “date and time settings” > Open Matching Result
  • Set Time Zone Properly for Your Region
  • Toggle “Set Time Automatically” to Sync Clock
  • Toggle “Set Date Automatically” to Sync Calendar
Set Time Automatically


  • Apple Logo (Top Left) > System Preferences > Date & Time
  • Set Time Zone Appropriately
  • Check “Set Date and Time Automatically”
Set Date And Time Automatically

iPhone and iPad

  • Settings App > General > Date & Time
  • Toggle On “Set Automatically” Option
Iphone Set Automatically

Android Devices

  • Settings App > System > Date & Time
  • Toggle On “Use Network-based Time”

Once date and time are aligned properly, reboot devices fully and relaunch Disney Plus to hopefully see loading issues resolved.

Fix #9: Disable IPv6 on Your Network

In some cases, router configuration issues relating to IPv6 cause conflict with Disney Plus loading properly.

If you’re technically savvy, disabling IPv6 on your home network is worth testing:

  • Log Into Network Router Admin Interface
  • Navigate to IPv6 or DNS Settings
  • Set IPv6 Connection to “Ignore” or “Disabled”
  • Save Settings & Reboot Router

With IPv6 disabled at the network-level, reboot your device and test if Disney Plus will now load normally.

Note: Instructions vary across router models – consult your router admin manual for exact steps.

If no longer stuck at the loading screen after disabling IPv6, contact your ISP or router manufacturer to further isolate this potential network incompatibility issue with Disney+.

For average users, this fix is optional given the technical complexity. Try other troubleshooting steps first before attempting.

Fix #10: Contact Disney Plus Support

If you’ve made it this far with no success getting Disney Plus past the dreaded loading screen, it may be time to get official troubleshooting advice from Disney’s support reps.

To contact Disney Plus support:

  • Navigate to the Disney Plus help site and log into your account
  • Select Contact Us in top nav bar
  • Choose Chat or Phone Call support options
  • Explain loading screen issue and troubleshooting attempts
  • Provide any error messages shown

Disney’s agents can further walk through fixes or escalate technical issues they may be actively working to patch on their end. Support specialists can also check server status or confirm any known outages. With access to your account, agents may spot additional problems causing loading failures specific to your profile.

Bottom line – for tricky Disney+ loading situations, getting one-on-one support is hugely helpful towards getting back to streaming your favorite shows fast!

Key Takeaways and Preventative Tips

Getting stuck on the loading screen is annoyingly common for Disney Plus users. To quickly summarize the troubleshooting:

  • Check internet connectivity and speeds
  • Clear Disney Plus cached data
  • Update to latest app version
  • Disable VPNs, ad blockers and proxies
  • Adjust device date/time settings
  • Clear your Disney Plus watch history occasionally to purge buggy data.
  • Contact Disney Plus support

Simple app restarts, device reboots and router power cycles also help resolve temporary glitches. Testing on alternate devices isolates wider problems.

To avoid future Disney+ loading issues:

  • Maintain fast, stable home internet
  • Update devices/apps regularly
  • Clear cache and data occasionally
  • Use reputable VPNs sparingly
  • Be aware of differences between DisneyNow and Disney Plus if accessing both services. Conflicts can cause issues.

We hope these 10 fixes help get your Disney Plus app loading properly so you can get back to streaming Disney classics or binge-watching The Mandalorian! Let us know which solutions worked to resolve your Disney+ woes. Happy streaming!

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