Disney Plus Error Code 41 – Fixed 2024

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Written by Jason Lin

Disney Plus Error Code 41

Did you end up reading this article because you experienced Disney Plus error code 41?

If yes, look no further, as this article explains the most effective solutions to address that error.

Likely Causes of Disney+ Error Code 41

When trying to watch a Disney+ TV episode or movie, some customers are getting an “Error Code 41” message.

Many other platforms, including macOS, Windows, Amazon Firestick, iOS, and Android TV, have reported experiencing this issue.

Disney Plus Error Code 41

Several potential explanations have been identified for the sudden appearance of this error number. The following is a list of some of the more likely causes of this error message:

● Corrupted Cached Data

Typically, this is due to faulty cached data currently being stored on the impacted device.

Are you getting this message when trying to stream Disney+ content? If so, rebooting your device should cure the issue.

It turns out that TCP/IP inconsistencies may also be at blame while attempting to stream media.

This issue is usually resolved by either restarting your network infrastructure or resetting the router to the factory settings.

Besides, if you want to learn how to clear your Disney Plus watch history and delete your watchlist content completely, you have come to the right page.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 41?

Now that you have learned about the causes of Disney Plus error code 41. let’s learn about the solutions.

Also, here, let’s learn how to change the language on Disney Plus on different devices, including iPhone, PC, smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, and so on.

Method 01: Perform a Power Cycle on the Devices

#1 – For Roku Device

Power cycling your Roku device can be an effective way to address this issue. In fact, this specific method can fix several different issues related to your Roku device.

So, let’s go ahead and learn these steps.

  • Do you wish to reset the Roku device? If so, just unplug the device from the respective power outlet for about ten seconds. This will give the power capacitors sufficient time to clean themselves after being discharged during the reset process.
  • After this amount of time has elapsed, reconnect the Roku device to its power source. Also, as soon as it demonstrates symptoms of being alive, push any key on the Roku remote control.
Perform a Power Cycle on Roku
  • You should wait for a minute or two once the app (Roku) is started. That will let the background process be completed.
  • Now, you can stream content using Disney+. If you still notice Disney Plus error code 41, you should proceed to the next solution.

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#2 – Power-Cycle the Smart TV

If you are having this issue on a Smart TV, physically unplug that device from its power outlet. That’s the first thing you should do.

Then, you should wait one full minute so the power capacitors have enough time to drain any remaining power.

Power-Cycle the Smart TV

Important: On some devices, you will be able to drain capacitors using a long press on the power button. That means the power button of the TV. That will easily clear the temporary data that might be stored. If your device supports such a function, that’s very easy for you.

Now, you are supposed to plug your device into the power outlet once again. Then, you can start a streaming process and see if it works.

#3 – Power-Cycle the Blu-Ray Device

  • Are you using a smart Blu-ray device that has the ability to stream from streaming directories such as Disney+? And do you experience the aforementioned issue? So, you can think of a power-cycling process simply by physically unplugging the Blu-ray device from its power outlet. Then, you should wait for an entire minute. After the minute has elapsed, you may reconnect the Blu-ray device to a power outlet.
Power-Cycle the Blu-Ray Device

Important: What if you don’t see a power button on your Blu-ray device? If so, you are supposed to leave the device disconnected from power for over 3 minutes at the least.

  • After leaving the device for a specific period, you should connect it back. You can then plug the device and initiate its startup sequence.
  • Once the blu-ray device has booted up, you should launch the Disney+ app to proceed. Then, stream a video and see if it works.

#4 – Power-cycle the Configuration Box

  • Assume that you are experiencing a problem with your setup box. In that case, the method to perform a power cycle is to disconnect the device from its power socket. After that, you should wait for one full minute before trying to power it back on again.
  • Once the device is disconnected, you should proceed and press the power button of the device. Make sure that you hold it for at least 10 seconds, so the discharging will happen.

Important: You should remember that your setup boxes might store plenty of energy. Therefore, the best practice is to have the device switched off for at least 5 minutes before reconnecting. Such an approach makes sure that the device has no energy left in it.

  • Once the waiting time is over, you can restore the power. Then, you can check if the Disney Plus error code 41 is resolved or not.

#5 – Power-cycle the Firestick TV

  • Do you have Roku, and are you actively utilizing it to access Disney+ through the app? If so, the first step in this process will be to close Roku down.
  • The next step is to wait one minute. As a result, the power capacitors have sufficient time to deplete their stored energy.
  • Before beginning a different streaming job in Disney+, ensure that your Fire TV is properly turned on. That means you should reconnect it to its power socket and turn it on in the traditional manner.
Power-cycle the Firestick TV

So, those power-recycling methods should fix the error in most cases. However, some users might experience the Disney Plus error code 41 even after power recycling. If that is the case, you may try one of the solutions below and fix it.

Method 02: Reset or Reboot the Router

Assume that the previous solution did not work. In that case, the next common cause of this specific problem is a lack of consistency in the network.

In most cases, it is related to TCP or IP. This e prevents your device from communicating with the servers of Disney+.

Do you believe that this situation is relevant and the problem is, in fact, related to the router? If that’s the case, the problem can probably be fixed in either of the below methods.

  • Restarting the router
  • Resetting the router

If you have not performed either of the above so far, here’s how to do that. You should press the power button of the router so you can turn it off. After that, you should wait for about 30 seconds. That will drain your router’s power capacitors completely.

Reboot the Router

Important: It is better to remove the device’s power cable directly from its outlet at this point. This is required to ensure that the remaining power is completely drained and the capacitors are empty. As a result, the power-cycling process will be completed successfully.

If you restart the router, you should check if the content is streamed correctly. In most cases, Disney Plus error code 41 will be gone at this stage. However, if the problem is not fixed so far, you should try another solution.

Resetting Your Router

Assume that the issue you were having is still there. If so, you should proceed with the method to reset your router.

However, before you go ahead and reset the router, it is essential to keep in mind an important thing. This procedure will ultimately result in restoring any configuration settings you have already set. This includes any PPPoE passwords, blacklisted devices, forwarded ports, and so on.

So, are you okay with what will happen if you reset the respective router? If so, it is possible to begin the process.

And do it with a pointed object (such as a pin or a toothpick) and long-press the Reset button. This button can be found on the rear side of the router. If you are not aware of what will happen, you should not reset it.

Resetting Your Router
Keep It Pressed Until the Front LED Begins to Flash

You are supposed to press the aforesaid button until you notice a blinking of the router’s front LED light. Usually, you can see that happens after 10 seconds.

That’s it. You should connect the router to an internet connection now. Just enter the credentials related to PPPoE when prompted. Once the connection is properly established, your Disney Plus error code 41 will be gone.

By the way, here are some tips you can use to solve the Disney Plus not working on Samsung TV error message if your Disney Plus is not working on Smart TV.


1. Can I encounter Disney Plus Error Code 41 on any device?

Yes, Error Code 41 can occur on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices, and gaming consoles.

2. Is there a permanent solution for Disney Plus Error Code 41?

While there is no universal solution, following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this guide should resolve the majority of Error Code 41 cases. If the problem persists, contacting Disney Plus support is recommended.

3. How can I contact Disney Plus customer support?

You can reach out to Disney Plus customer support through their official website or mobile app. They provide options for live chat, email support, and a comprehensive help center with FAQs and guides.

4. Does Error Code 41 indicate a problem with my internet connection?

Error Code 41 can be caused by network connectivity issues. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and try the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier.

5. Can using a VPN cause Disney Plus Error Code 41?

Yes, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can sometimes trigger Error Code 41. Disable the VPN and try accessing Disney Plus without it to see if the error persists.


Disney Plus error code 41 is not a very rare issue. If you follow the above instructions, however, fixing this issue is not a difficult task.

So, you may go ahead and try these solutions and enjoy your Disney+ channel.

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