How to Change the Language on Disney Plus?

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Written by Jason Lin

How To Change Language On Disney Plus

Are you trying to figure out how to change the language on your Disney+ account? With Disney’s streaming service now available in dozens of countries, it’s important to know how to customize your language settings for the optimal viewing experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how to change the language on Disney Plus in 2024, no matter what device you’re using. Whether you prefer dubbing or subtitles, you’ll be enjoying your favorite Disney content in your language of choice in no time.

Why Change the Language on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus

There are a few key reasons you might want to change the language settings on your Disney+ account:

  • You prefer to watch content dubbed in your native language rather than the original audio
  • You want to add subtitles in a specific language to improve comprehension
  • You’re learning a new language and want to immerse yourself by watching familiar content
  • You’re sharing an account with family members who have different language preferences

Disney Plus offers an impressive selection of language options to cater to its international audience. Exact language availability varies by title and region, but major languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese are widely supported.

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How to Change Language on Disney Plus: Step-by-Step Instructions

The process for changing the language on Disney Plus is fairly intuitive, but differs slightly depending on the device you’re using. Follow the steps below for your preferred viewing method.

Change Disney+ Language on iPhone or Android

  • Open the Disney+ app on your iPhone or Android device
  • Select the content you want to watch and let it start playing
  • Tap on your screen to bring up the player controls
  • Tap the Audio and Subtitles icon in the top right corner (speech bubble icon)
  • Under Audio, select your preferred language from the list
  • Under Subtitles, toggle on Subtitles if desired and select your language

Change Disney+ Language on PC Web Browser

  • Sign in to Disney Plus through a web browser like Chrome
  • Start playing the show or movie you want to watch
  • Click the Audio and Subtitles icon in the top right of the player
  • Choose your preferred Audio language from the left side menu
  • Toggle on Subtitles if desired and select your subtitle language
  • Your changes will take effect immediately

To change your default profile language on Disney+ from a web browser:

Change The Language On Disney Plus Pc
  • Log in and navigate to your Account settings
  • Select Edit Profiles and choose the profile you want to modify
  • Under App Language, select the language you prefer as default
  • Save your changes

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Change Disney+ Language on Roku

Change The Language On Disney Plus Roku
  • Start watching any Disney+ content on your Roku device
  • Press the asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote
  • Navigate to the Audio option
  • Select your desired audio language from the list on the right side
  • Press OK to confirm and return to playback

If you encounter issues, check out our guide on troubleshooting Disney Plus on Roku.

Change Disney+ Language on Apple TV

Change The Language On Disney Plus Apple Tv
  • Open the Disney+ app on your Apple TV device
  • Select a show or movie and let it start playing
  • Swipe down on your Apple remote to access the playback settings
  • Under Audio, select your preferred language from the available options
  • Your chosen language will now be applied

If you run into problems, refer to our article on fixing Disney Plus on Apple TV.

Change Disney+ Language on Smart TV

  • Begin playing any Disney+ title on your smart TV
  • Using your TV remote, pause playback
  • Navigate to the Audio and Subtitles settings, typically in the top right
  • Select your desired audio language from the list
  • Turn on subtitles and choose your subtitle language if desired
  • Resume playback and your language changes will be applied

For most smart TVs, you can also change your default Disney+ profile language:

  • From the Disney+ homepage, select your profile icon
  • Choose Edit Profiles and select the profile to edit
  • Navigate to App Language under profile settings
  • Choose your preferred default profile language from the options

We also have dedicated guides for Disney+ issues on Samsung TV and Disney+ problems on LG TV.

Change Disney+ Language on Amazon Fire TV

Unfortunately, changing languages directly through the Disney+ app is not currently supported on Amazon Fire TV devices. To watch Disney+ in a different language on Fire TV:

Change The Language On Disney Plus Fire Tv
  • From the Fire TV home screen, navigate to Settings
  • Select Preferences, then Language
  • Choose your desired language from the list
  • Your new language will be applied across all apps, including Disney+

Keep in mind this will change the language for your entire Fire TV interface, not just Disney Plus. Hopefully Disney will add in-app language options for Fire TV devices in a future update. See more solutions for Disney+ on Fire TV.

Key Takeaways

  • You can easily change the language on Disney Plus in just a few steps, including audio and subtitle languages
  • The exact process varies slightly depending on if you’re using the Disney+ mobile app, website, or a TV device
  • Most devices allow you to change language directly through Disney+, except for Amazon Fire TV which requires changing the device language
  • You can set different default languages for each profile on your Disney+ account
  • Supported languages may vary by Disney+ title and country, but common languages like Spanish and French are widely available


Can I have different language settings for each profile on my Disney+ account? Yes! Disney Plus allows you to customize the default app language for each profile individually. This is great for families with differing language preferences.

Does changing the language affect what content is available to watch? No, changing your language settings will not impact the shows and movies available in your country. However, some titles may not offer subtitles or dubbing in all languages.

Is it possible to change languages during playback on Disney+? Yes, you can easily switch audio and subtitle languages while watching a title by accessing the in-player settings. No need to exit or restart your video.

Will I be charged extra for accessing different languages on Disney+? No, there are no additional fees for changing the language on your Disney+ account. It’s included with your regular subscription.

What if my preferred language isn’t showing as an option? Language availability on Disney+ depends on the specific title and your location. If your language isn’t listed, it likely isn’t currently offered for that piece of content.

Do I need to change the language on each individual device? In general, your language settings on Disney+ are profile-specific, not device-specific. If you set a default language for your profile, it should carry over when you log in on other devices.

Can I set different audio and subtitle languages? Yes! You’re not limited to using the same language for audio and subtitles. Feel free to mix and match – for example, you could watch a movie with Spanish dubbing but English subtitles.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start watching Disney+ content in your language of choice. Whether you opt for dubbing or subtitles, changing the language is a quick and easy process across nearly all devices. Hopefully this guide cleared up any questions you had about customizing your Disney+ language settings. Happy streaming!

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